20 May: Daily Mercury: The Roseanne episode that has everyone talking

THE jokes are usually a mile a minute on Roseanne, but the next episode of the sitcom will strike an emotional chord.

The new series, which reunites the original stars of the hit ’90s sitcom two decades on, has already tackled Trump’s election, modern parenting and bullying.

In tonight’s episode, titled Eggs Over, Not Easy, the comedy addresses the death of Becky’s husband Mark.… Keep on reading


18 May: IJR: Roseanne Opens Up About Working Minimum Wage, Sleeping in a ‘Cave’ — Her Criticism of Elites Is Spot On

It’s no secret that Roseanne Barr’s appeal comes from her ability to portray and resonate with the working class.

What her viewers might not know is that she went through much of what she portrayed on television.

While speaking with journalist Katie Couric, Barr explained how she didn’t have to do much work to try to portray her character on “Roseanne.”

“Well, I did all of that.… Keep on reading


17 May: Business Insider: The 10 most popular TV shows of the year so far, according to Nielsen ratings

Several of the most popular TV series this year have been established favorites like “The Big Bang Theory,” “The Voice,” and “NCIS.”

But the surprise hit of the year is ABC’s reboot of “Roseanne,” a program that has drawn many millions of viewers each week along with controversy from its firebrand, Trump-supporting lead, Roseanne Barr.… Keep on reading