shekkinah rising 04-03-07

Mary Magdelene was a follower of Miriam, Jesus’ mother, who was raised in the Holy Temple from her birth. She was the last of the Temple Priestesses (Shekkinah -“goddess”- Worshippers).
They killed her son to get rid of the last vestige of The Goddess, upon whom all the world’s religions are based. They then killed all the women who knew the truth behind christianity. It was the war of the women that still goes on now…blaming men is a great cover for it, but again, it is my theory that women are to blame for everything that men do. Women want a male God, he is their Golem (totem-penis). Last night at Passover, we invoked and prayed to the Goddess (as does every jew, although unwittingly). She is finally answering our prayers and making herself seen once again…Shekkinah Rising, after two thousand years…get ready, the fifth dimension is revealing itself!