The Godfather of Right Wing Broadcasting

I remember when I did my fox show, called Saturday night special, which was reviewed as being better than snl…I called our folks there (kathy griffin, jennifer coolidge, bob rubin, and other comics..laura kightlinger warren hutchenson, etc) rupert murdoch’s “ninnyhammer panopoly” and I had eric idle from monty python portray murdoch in our opening sketch… seeing rupe personally remove the oj special from his network cracked me up… he was so mad at me for making fun of him, that they cancelled the whole show after six episodes, even though it beat mad tv in the ratings and was well reviewed by Variety and other Hollywood press franchises… rupert murdoch is a bushie who can’t even tell the difference between murder and entertainment, let alone social satire and political pandering. He paid lots of money to turn American journalism into yellow tabloid exploitation of news…everything gross about bush and rove could only have happened with rupert’s, the godfather of right wing broadcasting’s OK.