14 Jan: All Gain; No Pain!

Award-winning actress, political activist, and comedian par excellence, Roseanne Barr is receiving rave reviews for her new, foolproof weight gain program that’s got people talking from Coast to Coast and as far away as Australia about the incredible gains they’re achieving while eating as much as they want of the foods they LOVE!… Keep on reading

31 Oct: Cathy O’Brien – Author of TRANCE Formation of America

My name is Cathy O’Brien. Intelligence insider Mark Phillips and I are 25 year veteran US Government Whistleblowers on MK Ultra mind control and healing from it. Hillary Clinton’s perverse abuses of me were first released publicly in 1995 when the 1947 National Security Act was invoked on our sworn testimony for the US Congressional Permanent Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight.… Keep on reading