America is at War With Itself

This is what I see happened to michael richards.. he doesn’t know how to get into the zone…he NEEDS chops as a standup…chops are ALL!!!
He has a message in his heart to share, and that is that racism is alive and well in everyone, and that words are dangerous. Had he not gone into victim mode…(I am always talking on my call in show about how that is satan) he would have been able to shut those loud rude dudes down like you would to a friend who got on your nerves. He made them his enemy, because he got his internal satan working, and he tried to shut them up with being hipper than he thought they were… he did a lenny bruce impression, and he did it badly…all comics freak sometimes, like I did singing the anthem. You have got to stay detached from your everyday emotions on stage. I think showing the dark side is sometimes the best, not worst thing… first mel gibson, then OJ then michael richards…read my early blogI say the goddess is exposing hypocrites and doing it fiercely!!!!
THE MESSAGE IS: america is at war with itself. race, class, and religion.