19 Mar: by Varda Epstein: Palestinian Revisionist History:

(from Roseanne: I maintain that Empire is behind all revisionist history bc that fuels its main industry-Faked Left/cointelpro agitation of all ethnic divisions, so as 2 profit from selling arms to both sides for war profits.)

Varda Epstein answers this question:

Why does Israel ‘object’ to a Palestinian State?

We wouldn’t have any objection if they’d build their state in the territories already given to them for this purpose, for instance Transjordan (77% of the original territory promised to the Jews for a Jewish National Home as per the Balfour Declaration and the San Remo Conference), Gaza (from which 8,500 Jews were expelled in order to gift the territory to the so-called Palestinians for their state), or in the Sinai (which Egyptian President Sisi recently offered to the so-called Palestinians for their state, an offer that was rejected out of hand).Keep on reading

15 Mar: Israel's 'fake left'-is run by Valerie Jarrett and Obama, as is US fake left:

If Obama and Jarrett can convince Israelis to vote for Herzog and Livni over Bibi, that will strengthen the fake left in the US-which is the locos of the BDS movement on US campuses-the proven cause of more anti semitism and violence toward American Jews-Bibi is the only opposition to Obama’s never ending Imperialist wars, and his pacification of Iran and his lobbying for nuclear proliferation.… Keep on reading