Forum Replies to Jeff and Shane

Jeff Mincey.. what an ironic laugh I had over your post about leaving a mary daly type class! I had major disagreements with her over that exact thing. I urged her and all the lesbian separatists I ever worked with to re-think their anti male analysis. After all, lesbians make up only ten percent of the world’s women, yet they are almost exclusively the spokespeople for women.
I said, “this will kill the entire women’s movement” and it did. How funny it is that you were there. I was so discouraged at the lack of vision amongst lesbian feminists, that I became a comic instead. I decided that there is no woman’s movement in feminism whatsoever. Feminism is a radical analysis that expands marxism.
I read a quote: “if only one woman would tell the truth about her life, the world would split apart.” This was the basic idea of my first stand up act, and in fact the world did split apart, at least for me. The truth of my life now is that, like a lot of other people my age, I am finding all the edges wearing off of everything, The edge that I was afraid to go over was entirely self imposed. I censored my authenticity out of fear that not conforming would get me punished. (figuratively burned at the stake).
I want to do something great for humanity, and I cannot quite see what it is…I feel like I have access to power on many levels, and that I could be a conduit between everyday people and those they never hear in any way other than as statistics. I am a tube.
for shane… the meditation works, it strengthens your ability to balance your internal chemistry without drugs. I will post further on it too…tonight I will be discussing and illustrating meditativeness on the call in show. I will also be speaking about other kabalistic things like transforming religion and redistributing the wealth.
Jesus said there are no rich people whatsoever in heaven. They also create hell on earth. If those who are hoarding would share, there would no longer be any problems at all. That is as simply put as anyone could ever put it. The 2% of mentally ill hoarders at the top need to go, and first, we must ask them to change. They must choose to do so, not because they fear punishment and not because they will be praised, but because it is correct spiritually to do so. The evil ones who cannot change, will be removed first, by powerful meditation, much like the meditation jesus used to raise the dead.
Removing evil people who cause pain and suffering accrues NO karma at all. This is the reason why meditation is the greatest enemy of evil that we have at our command, and also why, in china now, it is feared and punished. Learn to meditate now while we still can. After you learn, we will direct it. We need twelve men. sign up.

What MUST pass indeed IS brought to pass.