Steps for Meditation

Breathe in counting to ten, saying in your mind that you are bringing the highest holy (oxygen) in through the crown of your head
Then hold for ten, saying in your mind that you are holding and dispersing that holy breath throughout your body.
Then blow out for ten, saying in your mind that you are blowing out the negative that the plants/ecosystem needs to breathe in (co2).
And then do it nine more times….
The first group of ten will download the good energy/information into the top of your head, your right brain and your left, and all the holes in your head.
The second group of ten will cleanse/disseminate the data into your mouth and your tongue and your throat..
Send the energy down through your body
The third group of ten will cleanse/instruct your arms/hands, your trunk and your internal trunk organs.
The fourth arms and your hands and your fingers
The fifth your spine and your sexual organs
The sixth will your bowels/all digestion parts
The seventh your thighs/(strength)
The eighth your legs/( your actions)
The ninth will bring down all the energy into your feet.
The tenth time will send it out of your being and into the earth where you stand and connect to all that is alive
One more set is for good measure, for extra mile energy… that is where we all need to be now, those who want to remain strong. We must choose to go the extra mile, on behalf of everything good. The extra mile is all in your head… do one more set of breaths and tell yourself that you are adding to the good on behalf of the whole world….your breaths are numbered, and it is holy to share them in service to your fellow man/woman/child. You will immediately experience less depression and less confusion. When it returns, do it again… repeat through the day… works even if you are on meds, but more slowly.