letter to the american people

dear friends and neighbors:
I think that this is the first time in our country’s history that a third party could become a powerful actualized force for good. I think both parties suck, and are peopled with sellouts, wimps, kissasses and corporate whores.
The third party would have to have as its platform the following things to get my money and support, after ending the war of course…
1. the abolution of the irs
2. a “maximum wage” of 100 million dollars
3. fifty percent tax on corporate profits
4. health care
5. solar energy tax credits
6. taxing churches that mention politics in their sermons (technically they are PACS when they influence the vote.)
7. decriminalization of marijuana
8. treatment of mental illness and drug addiction
9. mistreatment of children and animals a mandatory
10. the guillotine for sociopaths and warmongers
I do not care what a person believes and do not care to hear anything about it. I care only for what people do. I am sick to death of pedophile priests telling the mothers and fathers of this country how to vote, and I am sick of people who hate america and want to destroy what’s left of her to make a quick buck. hey all you bill o reilly bitches, america is just waking up, and when she has had her coffee, LOOK OUT!