Hacking Democracy

on HBO they are showing a documentary…”hacking democracy” that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that bush stole both presidential elections. I was a witness of his stealing Ohio, as I was there on election day with michael moore, and watched as black voters were prevented from voting all over that state.
I am concerned about the black people in our country right now… I know that many many of them were put onto trucks after katrina and lots of them are missing and no one is looking for them… this is horrifying to me, and I really do believe it is just like what happened to the jews in germany in the early thirties….large portions of the population of working class and poor people are being detained, re-located imprisoned and disenfranchised, and now that they will soon take our passports, I do not know how we can escape what is coming. Concentration or detainee camps are going up in every single state. This is not a fantasy or a paranoia..it is the real truth. Racist America is coming back stronger than ever, and it spouts words of jesus, and talks about freedom, but it is really fascism, and military dictatorship.
I asked the Kaballah center for help in exposing this horror that mirrors what happened to jews in germany, was treated like a crazy person, and told how excited they were to be building an orphanage to help blacks in Africa with Madonna… This is admirable of course, but we who care about America need to start adopting the black population HERE, NOW.
No high school has been built for twenty years in LA for inner city areas. We have all agreed somehow that public school, prison and the military are for the black population’s kids. The right to vote has been fought for by our black population for six generations here… have the plantation owners figured out how to have their revenge on abolition? They are the same people, and they are the same hands. The ultra wealthy industrialists and war profiteers, exactly the same who made Hitler the new leader of Germany.