Take Action….

If anyone here wants to link up to other sites, or bring their forums here, they are welcome.
I am turned on by action, not speech, and not opinions, but solutions. If you have a solution, then you owe it to the group you have made yourself part. To consciously leave a group and deprive them of the solution is a way to act unethically. if you have a solution and do not make it known, then you are part of the problem. Disconnecting because you disagree is what we are programmed to do, and that creates factions, and factions make us weaker.
There is indeed unity, and that unity is based on diverse opinion. It is empirical to think that unity and diversity are mutually exclusive. They exist within the human mind! We are sometimes particular and sometimes universal in all of our thoughts. The ability to then cull information out of that chaotic state of being, informs our every action.
The reason that no social contract has really ever changed between power and serf is because once all the serfs unite, power must yield. The only hope power has at all, due to sheer numbers, (pyramid scheme) is to use the human need for flattery against those who are the most passionate and vocal within each sub group in order to get them addicted to the taste of wielding power over those they think they serve. The germans invented this tactic, and it is how they employed the jewish councils to turn in their own neighborhoods, and ultimately their own families. People on the net are paid to break up any groups that want social change. To stay and fight is the ultimate these days. Not cut and run. (snicker).
I am not surprised to see people leaving these boards, they always leave and then they come back or not. However, I do see the evidence of the information we offer here being mainstreamed all over the net. That’s how it is.
I am interested in solutions, and I like that people here are starting to talk about what those things might look like. Tomorrow’s call in show will be about solutions…johnny and I think we have figured a way to unite spirit matter and action in the form of moving money directly to those who need it, without huge infrastructure. It is important to me that those most desperate among us feel roseanneworld is doing something on their behalf. I can only do so much, and ask all of you who really do care about social change to make it happen here, which is as good a place as any to begin.
Let’s set a goal and make it happen. We do have that power. Let’s figure out how to gather a large amount of money and then I will at my own expense fly it directly to those in need and give it to them. Let us first identify who is most in need… in los angeles. I would love you all to get really involved and take the steps to make this action transpire. Who has the solution? Step forward. Those of you who talk about hearing god, manifest action.

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