To My Fellow Citizens in The Senate:

Please vote on Thursday to raise the minimum wage. For many years it’s been my honor and privilege to represent and speak on behalf of Working Class Americans. It’s in that capacity that I now ask you to fulfill your moral and ethical obligation to grant those hard-working people on the bottom rung of the ladder of opportunity and equality their just due. You have voted on and received multiple pay raises, and now, after years of their hard work and struggle, they should, too.
To paraphrase one of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, “A house so divided by inequality cannot long endure.
There is more than enough hard evidence to discount the argument(s) used to deny a living wage to those Americans who work hard every day “in the trenches” providing so much that makes life better for us all in our great nation.
Do the right thing, the thing that America most needs… a shored up bottom that holds firmly all that it supports.
…with hope and respect, Roseanne Barr