no child left behind: no education for children, so they can be dummed down and have no choices for jobs but to join the army
the army: a socialist racket that allows people cradle to the grave protection, socialized medicine, retirement after only twenty years.
socialism: Public money, free health care,
Privatization: theft of public money, insurance whores.
Ronald Reagan: the man who destroyed America, single handedly.
Bush: the men who robbed the savings and loans, the public coffers, ran the CIA and sold our country to saudi arabia and china.
Gingrich: a southern racist and a fat closet case.
Obama: same shit different day
Oprah: loves the rich white hollywood establishment
Hilary: union buster
Bill Clinton: liar thief and friend of bush sr.
Pelosi: such a coward, she might as well have balls.
Romney: insurance whore
democracy: what the president vice president and congress and the senate fear more than anything else, including terrorism
God: the commons sense that knows all the above is shit and blows.
religion: child molesting, woman hating closet cases, money grubbing insurance whores
democrats: sold out spineless bottom feeders
republicans: child molesters and pimps.
Cheney: sniveling, sneering crack head and chronic masturbator who is whipped nightly by his butchie wife lynn who is a nazi.
economy of the US: DEAD DEAD DEAD
usama bin laden: a rich fucking punk-murderous asshole with a rich dad -just like georgie bush.
the media: rupert
judeo -christian: will do anything for money.
racism: doing away with bankruptcy protection just before katrina and iraq.
hollywood: closet cases that hide, then come out and then play it safe.
madonna: shameless businesswoman
britney, lohan, hilton: daughters of money grubbing street whores
me: drunk as a fucking skunk tonight! glug glug!
Goddammit, I feel bad and am praying for our troops (working class people all) and for the working class in iraq too… god help us all!!! The rich are out to kill the working folks! goddammit!