To Shane Jeff and DRK and the Men:

Mary (miriam) was the last priestess in the temple of the jews. She was kicked out because everything female was removed by the jews who feared they would appear too roman by having a vestige of the goddess, and her female attributes…(BINAH). (isis). The entire jewish bible is the herstory of how the goddess and her representatives (women priestesses) were dismantled, and purged from the liturgy. These days, there are jewish women torah scholars who are trying to put back the books written by women, or even the stories written by women that were removed. What was removed was burned publicly, but still saved and filed, and now, women are declassifying them and fighting to have them re-included. The work of the temple goes raise what is female to its rightfully divine place. Any other commentary is obsolete. Do not let this elude you:
Jesus was the son of Woman, and the Son of Binah (the sphere of female mercy). His entire ministry was to protest the exiling of his mother and of all priestesses. He recognized the patriarchal expulsion of the Spirit of Motheright, and saw that it was to be replaced with Zeus (male god who gives birth through no woman, but from his own male head). (this represents further exile from the natural world).
He instead “liberated” the most revered/hidden theology and taught it to the common women, who were the first “xtians” (healing meditators).
In the end, the priest class replaced the goddess image (Shekkinah, holy dove) with the image of a man’s dead body (his) hung on a cross (an act of terrorism) to be seen by women who questioned an all male priesthood.
This is what the message of jesus really is.
Stop trying to make the foot fit the “savior” He was not about love, he was about inner alchemy (meditation). There is no jesus without female intercession meditation, the highest meditation of the temple. There was no other reason for them to want him dead, and his dead body visible everywhere. For a christian, the only holy thing to honor his memory is to perform the meditations he died to return to women.
the rest is history, irrelevant history.

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