is about the power of light. I feel that the light is reaching the jews of america to end their support of israel. Israel is part of halliburton, a mythical land that means nothing at all, except the fact that every atrocity was visited upon anyone who ever wanted to live there. Let it stand as the graveyard of religion, as its ultimate monument to meaningless merciless aggression and cruelty. Let the vatican have it and administer it along with a representative from the most fiercely right wing of the zionists, and one from the most radical fundamentalist of Islam. Let those who wish to continue the murdering and the terrorism stay there, but Unnarmed. The rest of us, (the majority) who do not yet hate each other enough to want to destroy each other must move together now. to the safety of the middle.
Religion prevents united mind…Mystics tell us that the will of the people when united, is Godlike. Seperatism (religion) is the tool of Satan. The whole globe is the holy land.