How Many People Have 100 Million??

Do you guys know how many people have over 100 million dollars in the bank in our country? Thousands and thousands and thousands of people do. These people pay almost no tax too, but the only money they give is to lobbyists to make sure that none of their money gets taxed, so that they can pass it down to their heirs when they die, and not have to tax the money even then. The churches in this country exist only to serve this class of people…they do almost nothing about poverty and america’s refugees who are citizens of america… america is building a wall not to keep mexicans out, but to keep them in, because they are desperate and hardworking and will do the jobs for cheaper than americans will. Most of the illegals work below minimum wage…not americans…by hiring illegals, the billionaire”christian” class has to spend less of its piles of tax free money that it just keeps hoarding. When it does give any money to anything, it goes to arms sales and government contracts that involve blowing innocent children up and then building schools for them. As the dead children pile up over seas, they talk about respect for the unborn.
WATCH THE SCHOOLS, THAT IS WHERE EVERYTHING IS GOING DOWN IN THE US…There were big piles of money for public education, the bush family goes wherever money is piled up and empties that pile into their own pockets, and the pockets of their friends…then as they rob and plunder the people blind, they invent a fake slogan that says “no child left behind”..that really means the right to put military recruiters on high school campuses, for the kids who fall behind in the too much irrelevant homework to keep up anymore category… for instance more than half of the African american children in LA drop out of high school, because they do not have time to do the extra three hours of homework and perform their minimum wage job that their families need.. so they drop out, and get recruited into the army, called a hero, sent to war with no armor, just to die so that cheney’s friends can pocket the contract money to blow up more Iraqi schools and rebuild them. The ruling class here feels..”let’s not bother to even educate kids in the public schools, after all the children of blacks and browns and native americans do not need to know science and math to work in the slave class”. This actually means the money from our taxes is being re-apportioned to the rich and their kids education. Thanks to bush, just posting the” ten commandments” in the school means it is a private school, and therefore is able to get the money that should go to public education…rich white Christians in this country only like god when he helps them steal money from the poor…how they can go on talking about how they worship a man who had no money and no fixed address, and who hated religion is amazing to me. After studying the teachings of kabballah, and seeing jesus for who he truly was, I decided I’m not going to let them have him, without a fight from me. This is indeed a monarchy and the workers are serfs here, thanks to reagan, the rich white man’s jesus. Because of this unpardonable thievery and collusion, getting killed in iraq or a dozen other war zones that bush creates is the only way your kids can get dental/health insurance. Joining the army is the best job a working person with kids can get now. WORK MAKES FREE!!! WAR IS PEACE!!!! Starvation is fashion!!!!