Ma Ma Don't Play That…..

Our country has no army here to protect it, and no border patrol. There is no more united states of america. We have now officially become North America. Our enemy is hugo chavez…he nationalized the oil of south america. He controls a large part of the oil we use in this country…so, he has already in effect won. While killing fetuses over seas, our obsession with fetus protection here kept us in line. Revenge of the (clones) Fetuses is happening now. This is the rebirth of the Goddess Miriam. (mary mother of god). She is Cleopatra and she is Isis. SHE IS THE GODDESS MM…the african goddess who’s name is ma ma..
ma ma don’t play that shit. ma ma has decided that now is the correct time for the knowledge of parthenogenesis to return to the earthling. Look it up, asshole!