i am

not a liberal, i am for the abolishment of the irs, taxation of corporations and the wealthy, and nationalization of all private held monies over 100 million dollars, and no tax at all to workers, and no limit to civil liberties, at all.
This makes me a conservative republican, like ron paul. I want less government intrusion, and I want the churches (who are actually PACs) to pay their fair share of tax, as well as give the money they do collect to the poor, and build no more buildings whatsoever.
I want “socialized medicine”, instead of what we have now…insurance companies being paid in taxes for offering coverage.
Insurance companies are a scam that steal public money and put it in the pockets of its private friends…this is a mafia type scam that launders dough. This is how romney and bush got rich too…stealing the american people’s retirement and savings and college funds. They will never give up trying to steal social security monies either, they lust and hunger for it every second of their lives, and will eventually get it, if they have to engineer any number of social horrors to do it.
Was 9-11 an insurance scam?