I Am Grateful

Here is what we ate last night. brisket, roast chicken, potato latkes with homemade applesauce, carrot tzimmes, hummus and pita bread, pomegranates, and donuts. I like hanukkah, because its required to eat donuts and drink wine, what a great thing!
My daughter’s boyfriend has a dog, Kobe, that is the cutest dog alive. He wore a little sweater and walked around here all day, trying out different pillows to sit on. My grandson Cosmo Dexter is so darling, and we danced to billy idol music all night. My other grandson, Ethan Zion is quite a deep thinker and gorgeous. My son jake was here without his sweetheart, because she is a flight attendant and working now. My son in law jeff brought me print outs of kabalistic meditations for hanukkah, and I received a beautiful necklace with the tree of life carved on it.
Today Buck and I are flying up to berkeley to visit my brother and my sister and their families, right after basketball tryouts. Now Buck is getting on a team for Basketball, and then I will once again have no free weekends. oh well.
Around christmas I will once again visit my oldest daughter who is seven months pregnant. I enjoyed being with her, her adoptive parents, and my other two daughters, along with my mother, and this was the first time in my life we had all been together!! What a great Russian husband she has..vladimir (will)!
I am grateful for these people and things, and for a nice man, johnny argent, who I met right here on rw about five years ago! I am enjoying hosting the call in show with him, and now it looks like we will include radio broadcasting in january too! The call in show will not be up till tuesday, because of hanukkah. I am catching up on my reading here, and you guys are getting more concise and less reactive all the time, its great food for thought. c ya!