That crooked liar Nixon as well as that Hollywood liberal turncoat sellout Ronald Reagan, fell all over themselves to court the chinese market, and could not rush fast enough to give our country away to them for some fast cash, as that is the way capital mad addicts act.
Now those amoral Chinese capitalists own us lock stock and barrel. We at their mercy are feeding our pets poison, and our children are playing with toys made from lead paint.
I guess you get what you pay for, and in the rush for american companies to profit from slave labor, we all lose. The ignorant American consumer is now the complete victim of sociopathic american businessmen, and rogue capitalist chinese manufacturers.
I have read recently where people are actually being worked to death in chinese factories, and dogs are being bludgeoned in the streets over there. (Michael Vick will perhaps play football there someday). I will not even go into their practices of female infantacide, or their harvesting of human organs, or their inhuman prisons, or their persecution of meditators (Falun Gong).
Americans are pretending not to notice all those things, as they shop at walmart and do not also notice their own green snot nosed little brats shoving their filthy fingers through the cellophane wrapped possibly ecoli laden hamburger meat there.