How Do We Move Money to the Problem?

I need to set up infrastructure to give money to pineridge.. this is the part I am not so good at, and need help.. dr ofah, could you please help to make this happen, I think a “concerted effort” by rw that moves money to the problem is what I am trying to say on my blog and call in show. Its up to the ones who care these days. I want the money to reach the children. how do we get that done before xmas?
jeff mincey could you help organize and guide, and uberchick you are smart about this too..can we all give a gift to these people and put our beliefs to action before xmas? how do we proceed? how are we sure we are getting money to the needy? I will match what anyone else here contributes, and I will give ten thousand of my own dollars.. providing it gets to where it needs to go…DIRECTLY TO KIDS THERE. PLEASE, IF YOU KNOW HOW, THEN YOU MUST DO! THIS WILL BE FUN TOO.

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