Telling It Like It Is….

ME IN EMAIL TO JOHNNY: I love being read!! finally!! as a political voice so much more than as tv’s plainspoken housewife character.
JOHNNY’S RESPONSE: Yeah, the arguably-apolitical housewife persona comforts the afflicted but the plainspoken Progressive afflicts the comfortable. Both can work for good, and are often synthesized, but the second is probably the best and highest use of your notoriety at this moment and for some time to come. As Dubya, the Cable Guy continues his slide toward the cesspool of history you can be there greasing the skids and making it funny in that informed way that Michael Moore characterized in his introduction of you to his audiences, as the modern Mark Twain (Will Rodgers, Lenny Bruce, et al).
I don’t mean to sound like a prophet (although, like you, I AM one) but back when those who would have you live to play it safe and pile up more green pictures of dead racist aristocrats thought it was crazy – I said that audiences would come to adore you for the Bush jokes and everything exposing how the Separatists ride herd over the superstitious. The bad guy’s wagons are in a circle and they still have big firepower, but more brave “Indians” are shooting flaming arrows and some of them are sticking and spreading the fire.
You’re telling it like it is, Baby.