Thank god for you, my friend, and your commitment to honor decency truth fellowship God and country! What an honor it was to hang around with you, and to know you are out there now. You are the spark that has set the entire woods on fire.
You brought me back from the edge of despair and hopelessness when I could not crack through the ring of censorship that has been designed for women and for the entire left in america,( including left leaning liberals). You took me to campuses all over this country and allowed me to tell my jokes to students that came to see you. They renewed my hope in the brilliance of youth, and in my ability to perform stand up comedy. How can I say thank you for that, and for introducing me to Acorn, and to Cindy Sheehan?
You are the person everyone who is doing anything, and saying anything at all emulates. I wish you the best with your new movie SICKO that shows even more than any of your other brave works, how the voice of one DECENT man of God can defeat legions of evildoers.