Direct Meditative Action

The hebrew letters lamed, vav, vav are extremely useful for directed meditation this fri-sat if you can, find them, look at them while meditating. tonight at midnight, I will be accessing all of the energy that comes in this 24 hour packet of time and turning it toward removing all greedy fascists that control governments on this planet. Hanukkah is a great time for direct meditative action. I direct the laser of my eye to harm no one, only to remove time and space between cause and effect/affect. (instant karma)
For those of us who love the principals of justice and nemesis, I direct my mind’s eye to the heart of those unwilling to serve the higher good and I remove their ability to be effective, and I move it instead, renewed and cleansed to pine ridge rez, accelerating cause and effect there among the energy workers. I am meditating to remove separation between thought word and deed. Watch the news carefully this week for verification. the power of the eye-mind laser beam is unstoppable. don’t speak about it in words, only read it or write it. speech dissipates it. I will be unavail. for two days, recharging my battery. The strongest light that ever came to earth is here right now, right next to the darkness that engulfs everything. True colors will show clearly now, the goddess is exposing hypocrites with uncontained fierceness in this moon.

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