One Foot on the Path….

Madness. It’s all, isn’t it? I am praying that bush and cheney will be impeached by the american public that they are stealing jobs schools and hospitals from. I am praying that God is listening and helping us to go in a different direction from the old ways that have never worked and never will work. I am praying that people will realize that just putting one foot on the path is all it takes, not conquering the path or even finishing the walk, but the decision to set a foot on it is victory enough and will change our country for the better immediately. We all know what to do and that we must do it. May God open our hearts to understand that we are the angels we have been waiting for. We can end this war. We can have democracy. We can share and feel mercy and love for other people. We can fix everything that is wrong in the world. Just by putting one foot on the path. One foot on the path to peace..