Trevor Project Thanks….

It was a wonderful evening last night to be honored for a great cause such as the trevor project. It was great to hang out with John Goodman again, and to see Sandra Bernhart give a great performance, as well as Lucy Lawless, who has a fabulous voice! MY greatest admiration goes to my wonderful friend, Sarah Silverman whose bravery and humor cut like a razor through self-righteousness and hypocrisy, and puts a very vulnerable face on women’s dignity.
I just love that girl, and to watch John Goodman, a great comic mind, hoot and applaud her made me quite proud. I like to introduce some of my friends to my other friends, I feel good about being a connector of folks who might not otherwise meet. My hebrew name is rifka, and rifka in the torah is the mother of two nations.
To me, that means that this name has karma and the karma is about connecting diverse opinions under one banner.