The Age of the Sociopath

People worship money and not god. Money is what is holy. Money is the golden calf.
If you really believed in god, you would give your money away.
If you really believed in peace, you would give up your religion.
If you really believed in equality, you would honor the other sex. Women like to find fault with men, because that is a way to attack that male’s females.
Women like to attack and find fault with other females more than anything else, (except loving money) because they want to be the ALPHA woman that men listen to.
They like to be able to morally denigrate the dominant male of the group that their male leaders have told them oppresses them.
Women act out of the need for male approval, and males act out of the need for female admiration. These are the facts though: 2% of the people have 90% of the wealth. Almost one third of females who are employed on this planet work in the sex trade. The world is on fire.
Keep finding fault with people who could be your friends. People who cannot connect with other people are called sociopaths, and this is the AGE of the sociopath. Sociopaths are useful idiots, and that is what everybody in power needs and counts on. Divide and conquer.

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