took a vow years ago

that i would never accept money for lying to people, only for telling them the truth. That vow is a pain in the ass right now. I could just shut up and disappear, but not until after the next election. I have been fighting these same bastards too long to stop now. If Hilary can promise to balance the budget and to stop the war, I will vote for her. If Oprah runs as obama’s vice, i will vote for her. If romney’s wife speaks honestly about her temple vows to allow her husband multiple wives in heaven, I will even vote for her. If guiliani’s wife has the balls to talk about the whole husband’s into dildoes thing, then i will vote for her. right now I am liking mrs. kucinich, who is well spoken and articulate as hell, and wants to save america not destroy it..refreshing!!! her husband removed my drink from my hand so i would not accidentally spill it down her back, held it as i addressed his darling and then gave it back so unceremoniously, and with excellent disgression when i had finished the brief dialog in which i said: tell your old man to run on abolishing the irs and taxing corporate profits!!! she said she would give it some thought..