Resurrect Her….

Yesterday on the show I remarked on how jewish men have killed the hebrew goddess. But, tonight, since it is shabbat, I want them and all males to know that during this 24 hour period, they can again resurrect Her by making passionate and erotic love to the special woman in their life. It is a male-female hook up that raises the female spirit and corrects her energies for the week. If she is not pleasured in this way on the day of most high rest and transcendence, then she will exact revenge and bitterness all week long. To raise the female energy up to receive the male energy this day is required to set the yin yang of human soul on the right path. (gays can do it too, if they understand the female energies). This is the most pleasurable and wonderful way to bring peace to the world…MAMA l (Shekkinah) is the SABBATH BRIDE awaiting her groom, and SHE LOVES HER MAN!