Dems, Don't Be Mistaken….

Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the dems who mistakenly think this was a victory for THEM, or their party, listen up:
WE want Bush to answer for our dead children in the armed services, and for what he has done to the Iraqi people, who did NOTHING to us!!! WE want the money that bush/cheney inc, stole from our treasuries to be repaid to our schools and hospitals, where they stole it from in the first place!
Bush is hungrily eyeing the pile of money left in SS, and he is not going to give up. He feels that God wants him to trick the entire country into helping him bring back the Confederacy, and a Plantation economy, with browns/blacks on the bottom and White Christians on it always has been in this country. Don’t think we don’t know that a high functioning stock market really means even less pensions, and benefits going to the people who do the work, and instead being hoarded into the pockets of greedy folks at the top… you all will have to pay more to the workers whether you like it or not…trickle up economics is over…


Don’t try to bullshit us into accepting that the congress and the senate are acting in our interest by merely “getting along” with the President. He is already tricking you all into not noticing who is being appointed to the cia right now…more unqualified cronyism. Bush needs to be stopped, and so do the forces that propel and control him. Do not be fooled by the win…the fight will get even harder now and we want you to do what we sent you to do…We want no more taxation without representation!!!! We want no more privatized armed forces and prisons…we want no more privatized schools, we want no more privatized police we want no more privatized water. We are the people of the United States and you ignore us at your peril now!!