Ronald Reagan

I am struck by the Right’s need to resurrect their hero, the hollywood actor named Ronald Reagan.
They are globalists who care only for the dollar and less than nothing about America, or its people.
Reagan destroyed the working people in this country, and he did it on behalf of wealthy growers in California who would prefer that this land be divided into servants and the served.
Everything decent and good about this country came from the Left, and Reagan led the assault on any and everything that was not white, christian and wealthy. He sold our country down the river time and time again, and it is because of him that we now bow low to our bosses, the chinese. Spare me the reagan b.s. He is evil and history will show that the country that used to be called the United States fell under his heel.
Anyone on the right must enlist in the army and go to iraq right now, or expose themselves as the greediest of hypocritical sociopaths. If I hear one more of them talk about supporting the war in any way, while not one member of their circle is sacrificing anything, or serving anything, I will pray even harder and in public for their removal