medical marijuana

is what I am going to the doctor for soon. prozac is for the birds! It makes one settle for reality tv, and that is no good at all. Free Tommy Chong!!! What?! My mom’s boyfriend has alzheimers and is a mormon too. His family think jews are magic, and my mom thinks the mormons are the most wonderful people on earth and tried to raise me as one of them. No wonder I am nuts. My mother taught me that its bad to be jewish, and that i should also be proud. I think this explains alot about me. My mom is so crazy she doesn’t notice that her boyfriend has alzheimers. She likes that she can never leave him alone. He is handsome and doesnt know where the hell to find the door…isnt that every old woman’s dream? Unfortunately, johnny is still in his pre-invalid phase and does what he wants and goes as he pleases, even though he is 58 years old now.
lakers tonight!!! we love d fish..he came to our house!!! d fish was great last night, but kobe blew it at the last second, and he gave the nets about 6 free shots. we lost by two. kobe, made three incredible shots though, 3 pointers all. wins some lose some kobe. saw larry david jake penny, and some guy with penny that looked like spector in a long grey wig..who was that guy in leather? interested. loved the wetzel pretzel deal and then dinner at genghis cohen, still the best eggroll la. brat pissed that i made him go right to bed when we got home.