Religious Rites…..

The most revolutionary thing that jesus did was to oppose the roman inspired homosexualization of religious rites. To expel the Priestesses from the religious rites was thought to be progressive at that time. jesus’ mother Miriam was raised from birth in the Temple, to be a Temple Priestess, and his wife, also named Miriam, was trained to be one too. Joshua, his mother and his wife, along with Shimon Bar Yochai(who later channeled the zohar) and bar yochai’s wife Deborah, became the core group of five who came against the second temple’s attempts to de-feminize the Priestess class. This is the real reason that the temple cannot and will not be rebuilt…there is no priestess left today who knows how to perform the sacred meditations that bring the shekkinah back to mankind…and even if there was one, she would never be allowed to even suggest that there is a way to do that. ALL OF THAT ASIDE, READ ARCHIVES HERE ABOUT HOW TO DO THAT MEDITATION ANYWAY…(accept the impossible, and do not let it drive you mad)!