Welcome Ari

on a lighter higher personal note, I welcome with empathy and grace my new grandson ARI. He has lovely parents and more grandparents than almost any other baby on earth. My daughter brandi and her huzbo will had him jan.30. Will is Russian, so I welcome more enlightenment on that culture as ari grows up. My son in law came here from russia with his mother at age 11, with no money and no help. Immigrants. My other daughter’s boyfriend’s family came here from Mexico,(good foods) and my son’s girl came from the Philippines, and get this, america… her other half CAME FROM AMERICA!!! (rare…all these white immigrants her people have seen move to their country)! Well, three grandsons and one more on the way.. hoping for a girl, for the granny granddaughter matching ballet outfits on thanksgiving…(I always am a ballerina on thanksgiving) (Witch on halloween and princess on hanukkah) (rockstar on valentines day and child on mother’s day. .don’t ask me why, it just is…)