Tonight's Call-In

Tonight’s call in show promises to be the greatest minute in my life. I am going to have on a zionist, and an anti zionist, and we will all talk calmy. At the end, I will be performing a specific meditation that I cooked up in my own kitchen for making peace amongst adversaries. I have been testing it for several years now and it seems to really work. For the men meditators that are joining me, I ask you to concentrate your efforts in transmitting the energy of peace toward these two divided of your brothers. Only men can do this, and women must ground the man and let him know that we offer our support to him in doing this on our behalf, and on behalf of all the children we have borne. At the heart of the problem is the fact that abraham had children with two different women, and they hated each other, and each other’s children. These two women, sarah, and hagar must stop fighting, and their sons must demand that from their mothers. It is over now because I say so. I speak it. It doesn’t matter anymore, enough have died. I personally talked to god and he told me to say that so i am. Like david, the king of israel, I figure hell yeah, I will say it, since no one else is, and someone has to. Will you say it with me? Watch me do it, I am going to ask these guys to shake hands and forgive each other!
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