One Billion Rising V-Day

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State of the Union of the Divided States of America where gridlock is the method by which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, that premise being the only goal of Capitalism.’   My view of the divided states of America:   Gridlock is a strategy of both parties not to get things done-except the most important work that continues with or without gov-the rich getting richer poor getting poorer, there is NO crises in that area of economics, and never will be. But then gov. is not supposed to be run like a business, for profit! LOL LOL now that is too silly. Really! You and the First lady have two highly intelligent daughters, Mr. President. I hope that opportunities for women grow by the time they move into adulthood. Women comprise 53% of our nation's population, but a glaring example of the residue of our institutionalized sexism is The Senate. Of 100 Senators in the world's most powerful Legislative body - just 20 are women. The math does itself, Sir. 53% of our people are female - while just 20% of the Senate reflects that number.   HI, this is Roseanne Barr, the de facto president of the American People, and on behalf of Americans whom no one but myself speaks for, apparently, I was the only candidate who raised no money and spent no money, other than my own, to get onto the ballot in three states - three critical states, California, Colorado and Florida. I finished fifth in the race of 57! I got over 80k votes in 3 states-at a … [Read more...]


Open Letter to NATO: Manipulation of NATO by Saudi Arabia

Date: January 18th, 2014   To: North Atlantic Treaty Organization; NATO cc: @NATO @SHAPE_NATO @AndersFoghR @NATOPRESS @NATOlibrary @USNATO @natochannel @UKNATO @NATORussia @stavridisj @JohnEMichel @General Clark @Martin_Dempsey @thejointstaff   From: Roseanne Barr; Activist; Writer; Peace and Freedom Party   Subject: The Manipulation of NATO by Saudi Arabia   To NATO Forces: The time has come for a strategic review of the current mission and polices of NATO and the mass manipulation of Saudi Arabia against NATO interests. In light of the recent IMF Report on the collapse of the Western Financial System, it’s time for NATO to move beyond mere “war avoidance” and have a larger voice in “economic integration”. I will begin this letter with these questions: 1.       Is Saudi Arabia led by Prince Bandar Sultan, responsible for terrorist attacks on the United States on 9/11/2001? 2.       Is Saudi Arabia responsible for the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon? 3.       Is Saudi Arabia responsible for the terrorist attacks against Volvograd Russia? 4.       Is Saudi Arabia operating under the geo political terrorist policy of Al-Yamamah oil for                arms deal? 5.  How dumb does Saudi Arabia think The Citizens of The United States are? Based on these following 4 facts the Military and Strategic Leadership of NATO must take the following steps to stop World War 3 … [Read more...]



ASEAN PEDOGATE: AMERICA’S MOST INSIDIOUS SCANDAL   ---------------------------------------------------------------- Article By Wayne Madsen  Written July 4th 2008 ----------------------------------------------------------------   U.S. ambassadors, special envoys, and their staffs represent America in over 200 countries, territories, and international organizations around the globe. WMR’s exhaustive investigation of the activities of U.S. diplomatic officials in Southeast Asia has uncovered evidence that senior U.S. embassy officials have covered up a huge pedophile ring involving State Department and CIA employees. Private U.S. businessmen close to various embassy operations are also implicated in the scandal. Some U.S. diplomats have, themselves, engaged in sex with underage boys and girls in the countries where they are assigned. The story about official U.S. government involvement with pedophiles in Southeast Asia was prompted by the strange case of John Mark Karr, an American schoolteacher charged with previous child pornography crimes in the United States. After Karr jumped bail in the United States before his trial on kiddie porn charges, he surfaced in various countries known as havens for pedophiles – Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Honduras, South Korea, and finally, Thailand. In Thailand, Karr ended up teaching affluent Thai and foreign children at three elite international schools in Bangkok. While Karr, who publicly claimed to have … [Read more...]


Roseanne Barr Worn Memorabilia MTV’s Rock & Jock

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Sunday Guest Dr. Binoy Kampmark – Short Bio

Dr. Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge and lectures in law and politics at RMIT University, Melbourne.  He ran with Julian Assange for the Australian Senate this year for the newly formed WikiLeaks Party.  He is a regular columnist for CounterPunch. … [Read more...]



Roseanne Barr Writer, Producer, Activist Peace and Freedom Party USA Honorable Members of The House of Representatives Honorable Members of The United States Senate Washington, DC. 205150001 Open Letter to Congress; Regarding Blackmail from the Executive Branch Dear Members of Congress: I write this letter urging you to stop the dictatorship initiated in the Executive Branch. The White House under Obama has made direct attacks against the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments to the Constitution. These acts include the attack on whistleblowers, contriving false flag terror attacks to remove the 2nd amendment (Boston Marathon; case in point), NSA Spying Scandal, and murdering innocent people with drones. Obama has shown utter contempt for the Constitution and the Rule of Law, however it is the cowardice of Congress that makes these things possible. For learned Historians, it is known that the British attempt to arbitrarily raid peoples homes and property, and spy on them, is the act that sparked the revolutionary war against the British. The British were concerned about contraband and that America would grow weary of foreign rule. Here is a quote to exemplify this point by President John Adams “"The child independence was then and there born, every man of an immense crowded audience appeared to me to go away as I did, ready to take arms against writs of assistance." He viewed Otis' speech "as the spark in which originated the American Revolution." … [Read more...]


This Odd Thing called Canada by Kevin D. Annett 21 October, 2013 Now, who says Canadians aren't funny? This week, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) pondered aloud, and for the first time, "whether Canada should be tried for Genocide at the United Nations" for its crimes at Indian residential schools. That's a funny thing to say, considering that Canada already has been tried and found guilty for all that Genocide: at a high-profile Common Law court case convened in Brussels, whose verdict was rendered last February 25. (see the links below) Funny the CBC missed that, eh? Just like they also left out the fact that the Brussels court also convicted the mainline Canadian churches of the same crime, since the freaks in robes did most of the killing of all those children. Of course, Canadians knew as early as November 15, 1907 that half the brown children in Indian "residential schools" were dying off because of their deliberate exposure to tuberculosis: a fact reported that day on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen, by their own government medical officers. And I've sure as hell been rubbing that same bloody fact in everyone's face for over fifteen years now, complete with solid evidence. (www.hiddennolonger.com) I guess none of that should surprise us, when one considers the sorry state of what passes for journalism in Canada. For not even when Mohawk elders in Brantford, Ontario began unearthing the remains of children's bones and buttons at … [Read more...]