America's Funniest Mom

I have admitted that my addiction to drama, food, the unknowable, and doing everything but working with people, must give way to my need to tell jokes and perform. I will therefore be hosting for Nickolodean, the search for America’s funniest Mom. I didn’t think I could re-do the Mom mojo, now that I am a glam elite rich DIVA. But thanks to my awesome co-writer John Argent, my crack team and some really positive feedback from you, (the masses of roseanne loving consumers) who actually paid to see me do standup this year, thereby making me more of a “provable” presence in any new venture (RW) and therefore bankable, and therefore payable. I am accepting a large check from the gracious people at NickOLODEON and along with one of my favorite girl comics, kim coles, and my hilariously gay friend comic hal sparks, we come at you to find the NEW ROSEANNE.
Rack em up bitches; let’s go…give it your best shot.