Join acorn.org, work for justice in this country and learn to meditate in order to focus and transmit your energy to the right sources. take action, and stop living in the world of thought…organize and join with other people, stop finding fault with others and repent repent repent…help the poor…in the work to help the poor is the answer on how to stop the war…like MLK said (as he got killed). I am proud to say I helped raise the minimum wage in the u.s….that means some money made it to the people who do all the real work…the movement of money is what needs to change…acorn takes on that work..moving government money to the people who it is actually earmarked for, and seeing that it does not end up in private pockets. It is the poor people’s schools and hospitals where halliburton is getting their money…and it all ends up in the pockets of the masters of war. you can stop this simply by speaking it out loud!!!!!!