Shop for Our Country!

Things jesus said that paul (saul) changed on behalf of a corrupt priest class, of which he (saul) was part, in order to obscure/destroy the message of jesus, which had caught on among the poor:
There is no god, and there is no divine law. There is no covenant between god and the jews, and there is no justice on earth.

merry xmas!

Shop with all your mind and all your heart, for the government of the united states of america depends on christmas revenue to support it. Without christmas revenue, small businesses will go broke, and the pyramid scam of credit/debt will collapse.
Shop extra hard now, to defeat the infidels/terrorists that threaten our way of life, by refusing to die, despite our vast army with its lasers, and agents of torture goose stepping all over their land.
Die quietly please, working class sons and daughters of america raised on christmas spirit. Use that spirit (instead of armor) to protect yourselves from enemy fire. It works, if you just believe. If you die, that is evidence that your faith was not strong enough.
Die to keep israeli apartheid holy.
If jim bakker sr. hadn’t helped right wing america steal all the old ladies’ pension money, then his son jim bakker jr could not possibly be able to offer you redemption now! shop shop. If you see people who are not shopping, turn them in.
George Bush sr. is a disciple of the man-god ronald reagan, and his son george bush jr. continues the reaganite work: to remake jesus christ into an agent of chinese capitalism. deck the halls and count the dead!!!


(sorry jesus, starkist doesn’t want saviors with good taste, starkist only wants saviors who taste good).

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