Fact is God

I am a jew and my religion is a terrible one too. It is really the business of real estate that jews are into. That and safeguarding unprovable galvanizing myths. To fight and die over a small piece of land that should be shared, not hoarded is the real history of my tribe. Zionism was birthed in german minds.
Each person is free to misunderstand god according to his own conscience. God is Scientific Truth…it’s been proven and does not require bullshit like faith and hope. Fact is God. The highly divided mind cannot even begin to understand this. It needs something to be against, something to denounce, something to point to. It craves its own divisiveness. Wisdom would tell us that we need to find a way to be in accord with, rather than in opposition to. This requires the proper circuitry…and is what we are here to build. This is direct from my source, who is of ONE MIND.