State of the Union of the Divided States of America where gridlock is the method by which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, that premise being the only goal of Capitalism.’


My view of the divided states of America:


Gridlock is a strategy of both parties not to get things done-except the most important work that continues with or without gov-the rich getting richer poor getting poorer, there is NO crises in that area of economics, and never will be. But then gov. is not supposed to be run like a business, for profit! LOL LOL now that is too silly. Really!

You and the First lady have two highly intelligent daughters, Mr. President. I hope that opportunities for women grow by the time they move into adulthood. Women comprise 53% of our nation’s population, but a glaring example of the residue of our institutionalized sexism is The Senate. Of 100 Senators in the world’s most powerful Legislative body – just 20 are women. The math does itself, Sir. 53% of our people are female – while just 20% of the Senate reflects that number.


HI, this is Roseanne Barr, the de facto president of the American People, and on behalf of Americans whom no one but myself speaks for, apparently, I was the only candidate who raised no money and spent no money, other than my own, to get onto the ballot in three states – three critical states, California, Colorado and Florida. I finished fifth in the race of 57! I got over 80k votes in 3 states-at a flat cost of $1 per vote! That was a flattering thing for me, but in the larger sphere, it was a real victory for the American people, still living dangerously free, daring to risk their fortunes and their lives to, as I named it: #occupytheballot.

We still have a free country, but our freedoms are at great risk, here and now. Do the American people really believe in democracy, or have they lost all faith in it due to the way it seems to work under what feels more and more like a crypto-fascist, wildcat capitalist accident-waiting-to-happen!?!

The sick and selfish brand of Capitalism being pushed from the Right is basically the Law of the jungle in a suit and tie. The Golden Rule has indeed been twisted to mean: “The man with the gold RULES!” Thanks to the ridiculous Citizens United ruling, it’s time to take the word bribery out of the lexicon; the money is on the table and big favors are required in return for the huge campaign contributions it takes to run for office. Our legislature is therefore, for sale, its members the Prostitute Class.


Before anyone starts to think I’m going to use my time here to just spout slogans, opinions or partisan propaganda, I’d like to go straight to some numbers – numbers which speak loud and clear, numbers no one can argue with – numbers, by the way, which come from sources no less establishment than The Federal Reserve, The US Census Bureau, and The Internal Revenue Service. 


Let’s let the numbers talk:


The Average American family’s savings acct. balance  = $3,800.

The percentage of families with NO savings. =  25%

Average American family’s household debt = $117,000.

Average American household annual income = $43,000

These last two statistics translate into a grim scenario. The average American  breadwinners will need to work for three years to bring themselves “UP to” a ‘free & clear’ version of BROKE!


Let’s get back to the numbers: The percentage of American adults with an emergency fund to fall back on = 38%


76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.


These hard and unsettling facts ALL come under the heading of Economics. It’s not the president’s OR the Government’s job to tell people how much to spend or save or anything else connected with their personal finances…BUT, it IS their job to tell corporate citizens that unless they pay their workers a living wage, those workers have no choice but to turn to Gov’t. programs that aid the poor.

WalMart, for example, is often held up as a great American success story and a shining example of capitalism at its finest. WalMart, whose shelves are lined with goods made by Chinese workers for near-slave wages, COSTS American taxpayers because so many of their employees need food stamps, and other forms of Public Assistance. By using these business practices The Walton family, alone, has amassed as much wealth as the bottom 40% of Americans!

We know the President gets it; he has called the widening gap in income disparity “the defining challenge of our time,” He said this in a speech at an event hosted by the Center for American Progress, a pro-Obama think tank. He said, “It drives everything I do in this office.”

Okay, Mr. Obama. Where are we driving? I know where I would drive us, because I look for solutions, and I would not let obstructionists stop me, obstructionists who pretend to be about responsibility but really just serve their greedy billionaire patrons. We MUST raise the minimum wage! The absurd claims that doing so will hurt employers and the economy are just that – absurd. Pay hard-working people more money and they will spend that money and boost the economy.


The Walmart example is a prime one but it’s not the only one. Since 1979 — the year President Obama graduated from high school -the size of the American economy has doubled, but the top 10% of people have half the nation’s income. Can you say redistribution of wealth, upwards, boys and girls?

Obama said the average CEO now makes 273 times the income of the average worker! Stagnant incomes for the middle class hurt the ability of Americans to move to better jobs, President Obama said. He also said It also breaks down social cohesion as more Americans come to think that the system is rigged against them. Well, why WOULDN’T THEY THINK THAT? They aren’t stupid-the facts are in and the facts are this system is not broken at all, it’s fixed. The fix is in.



As tough as things have gotten for working people, especially the working poor, who are also being told things will be getting even tougher, and to tighten their belts and accept cuts in Government programs that aid their families, as their tax money goes bail out FAT CAT WALL STREET BOSSES! They are told to tighten their belts by men like Christie! Time to take the word ridiculous hypocracy out of the lexicon too. Its also time to extend protection in the work place to all glbtq citizens of this country. The pres can take steps to help pass enda.

Speaking of solutions: I know ONE costly Government program that should have been cut years ago: The bogus War on Drugs! Conservatives, particularly, push to cut Unemployment benefit extensions, food stamps and other programs that millions of citizens rely on, Republicans particularly, never tire of complaining about the cost of Gov’t. health care, but you don’t hear any complaining about the 51 billion dollars a year, EVERY year, for decade after decade, on a ridiculous failure that has made us the world’s biggest jailer.

Land of the free? Really? We lock up more of our people than any country on Earth, and far too many of those incarcerated at huge expense to the taxpayer are in prison for non-violent drug offenses! In fact, most for POT! As I said in my campaign for common sense Presidency, Legalization is the fastest way to take back our government from fat cat ‘independent contractors of the pentagon’ who profit every time a teen goes to jail for pot and is used to work for corporations at 28cents per hour! 85% of all house paint sold in US was manufactured by prison labor in the USA! Pot =big bucks for fat cat prison owning war machine profiteers, who are coincidentally the same ppl we owe the deficit to! LOL! What a joke, citizens!

We’ve spent over a trillion dollars after 40 years of this ill-advised policy – a fraction of which would have replenished full Social Security benefits for just thatFORTY YEARS! “War on Drugs?” Let’s take a look at Colorado – and then move into the 21st Century! Let’s scrap the War on Drugs and reap the benefits in tax revenues and savings on costs related to law enforcement and imprisonment. Privatizing prisons is a dangerous trend that creates profit-driven incentive to locking up even more Americans; let’s give that a hard look.


While we’re talking about the costs of imprisonment, Let’s close Guantanamo!
This January marks 12 years of indefinite lockup without trials or even charges at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo, and five years since President Barack Obama signed the executive order to shut it down. Congress granted the president’s request to make it easier to transfer prisoners out of Guantanamo; Guantanamo is a travesty that sends the world the wrong message about what America is supposed to stand for. Keep your promise, Mr.President, silence those who call u a liar, an enabler of Empire: SHUT IT DOWN!

Let’s keep talking about solutions: Where can we find money we could use instead of taking it from essential programs that strengthen that social cohesion the President spoke of? More than half a century ago, REPUBLICAN President Dwight Eisenhower, in his farewell address, looked us in the eye and gave us a grave warning about the Military Industrial Complex.

Since that time, the military budget has ballooned steadily, and today, we spend more than all the nations on earth, combined, on Military concerns. We’re raising a generation of young people who’ve never known a time when America wasn’t waging wars in two distant nations, while occupying more than a thousand military bases that dot the globe. Who pays the bills? The taxpayer! Let’s pull back the sprawling PrisonMilitaryMediaDrugLordIndustrialComplesofindependentcontracts4Empire, stop sweetheart deals to weapons merchants and let’s convert jobs in that industry to jobs in clean energy alternatives and jobs related to replacing our crumbling infrastructure, water harvesting, purifying and technological theaters of peace wherein we figure out how to get the food to the hungry.  I congratulate Utah my home state in moving to provide Medicaid for all citizens of the state-that is what should happen, instead of give aways to the insurance corporations, but we are told to ‘be thankful’ since that is better than nothing.

A scandal-weary nation was shocked and disgusted by disclosures of warrantless wiretapping and countless abuses by the NSA. Surely the National SECURITY Agency should be able to keep us secure without invading average Americans’ privacy. By denying or downplaying those abuses it doesn’t seem like you’re squaring with us, Mr. President. Common sense forces us to ask: would a whistle-blower like Edward Snowdon risk his freedom, livelihood and maybe even life and limb IF he didn’t have real abuses to expose? Why are you making it so tough for whistleblowers? It’s now thirty years since George Orwell’s chillingly prophetic 1984- Let’s not add to American’s growing list of concerns the thought that their own Government is spying on them without probable cause.


Getting back to bread-and-butter issues and heading toward my summation, I’d like to continue to speak for many Americans growing increasingly wary and disheartened as they view their future and their childrens’ futures. We’re watching our alleged representatives in Government say we can’t extend unemployment benefits, that we need to cut Gov’t. programs that benefit the neediest Americans, that we need to cut spending, to institute austerity and become a less kinder and gentler America – and yet we watched both parties, under a Republican President, hand over the biggest Welfare check in history to investment bankers who had run their businesses into the ground! Republicans voted to give welfare to Wall Street-then claimed that was not ‘socialism’ –‘we are only against the government helping poor mothers/fathers and their kids, not those considered ‘too big to fail.’

WE should educate ourselves and our fellow citizens as to the actions of The Federal Reserve by holding our money and banking system, itself, up to the light of intense scrutiny, AND we MUST reinstate the Glass Steagal Act and rein in the reckless, genocidal practices of greedy Wall St. investment bankers.

I say that the State of The Union is troubling, its citizens divided,prevented from doing little but regurgitating The Blather of the political system of Gridlock, directed by white male radio hosts stoked daily to take it out on their neighbors who look a little bit different, but aren’t really different at all, instead of Wall St. Mr. President, tear down that wall!  We must all ask are the American people too big to fail? We’re going to find out, Mr. President AND my fellow-sister Americans. We’re going to find out soon if banks will allow us to have access to our own savings, bank accounts, and collateral. In conclusion, I say, G-d Help the United state of America. Thank u.





Open Letter to NATO: Manipulation of NATO by Saudi Arabia

Date: January 18th, 2014


To: North Atlantic Treaty Organization; NATO

cc: @NATO











@General Clark




From: Roseanne Barr; Activist; Writer; Peace and Freedom Party


Subject: The Manipulation of NATO by Saudi Arabia


To NATO Forces:

The time has come for a strategic review of the current mission and polices of NATO and the mass manipulation of Saudi Arabia against NATO interests. In light of the recent IMF Report on the collapse of the Western Financial System, it’s time for NATO to move beyond mere “war avoidance” and have a larger voice in “economic integration”.

I will begin this letter with these questions:

1.       Is Saudi Arabia led by Prince Bandar Sultan, responsible for terrorist attacks on the United States on 9/11/2001?

2.       Is Saudi Arabia responsible for the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon?

3.       Is Saudi Arabia responsible for the terrorist attacks against Volvograd Russia?

4.       Is Saudi Arabia operating under the geo political terrorist policy of Al-Yamamah oil for                arms deal?

5.  How dumb does Saudi Arabia think The Citizens of The United States are?

Based on these following 4 facts the Military and Strategic Leadership of NATO must take the following steps to stop World War 3 instigated by the Queen of England, Saudi Arabia, and the Jabotinsky dominated faction of the Likud government in Israel.  NATO was a creation of Winston Churchill. Churchill’s aim was to turn Russia (The United States ally during WW2) into a permanent cold war enemy based on religious fanaticism  and geo political chaos. Therefore, NATO and its allies is not a sovereign entity rather it is a puppet enforcer of the City of London, The House of Windsor and the Saudi Royal Family. Based on this fact it’s incumbent on the military leadership to stop listening and obeying the prostituted classes of civilian leadership, who only whore for money with no foresight on the consequences of their policies. (A perfect example of this is Hollande in France: more interested in sexual escapades than good governance).

NATO security in the Macro sense is threatened by none other than Saudi Arabia and its financial support for the radical Whabbism Terrorist funded by dirty oil money. It only makes logical sense that NATO monitor and target all activities of Saudi Prince Bandar and prevent him from causing anymore terrorism. NATO is being played by Saudi Arabia, a consistent game of “I pretend to chase you and you pretend to chase me”.

We are at a point in history where this game can no longer be played without the use of nuclear weapons and planetary destruction. The Western Anglo Dutch Financial System is in a state of collapse. This is an Empirical Fact. Therefore, the leadership of NATO must change its strategic objectives and redefine its enemies. The enemies of NATO are NOT Russia, Iran, China and Lebanon. The enemies of NATO based on its own charter are absolutely defined as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Royal Class of the Anglo Dutch Empire. The prostitutes in the political class will attempt to sabotage the Iranian Negotiations and the Geneva 2 talks.

Is it indeed time for the Military and Strategic Leadership to step forward and force a change in policy over the civilian leadership?




Roseanne Barr


Producer, Comic, Activist, Writer

Deprogrammer, Codebreaker

Presidential Candidate






 As He Saw It; General Eliot Roosevelt; http://www.shafr.org/classroom_documents/Roosevelt%2CAsHeSawIt%2C1946.pdf







Article By Wayne Madsen  Written July 4th 2008



U.S. ambassadors, special envoys, and their staffs represent America in over 200 countries, territories, and international organizations around the globe. WMR’s exhaustive investigation of the activities of U.S. diplomatic officials in Southeast Asia has uncovered evidence that senior U.S. embassy officials have covered up a huge pedophile ring involving State Department and CIA employees. Private U.S. businessmen close to various embassy operations are also implicated in the scandal. Some U.S. diplomats have, themselves, engaged in sex with underage boys and girls in the countries where they are assigned.

The story about official U.S. government involvement with pedophiles in Southeast Asia was prompted by the strange case of John Mark Karr, an American schoolteacher charged with previous child pornography crimes in the United States. After Karr jumped bail in the United States before his trial on kiddie porn charges, he surfaced in various countries known as havens for pedophiles – Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Honduras, South Korea, and finally, Thailand. In Thailand, Karr ended up teaching affluent Thai and foreign children at three elite international schools in Bangkok.

While Karr, who publicly claimed to have murdered 6-year old Jon Benet Ramsey in 1996 in Boulder, Colorado, may not be all that newsworthy in Thailand – foreign pedophiles in

Thailand are as common as the hot weather, according to New York Timesbest selling author Jerry Hopkins, an American who has lived in Thailand for the last thirteen years – Karr’s unusual special treatment by the U.S. embassy in Bangkok is very unusual. In fact, it is practically unprecedented. The question is why?

After Karr was arrested by Thai police on what was reported to be “unspecified sex charges” unrelated to the Ramsey matter, the U.S. embassy, and particularly the large CIA station in Bangkok and the 16-person Department of Homeland Security contingent located in rented office space adjacent to the huge embassy compound, arranged for Karr’s hasty departure from Thailand to face charges in the Ramsey murder case. Karr was flown, un-handcuffed and sipping champagne, in business class from Bangkok to Los Angeles on Thai International Airways, courtesy of the American taxpayer. Again, why?

The last time an oddball like Karr received such special treatment and a courtesy airplane ticket courtesy of Uncle Sam was when Lee Harvey Oswald, an alleged Marxist defector to the Soviet Union, was flown back to the United States along with his Soviet wife and daughter.

Karr, according to several informed sources in Asia, including formerJapan Times weekly magazine editor Yoichi Shimatsu, who lives part time in Thailand, and Robert Finnegan, former editor of Indonesia’s English-language Jakarta Post, was more than a mere publicity-seeking pedophile preying on young children – he fit the classic profile of a procurer of children for others – a business that leads directly to the very embassy that accorded him VIP treatment on his departure from Thailand. Both journalists have extensively investigated the scourge of pedophiles in Southeast Asia. And both have been singled out for attack by pedophile interests, operating through various front operations in the region, including anti-pedophile non-government organizations.

For a California schoolteacher, arrested in April 2001 for possession of child pornography, losing his teaching license, and vanishing into thin air after serving six months in a California jail, Karr led a charmed life in an upscale neighborhood of Bangkok.

After Boulder, Colorado authorities determined that Karr lied about killing Ramsey, Sonoma County, California prosecutors discovered that the computer containing the child pornography images for which Karr was originally arrested in April 2001 was missing. As a result, all criminal charges from that case were dropped against Karr.

End of story? Not quite. Karr, a known pedophile charged by Thai police for sex charges unrelated to the Ramsey case, now walks a free man. Spirited out of Thailand by the U.S. embassy on a business class ticket, Karr represents the tip of a pedophile iceberg operating within the bowels of America’s diplomatic and foreign business communities in Asia.

Although a number of media outlets painted Karr as a bottom-feeding child predator living in low rent, dingy, and cockroach-infested guest houses in Bangkok, WMRs investigation found something quite different.

One Internet posting by an individual named Joshua Kurlantzick stated that Karr lived near a red-light district frequented by “crowds of sixty-something men leading preteen boys and girls by the hand in the street, often taking them back to the Malaysia Hotel, a seedy joint full of child prostitutes and drug dealers.” That description of Karr’s neighborhood, which was embellished to paint the schoolteacher as living in “a building, a grim collection of one-room studio apartments with water-stained walls” was a notso-clever ruse to place Karr in a hooker-infested neighborhood full of child prostitute pimps and druggies. In fact, WMR visited Karr’s neighborhood and guest houses in Bangkok and found his surroundings to be an oasis of European diplomatic and cultural missions, including the Danish and Austrian embassies, the German-Thai Cultural Center and Goethe Institute, and most intriguingly, the Joint U.S.-Thai Military Assistance Group (JUSTMAG)., a highly-secured compound where U.S. Special Operations personnel operate, along with their Thai counterparts, against various Southeast Asian insurgent groups., including the Al Qaeda affiliate, Jemaah Islamiya.

Karr’s supposed “water-stained walls” hotel – The Blooms – is a clean and comfortable place attracting arriving diplomats on per diem expenses and European tourists.

The Malaysia Hotel, far from being a nest for pedophiles and drug dealers – is a typical European package holiday hotel with a swimming pool and tourist bar and restaurant. The Indian staff is strict and would not tolerate the presence of pushers and pimps anywhere near the premises.

The perception management campaign by the foreign media in Thailand to paint Karr as a filthy degenerate living in squalid conditions was not bought by the Thai media. It was not pimps and drug dealers with whom Karr rubbed shoulders but diplomats and members of the U.S. military. The Thai media had witnessed a similar propaganda effort directed against an American four years earlier.

Perhaps it was the foreign media’s portrayal of Karr that prompted a top Thai police official, speaking at a press conference after the arrest of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder suspect, responded the way he did to a question about the appearance of the arrested man. Pointing to one of the reporters in the conference room, the police official said, “He looks like him!” The startled reporter was a member of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Bangkok. Although he was innocent, the police official got his point across about the foreign media coverage of Thailand matters.


Sean Parlaman was a zealous protector of children against pedophile exploitation in Thailand and neighboring Myanmar (Burma). Parlaman, a Quaker, Green Party activist, and black belt karate expert from Oregon, concentrated his anti-pedophile activities in Pattaya Beach, Thailand, a largely run down ex-haunt for U.S. military personnel on rest and relaxation tours from Vietnam during the war.

After the war, Pattaya had become a favored destination for pedophiles. Awash in drugs, prostitutes, money launderers, and smugglers, Pattaya also attracted pre-teen children, whose poor parents, guardians, and pimps were more than eager to sell children to lecherous child predators on holiday in the Thai seaside resort town.

Parlaman took on Pattaya’s pedophile “axis of evil” with the vigor one might expect of a modern-day Rambo.

Particularly critical of certain anti-pedophile groups and NGOs in Thailand,Parlaman believed that some were covering up the pedophilia problem rather than dealing with it aggressively. Parlaman was also opposed to the attempts by such organizations to push for a tourist boycott of Thailand until it dealt with the child prostitution problem. The call for a boycott came at the same time Thailand’s economy collapsed. Parlaman and his supporters – mostly Thais but a few foreigners — believed that such a boycott would only drive more and more poor children into the hands of pimps and predators.

Parlaman also took on the smuggling of children from the Thai-Burmese border into Thailand and beyond for purposes of prostitution. In 1997,Parlaman wrote, “At an age when we would regard them as still being children, over a thousand young girls from northern Thailand are being lured every year into prostitution. Girls as young as 10 are being sold to the brothels of Bangkok, other Thai cities and overseas.”

Parlaman described the process by which young girls were forced from northern Thailand Into the prostitution business: “In some villages in northern Thailand up to 60 to 70 percent of young girls, aged from 11 years up, have entered prostitution. While many had been sold by their parents, others had been introduced to the sex industry through an older sibling or relative  . . . Local leaders, including some village headman, police and government officials are involved in the recruitment and transportation of girls from the [northern Thailand-Burma  border] area, to work in the sex industry throughout Thailand.”

After Parlaman took on the pedophiles and their apologists in Thailand’s foreign community, he began to face a cruel and well-coordinated retaliation. He was by various NGOs and foreign community web sites in Thailand accused of lying about his resume.

Parlaman’s crusade against pedophiles and their enablers eventually landed him in hot water with his enemies – enemies that included corrupt police and the growing Russian Mafia in the resort town. Those who take on the pedophiles in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia are at extreme danger. A Swiss volunteer social worker in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai, Ralph Frishknect, was falsely accused of molesting children at a center for homeless children, after he had informed a number of donors of the misappropriation by the center. The charges against Frishknect were never made public and he was later found hanging in his jail cell after news filtered out that local police were in on leveling the false charges.

On September 30, 2002, Parlaman was accused by Thai police with sexually molesting a 12-year old boy who was staying at one of the street kids’ organizations that Parlaman felt was part of the problem and not the solution. Parlaman  tried to get children out of such dodgy organizations and into reputable groups actually dedicated to helping street children who were plagues by the twin evils of drug abuse and prostitution. No reputable person familiar with Parlaman’s work and dedication believed the story about his being a molester, including the reporters and editors of the Pattaya Mail newspaper.

A long-time resident of Pattaya told the paper that he told Parlaman, “If you  think that these organizations have no connection with the police and the  places you’re trying take them out of then you are naïve.” The first judicial hearing went bad for the prosecution. Evidence was non-existent and there were reports that the witnesses had been pressured into false statements by law enforcement.

In the end, Parlaman was only guilty of naivety. When police arrived atParlaman’s Star Beach Condominium on November 23, 2002, to take him to the police station for questioning, Parlaman, meeting them in the lobby, told the police he had to go upstairs to give his car and condo keys to a friend for safekeeping. Police later claimed that Parlaman jumped from his 15th floor condo unit to his death. Police stopped the investigation of the child abuse.

Parlaman’s body was transported to the police forensics institute in Bangkok where it was autopsied and then cremated. The U.S. embassy never intervened in the highly improper procedure for a U.S. citizen.

David W. Smith, one of Parlaman’s colleagues in child welfare work in Thailand, wrote in a letter to the editor of the Pattaya Mail: “I must admit I didn’t know Sean very well outside of a  dozen conversations or so, but when I heard that he had been accused of  pedophilia, I thought no. Sure he’s a bit different, perhaps somewhat of a  Don Quixote if you will, but surely not a pedophile  . . . The evidence against him would seem flimsy at best, and the manner in which it was orchestrated laughable. If he was indeed the monster he was being accused of, why is it that none of the hardened, drug addicted kids in the jails that knew him well, gave him up when offered freedom in return for their damnation? Perhaps no one will ever know the real truth but in typical manner just before his death, Sean wished that none of these terrible circumstances impair or harm the programs or the good work he dedicated himself so fervently towards.”


The fascination of high-level U.S. officials in taboo underage sex is not new. In fact, the American fascination for Thai children in a sexual sense is as old as the CIA itself.

After World War II, Princeton alum Jim Thompson, a former director of New York’s Monte Carlo Ballet Company and an Army officer with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the wartime forerunner of the CIA, was stationed in Bangkok as the senior American spy. After being trained in jungle warfare in Ceylon, Thompson’s hitch in Thailand began as Japan wassurrendering its forces throughout Asia. Thompson left the Army and Thailand but returned to the country, strangely coming up with the funds to start up a major silk business (left) in Thailand.

Thompson became a part owner of Bangkok’s plush Oriental Hotel. After Thompson’s wife, Pat Thraves Thompson, paid him a visit in Bangkok, she quickly returned to the United States and filed for divorce. His silk business a success, Thompson built a luxurious Thai-style home in Bangkok and, after a lucky date was chosen by Thai astrologers, he moved into the home in 1959. A number of old Bangkok hands, many veterans of the Vietnam War and long serving journalists in the region, upon visiting the Thompson house, come way with the same impression. Not only is the multi-building residence a typical CIA safe house but the presence of small beds for children and porcelain “piss pots” for little boys and various Southeast Asian objets d’arts featuring frolicking young males in pools and sculptures of young men and their pronounced cod pieces, suggest the Thompson house was more than just a gathering place for spies and the scene for Thompson’s entertaining of such notables as Truman Capote and Somerset Maugham. Visitors to the home are prohibited from photographing the suggestive art pieces.

On March 26, 1967, as the Vietnam War was heating up, Thompson mysteriously disappeared while visiting the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. Thompson vanished without a trace.

Although the CIA denied that Thompson was still on its payroll, the agency dispatched U.S. helicopters to search for Thompson in the Malaysian jungles. When a rumor surfaced that Thompson may have been kidnapped by Communists and spirited into Cambodia, the CIA’s Air America conducted a search for him in Cambodia, with no success. Thai authorities conducted a thorough search of Thompson’s Bangkok estate and carted off what has been described by witnesses as potentially incriminating evidence.

Suspiciously, after Thompson’s disappearance, a sister of Thompson’s was found bludgeoned to death in her home and her son, Thompson’s nephew, committed suicide shortly thereafter. Both had been made part of Thompson’s will before his disappearance and their deaths.

Thompson’s friend, a fellow OSS veteran, Alexander MacDonald, founded Thailand’s major

English-language newspaper, The Bangkok Post. (above) It, like its counterpart across Thailand’s eastern border, the Cambodia Daily, would come to downplay the scourge of pedophilia in Southeast Asia.

Thompson was not the first American in Thailand to show an odd fascination for young Asian male and female youth. The Vietnam War brought to Thailand an eclectic group of Special Forces types, European mercenary veterans of Malayan and Congolese civil wars, and CIA agents of various stripes, some of whom decided to engage in carnal activities with barely clad underage teens – youngsters they once saw gracing the pages of National Geographic.

After the war, expatriate American drunkards, druggies, pederasts, and killers produced by

the Vietnam morass found haven in small bars in red light districts of Bangkok and Pattaya Beach. One such bar is the Madrid in the Patpong District of Bangkok. One long-time employee recalled some of the most famous and infamous veterans of America’s secret wars in Laos and Cambodia. She recalled such names as CIA agent Jack Shirley, (far left)Golden Triangle middleman Richard Armitage(above) (who she referred to as “Dick”), and various CIA officers stationed at the U.S. embassy in Bangkok.

It is against this backdrop, starting with Jim Thompson and extending through the Vietnam War and its aftermath that we must view the current quasi-toleration by the State Department and CIA for pedophile activity by U.S. diplomats and spies assigned to the region.


Just as pedophile John Mark Karr preyed upon elementary schools, other pedophiles targeted orphanages in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand and Cambodia. Orphanages, to varying degrees of success, have been able to defend themselves against the pursuits of pedophiles. One orphanage, with which Sean Parlaman worked closely, was the Pattaya Orphanage founded by Redemptorist Order Roman Catholic priest, Father Ray Brennan, a native of a tough Irish neighborhood in Chicago. Brennan andParlaman also cooperated on assisting Pattaya’s many street children.

As with his late colleague Sean Parlaman, Father Ray found himself besieged by allegations that his orphanage, over which he led for 33 years, had been used by pedophiles to take children for “day trips.” The allegations were contained in an unsigned article in the January 26, 2003 edition of the British weekly tabloid, The People, and picked up by one Thai newspaper, The NationThe People is owned by Trinity Mirror, which also owns the Daily Mirror. The article alleged that Brennan arranged for liaisons between wealthy pedophile clients and the orphans in his care. It is apparent that, as with Parlaman, Brennan was being subjected to a crude character assassination by an alleged terminally ill UK Lottery winner who went by the name Robert Merlin. Brennan agreed to meet Merlin, who indicated that he was prepared to make a large donation to the orphanage.

The People wrote that Brennan, “Invited wealthy pedophiles to meet children in his care, allow them to take [the children] on picnics at the beach and public park, as well discuss the best places to  pick up young boys.”

Brennan told the Pattaya Mail that Merlin’s request for a meeting was “a provocation and manipulation,” adding, “I agreed to meet him because he asked to come here …  He wanted to come and give a donation of 1.8 million pounds (to the orphanage), so I invited him so come . . . we had a one-hour conversation, during which Mr.  Merlin asked me many questions. It was at that time we discussed the pedophile situation in Pattaya. I was uncomfortable with the conversation.  He took bits and pieces of the conversation and turned them to serve his purpose.”

At a press conference in Pattaya, Brennan stated, “I have never been involved in, or, arranged any pedophilic rendezvous during my whole life. I condemn  pedophiles, totally.”

Even the commander of the tainted Thai Tourist Police in Pattaya expressed sympathy for Brennan. Police Major General Sanit Miphan said, “The orphanage has been operating for over thirty years and if there has been any impropriety, it would have closed long ago.” Just as It questioned the set up of Parlaman, the Pattaya Mail came to the defense of Father Brennan. The managing editor of the paper, Pratheep Malhotra, said the attack on Father Brennan was an “issue of foreign freelance, fly by night reporters writing sensationalist stories destroying the image of Thailand just to sell a story.”

Father Ray closed his press conference by stating, “I’m not bothered about being hurt, I’m 70 years old and probably don’t have long to live, but the orphanage does and these kids do, too.”

Father Ray’s words were prophetic. He died on August 16, 2003. A longtime colleague told WMR that Father Ray died a broken man.  TheIndependent Catholic News wrote in its obituary of Brennan, “Anyone who works with children is vulnerable to attack. Father Ray was no exception. But his integrity was unimpeachable, and his detractors never succeeded in denting the confidence of his colleagues, of his many supporters or, most importantly, of the children he loved and cared for.” Although hardly a peep was heard from the U.S. embassy in Bangkok, the Thai King sent ceremonial soil, almost exclusively reserved for royal burials, to be used during at Father Ray’s funeral in Pattaya. The contrast in what the U.S. embassy did for known pedophile John Mark Karr and what it did not do for either Sean Parlaman and Father Ray Brennan speaks volumes as to the involvement of the U.S. State Department and CIA in promoting, not stamping out, pedophilia in Southeast Asia.

A later investigation by the London-based Pattaya Orphanage Trust found that there was no evidence to support The People’s allegations against Brennan.

Although Parlaman and Brennan represent the best in American volunteerism in Southeast Asia on behalf of orphans and preyed-upon street children, according to Yoichi Shimatsu and the NGO Global – PAC, the same cannot be said of two Americans who became involved in child welfare programs in neighboring Cambodia.

Genuine anti-pedophile activists have decried the positions of papers like the Bangkok Post on pedophilia issues. Hahn Chin, a Bangkok-based activist, wrote in early 2005 that the paper unrealistically highlighted the successes of a Thailand-based NGO called End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes or “ECPAT.”

Hahn Chin contended on his web site that “ECPAT was created for cosmetic purposes” and that it “remained a virtually unknown NGO that did little more than peddle literature about itself and pedophilia through the offices of the International Catholic Child Bureau (ICCB), a worldwide organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, and send representatives to meetings and conventions.” In addition, Hahn Chin maintained that ECPAT is just one organization that colludes with [child] traffickers and complicit officials,” including Thai police and foreign embassies in Thailand. Others accused of connivance in the sexual trafficking of Thai and other Southeast Asian children include United Nations organizations.

In an August 8, 2005 letter to the Bangkok Post, Samakh Siphonphat of Bangkok wrote, “the current UN High Commissioner for Human Rights [Louise Arbour of Canada] and her two predecessors [Mary Robinson of Ireland and Vieira de Mello of Brazil] ignored at least 50 documented cases of Thai women and children who were trafficked abroad (beyond Southeast Asia) for pedophilia or prostitution and disappeared in the past ten years. This is largely because officials of national governments and so-called “non-governmental organizations” (‘NGOs’) were complicit. Indeed, dozens of persons in the Bangkok offices of ‘NGO,’ like the UN International Labor Organization (ILO) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), use their positions to traffic in women and children.”

A case in point of the complicity of the foreign media in promoting pedophilia is found in Cambodia.


As with Father Brennan in Pattaya Beach, Phaly Nuon and her husband, Hem Soeurn (left), have dedicated their lives to helping orphans. In the aftermath of Cambodia’s civil war, which resulted in the horrendous “Killing Fields,” established outside of Phnom Penh the Future Light Orphanage (FLO) with 91 repatriated Cambodian orphans from refugee camps in Thailand. They began the orphanage with the money they were awarded for their work by the Figaro Foundation of France.

It was not long, however, that FLO attracted the same type of bad actors that harassed Father Brennan in Thailand. These included two supposed do-gooders who funneled money to FLO: Cambodia Daily publisher Bernard Krisher(Middle of below photo), a longtime American journalist who once worked for

Newsweek and UPI in Tokyo, and Nicholas Negroponte (below), the director of MIT’s Media Lab and the brother of John Negroponte, the death squad commandante as U.S. ambassador to Honduras during Iran-Contra, ambassador to the UN and U.S.-occupied Iraq, the first Director of National Intelligence, and Deputy Secretary of State.


After Yoichi Shimatsu, two New Zealanders – Gerald Thorns and Jack Sanders, and Cambodian Deputy Minister of Commerce Narith Chhim formed the anti-pedophile group Global-PAC, they immediately came in for criticism from Krisher’s Cambodia Daily, rumored to have been started with seed money from the CIA.

Global PAC was looking into reports that FLO, located minutes from Phnom Penh International Airport, was being used by its major financiers, Krisher and Negroponte, for questionable activities involving minors.

In response, the Cambodia Daily launched an investigation of Global PAC. WMR has obtained a copy of a May 2004 e-mail sent by the Cambodia Daily’s Luke Reynolds to Shimatsu, insinuating that Global PAC was funded by intelligence agencies:

“This may seem an annoyance, but can you detail for me what you do for Global PAC exactly? How did you get to know Mr. Sanders, Mr. Thorns, and the like? Also, given
the group’s members’ background, do you think they might have difficulty establishing credibility? To skeptics, Gpac [sic] raises red flags galore: no clear funding source, no clear methods, members with alleged histories of working in covert ops, and it goes on and on. You’re aware of all this I’m sure. Does Gpac [sic] have a future in Cambodia? You should know, and probably do already, that certain people are likely tapping in to all my email correspondence. Thanks for your response regardless.”

To say that Krisher and Negroponte were worried about a new and aggressive anti-pedophilia group in Cambodia would be an understatement. In fact, there was nothing mysterious about Global PAC. At its debut in Tokyo in 2004, it issued the following press release:

“Global PAC was founded five years because our founding members noticed that there were certain sinister groups getting involved in flood relief to North Korea, in the guise of helping the children of North Korea. We noticed that a group calling itself the “Korean Peace Foundation for Children” was backed by accused pedophile Michael Jackson. And there were other groups purporting to assist the flood victims, these groups were run by other prominent false philanthropists who wanted to get a foot in the door and take advantage of North Korean children. They were looking for orphans especially and hoping to do deals with the North Korean Government in order to secure a pipeline of children that could be shipped out of North Korea to order, for international clients, including organized pedophile and organ trafficking groups. These people were of course, pro sunshine policy because it suited their own perverted needs at the time.”

When Global PAC began to make an impact internationally, there was yet another e-mail from Reynolds to Shimatsu: “saw you quoted in a Reuters story. How did that come

Eventually, the Cambodia Daily’s inquiries about Global PAC concentrated on other subjects after Shimatsu sent the following e-mail to Reynolds:

“I encouraged him [Jack Sanders] to take on the issue, knowing the strength of the clandestine network of child pimps in the diplomatic corps, and other arms of the establishment. Out of sheer luck, coincidence, wavelength, whatever you might call it, some high-level Cambodian officials simply lit up when Jack merely mentioned the
pedophile issue, and with this sort of approval, an NGO aiming for the elimination of child prostitution in Cambodia was born.”

Eventually, when the pressure on Krisher and Negroponte reached a near boiling point, they withdrew their funding from FLO, practically leaving 221 orphans up to the age of 18 to fend for themselves financially. On a visit to FLO, director Phaly Nuon told this reporter that while there was never a problem with the girls at the orphanage, some of the boys had been lured away from the compound to do things like “watch TV.” She also indicated that under the financial regime of Krisher and Negroponte, some visitors to the orphanage behaved “badly.”

There was one more brief interest by Krisher’s paper in Global PAC after they announced they were looking into child sex tours by Western VIPs in Sihanoukville, the site of a rumored U.S. Naval Base on Cambodia’s coast. Inj January 2005, the Cambodia Daily’s William Shaw sent Shimatsu a probing e-mail about this subject:

“VIP pedophile suspects in Sihanoukville? That’s quite something. I was down there recently and visited Blue Mountain as well as the red light district in the port to see what was going on. We heard that heard some of the children  had been moved there from Svay Pak. However, many of the Blue Mt. brothels appeared closed and there were no immediate signs of child prostitution around the port. I heard there is a secret network of motodops catering to child sex tourists, but again this appeared very low key, if it was happening at all. As for VIPs. . . Perhaps they’d have good connections and methods to
cover their tracks. How are Global PAC tracking them down, and what kind of
VIPs? Government or diplomat or NGO types?”

A few days later there was another probing e-mail from Shaw to Shimatsu concerning VIP pedophiles: “Are the VIP pedophiles being tracked linked in any way to the luxury hotels around town?”

Shimatsu’s reply: “VIPs but not in the ville [Sihanoukville], but in Phnom. Not brothel
related and not public or commercial. Suspects in very powerful positions, so the game is a matter of time and slip ups or even invites, difficult as they are to obtain. Agreed, it has gone very low key, much has moved, but I hear even a lot has left former sites in Vietnam.”

There would be one more e-mail to Global PAC, in December 2005, from Samantha Melamed of the Cambodia, one snooping for information about the shipment of prostitutes to convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s and former GOP House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s favorite Pacific island, Saipan:

“I am writing from the Cambodia Daily newspaper seeking information about reports that Vietnamese women who were trafficked to Cambodia and forced into prostitution are now being resettled on the US island territory Saipan. I was wondering if Global PAC is involved in this project?”

Meanwhile, to this day, young children continue to walk Phnom Penh’s streets hawking Krisher’s Cambodia Daily for $4 a copy. Negroponte continues to run schools in Preah Vihear near the Lao border. And Cambodia continues to be plagues by foreign pedophile predators. In June 2006, retired Marine Corps Captain Michael Pepe (left) was arrested by Cambodian police and charged with sexually molesting four girls aged nine to twelve. Pepe paid between $1 and $5 to the children in return for sex. While on assignment for this article in Phnom Penh, this writer witnessed a similar deal, involving a $1 down payment, to the handler of a seven-year old girl by a sixty-something Western sex tourist.

The linkage between the FLO scandal and the brother of a top State Department official is part of a pattern of similar malfeasance among the U.S. diplomatic corps in the region as we shall soon examine in greater detail.

As for FLO, it seems to have largely weathered the storm. Its director has been honored with further awards, most notably the Ramon Magsaysay Award from the Philippines, and the orphanage has become a patron project of Cambodia’s Queen Mother Monineath (Monique), the wife of longtime Cambodian leader Norodom Sihanouk.

The United States, which has constructed a new $150 million embassy taking up an entire square block in downtown Phnom Penh, never intervened when questions arose about the questionable activities of at least two well-known U.S. citizens at FLO. As we will see, the U.S. embassies in the region, far from being involved in stopping the exploitation of children, are actively involved in it.


The U.S. embassy in Bangkok is the second largest in the Far East (after Tokyo). Its CIA station is also rumored by many intelligence observers in Bangkok to be the second largest in Asia, after Tokyo. However, the U.S. embassy in Bangkok has another distinction – it is at the center of the State Department’s pedophile activities in Asia.

According to former editors Shimatsu and Finnegan, the pedophilia activity has centered around Ambassador Ralph (“Skip”) Boyce, (below) the current U.S. ambassador to Thailand and the former ambassador to Indonesia. Boyce, who speaks fluent Thai, has spent much of his Foreign Service career in Southeast Asia. Before his stint in Indonesia, Boyce was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific. He was Political Counselor Bangkok from 1988 to 1992, had a brief stint as Charge d’Affairs in Singapore from 1992 to 1994 and he returned to Bangkok as Deputy Chief of Mission from 1994 to 1988.

In 1995, while Boyce served as the number two man at the Bangkok embassy, a scandal engulfed the U.S. mission. The Consular Services section of the embassy conspired with Thai police and pedophiles in Belgium, Thailand, and the United States to prevent a Thai boy from being sent from Thailand to Belgium, a noted haven for pedophiles. Thai government officials issued an order on behalf of the child’s American godfather to keep the youngster in Thailand. The boy’s Lao mother, a barmaid, was part of a ring of pedophiles in Pattaya Beach and Antwerp, Belgium. Amid protests, the woman transported the boy to Belgium.

Boyce ignored repeated warnings about the misconduct of his embassy’s Consular Affairs office. Boyce and his key staffers, including Consul General Thomas P. Furey and American Citizens Services chief Christopher Richard, later blocked a Thai police investigation of the matter.

Three successive American ambassadors to Thailand – William Itoh, Richard Hecklinger, and Darryl Johnson, refused to get involved in the case. Only Itoh officially responded to a letter asking for his intervention, however, he did not take any action.

Boyce has, time and time again, shown himself to be conducting his own foreign policy. Although the State Department has a full-time ambassador-at-large who deals with child trafficking matters, Boyce has been content to allow the problem to flourish at the embassies to which he has been assigned, not only in Bangkok but also in Jakarta. Although the Bush administration condemned the September 2006 Thai military coup, dubbed the “Silken Coup,” Boyce wears a yellow tie to affirm his support for the Royal Family, which authorized the coup. He has also refused to condemn the Burmese military junta, although that policy runs counter to official U.S. policy. Boyce has also pushed the interests of American tobacco and alcohol companies even though the Thai government is discouraging the use of both, especially among the young.

Former Jakarta Post editor Finnegan is well aware of Boyce’s modus operandi. He believes that John Mark Karr was a typical intelligence cut ot for the embassy in Bangkok, one whose major job for the embassy was to procure underage children for sex with visiting VIPs and senior diplomats. Because Karr was smart enough to spread out incriminating evidence he had of embassy involvement, they had no other choice but to extricate him from Thailand when he ran afoul of the local authorities.

It was under the protection of the U.S. embassy that Karr was spirited out of Thailand on a business class Thai International Airways flight to the United States, where all charges, those involving Jon Benet Ramsey and the Sonoma Couty kiddie porn charges, were dropped. One of the Bangkok embassy individuals who was cited in news reports as being involved in Karr’s extrication, Ann Hurst who heads the Department of Homeland Security office adjacent to the sprawling embassy compound, refused to return WMR’s phone calls requesting comment. According to published news reports, Hurst was assisted in Karr’s extrication by the CIA station at the embassy.

Finnegan had seen it before. He said when he was at the Jakarta Post, he became aware that Boyce, while ambassador, used two procurers of child prostitutes and sex slaves. They were both Indonesian nationals, one was a CIA asset operating as a businessman and the other a local journalist operating under cover on behalf of the CIA. Finnegan says that State Department pedophiles operate under the “deniability cover” of being diplomats with immunity from prosecution. Finnegan claims these individuals are often promoted and transferred to other embassies in the Southeast Asia region. The CIA uses them to gather incriminating trash on other embassy personnel that is used to blackmail them, sort of insurance policy for the pedophile rings.

Finnegan said that when he began to write about Boyce’s malfeasance in Jakarta, the U.S. embassy’s security officer threatened him on the grounds of the U.S. embassy. Eventually, Boyce had Finnegan’s journalist visa pulled and he was forced to return to the United States with his Indonesian wife.

State Department sources with whom WMR spoke confirm what Finnegan says about diplomat-pedophiles being transferred around Southeast Asia. They cite one example of a U.S. diplomat in Phnom Penh, Cambodia who was openly living with two underage boys – one Cambodian and the other Lao. After being transferred to the U.S. embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, his “secret” was discovered by the strict Muslim government. He was summarily declared persona non grata. He now serves at the American embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a hornets’ nest for pedophiles operating bordellos filled with child prostitutes.

Under Boyce’s tenure in Bangkok as ambassador, the sordid activities of highly placed American child sex procurers has continued unabated. According to a higher education source in Thailand, one such American procurer who worked for an American university in Thailand and who was eventually forced out of the country, procured young boys for orgies, many of them pre-teen children mostly from the Muslim south. He had worked for an American university in Malaysia. The procurer drove young boys in a station wagon from the south of the country to Bangkok for parties with his friends and important American clients. The sites of these orgies were kept secret.

U.S. diplomats assigned to Thailand still talk about the story of a newly arrived Deputy Chief of Mission who was curious as to why the barely legal houseboys at his official residence were lining up at the foot of the stairs before he retired for the evening. Upon asking about the odd custom, he was informed by other embassy personnel that his predecessor required to boys to line up in order for him to select his bed partner for the evening.

Shimatsu confirms that procurers like Karr and other American pedophiles in Southeast Asia are often pornographers, producing still photos or videos or both, which are then used to train boys in homosexual practices; arouse their lust for homosexual sex with adults; and to entertain visiting dignitaries and embassy staff at orgies.

There is one even more sordid footnote to the story about pedophiles in Southeast Asia. According to relief workers who went to southern Thailand’s Phuket region after the catastrophic December 26, 2004 tsunami that struck the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean, the Swedish media was warned by relief workers about the possibility of child abductions. Almost 100 children younger than 13 were among 565 missing in the aftermath of the disaster. The Swedish National Police compounded the problem by keeping a list of the dead and missing secret citing “privacy concerns.” In February 2005, a Swedish court ordered the list of the victims and the missing made public. The coastal areas of Thailand traditionally make their income by smuggling and human trafficking, in addition to tourism and fishing.

Indonesian police reported that a number of orphaned and separated Indonesian children were moved from Aceh province to other parts of Indonesia and Malaysia for trafficking purposes.

The alarm about abductions became clear when a Swedish boy named Kristian Walker was escorted out of a hospital by a German man who was not his father. Although the German man returned the child, a disturbing anomaly was noted by relief workers who were identifying bodies through dental records and DNA. Although a number of Swedish adults and young girls were identified, the bodies of a number of Swedish boys were never recovered, heightening speculation that they had been snagged by abductors and sold into the white slave trade. Young blond boys are highly prized in places like India, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


The story of John Mark Karr’s amazing extrication from Thailand courtesy of Uncle Sam was not an anomaly. Karr, as with other American pedophiles operating under diplomatic cover, educators, or businessmen in Southeast Asia have been treated to a charmed existence thanks to the patronage they receive from the U.S. diplomatic communities. Nor is U.S. involvement in such heinous activities a new phenomenon.

From Jim Thompson, to CIA and Special Forces operating in the region during the Indochina War, and more recently with America pronouncing itself the world’s only superpower, the hegemonic nature of American foreign policy has permitted sexual vermin like pedophiles to operate in the clear.

The news media has been equally culpable in not exposing high level U.S. government in pedophilia in Southeast Asia. Part of it stems from their willingness to look the other way in return for access to top government officials. The other is more basic in nature. One U.S. diplomat had the following to say about this writer while on the story in Thailand and Cambodia, “you ask questions about that shit and you might wind up with your dick cut off and stuck in your mouth.” Another longtime journalist in the region commented that it is dangerous covering the pedophilia story, especially in Cambodia. Shimatsu concurred, saying, “reporters asking too many questions about pedophiles in Southeast Asia are likely to end up with a bullet in their head.” Finnegan said the story about official sanctioning of pedophilia is muted partly because Southeast Asia is “geographically removed from the prying eyes of most U.S. journalists  . . .  and there are not many that would tackle this.”

There certainly is a trail of bodies of activists in Southeast Asia who did try and expose the nature of Asia’s Pedogate scandal. And the U.S. State Department continues to provide coverage for America’s most despicable representatives abroad.


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Sunday Guest Dr. Binoy Kampmark – Short Bio


Dr. Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge and lectures in law and politics at RMIT University, Melbourne.  He ran with Julian Assange for the Australian Senate this year for the newly formed WikiLeaks Party.  He is a regular columnist for CounterPunch.



Roseanne Barr
Writer, Producer, Activist
Peace and Freedom Party

Honorable Members of The House of Representatives
Honorable Members of The United States Senate
Washington, DC. 205150001

Open Letter to Congress; Regarding Blackmail from the Executive Branch

Dear Members of Congress:

I write this letter urging you to stop the dictatorship initiated in the Executive Branch. The White House under Obama has made direct attacks against the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments to the Constitution. These acts include the attack on whistleblowers, contriving false flag terror attacks to remove the 2nd amendment (Boston Marathon; case in point), NSA Spying Scandal, and murdering innocent people with drones. Obama has shown utter contempt for the Constitution and the Rule of Law, however it is the cowardice of Congress that makes these things possible.

For learned Historians, it is known that the British attempt to arbitrarily raid peoples homes and property, and spy on them, is the act that sparked the revolutionary war against the British. The British were concerned about contraband and that America would grow weary of foreign rule. Here is a quote to exemplify this point by President John Adams “”The child independence was then and there born, every man of an immense crowded audience appeared to me to go away as I did, ready to take arms against writs of assistance.”
He viewed Otis’ speech “as the spark in which originated the American Revolution.” http://www.revolutionary-war-and-beyond.com/4th-amendment.html
Of all the sections of Bill of Rights The 4th amendment, it could be argued, is the most important. I write this letter urging Congress to use the Speech and Debate Clause of the United States Constitution to end the dictatorship the White House has imposed on the nation. The speech and Debate Clause was specifically placed in the Constitution to prevent the EXECUTIVE BRANCH from ARBITRARILY going to war, or arresting dissenting members of congress. Now, over 200 years later we have an Executive using the NSA, FBI, and the CIA to spy on members of the Congress. The purpose is not only blackmail, but to also erase the checks and balances written into our Constitution to prevent tyranny from the Executive Branch. The Wall St Oligarchs, insurance companies, foreign and domestic intelligence agencies blackmail YOU the Congress and prevent you from representing the American People. Members of congress are also fearful of the network propaganda media instead of being fearful of a population that will throw them out. For example, 16 Democratic Members of the Senate met with Obama the other day begging for an extension in the implementation of ObamaCare. Of course they didn’t mention the Nazi origins of it, fearful they would be thrown out of Congress. True to form Obama told them to go to hell, and the chicken shi* Senators went home whimpering like puppies.(http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/11/06/obama-meets-with-senate-democrats-anxious-over-health-care-law/)
The power to reign in Obama is to read illegal classified information on the House and Senate Floor. The Speech and Debate Clause gives immunity to members of Congress inside the chambers of Congress. The Congress can only function if it alerts the American People to acts of tyranny by the government. Some of you in the congress live alternative lifestyles. Some of you cheat on your spouses. Why should the camera only be pointed on you?- it’s time the camera was pointed on Obama. It’s also puzzling that the Congress hasn’t set up its own intelligence agency loyal to the Congress and not the Executive. Of course you have people like Fascist Feinstein and Fascist Rogers, but they represent the minority in the right circumstances. Please read the attached 41 pages of footnotes detailing the blackmail of congress.

Roseanne Barr
Peace ad Freedom Party


August 10, 2009 — SPECIAL REPORT. The Congresswoman and the Turkish Lobby sexual blackmail ring
[WMR is publishing its 10 August issue a day earlier because of the breaking nature over the weekend of the story involving the American Turkish Council blackmail of Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence].
WMR previously reported that Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), a close ally of President Barack Obama and his chief of staff, former Representative Rahm Emanuel, who, like Schakowsky, represented a Chicago district, was sexually blackmailed by a lesbian prostitute who worked for the American Turkish Council (ATC).
The ATC and its affiliated Turkish government lobbying organizations were cited by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds in her deposition in an Ohio Election Commission complaint filed by Representative Jean Schmidt (R-OH) against her 2008 opponent, David Krikorian, over statements by Krikorian that Schmidt received financial support from the Turkish lobby in the United States. Edmonds was subpoenaed for a deposition in the case in support of Krikorian’s allegations that the Turkish Lobby has wielded tremendous influence over U.S. policymakers like Schmidt in Congress. After raising objections to Edmonds’s testimony, pursuant to a state secret gag order imposed by then-Attorney General John Ashcroft, neither the Justice Department nor the FBI moved to block Edmonds’s statements at her deposition on August 8 in Washington, DC.
WMR has received additional confirmation from a high-level Congressional source that Schakowsky regularly engaged in a lesbian sexual tryst at a Washington DC townhouse with a female employee of the ATC. WMR previously reported that law enforcement sources told us that the tryst location was bugged by a Turkish surveillance team that recorded the encounters. The recordings were later used to blackmail Schakowsky into backing away from supporting Armenian genocide resolution initiatives in the House. The surveillance operation was so complex, a second surveillance team monitored the primary team to ensure the bugging devices were properly installed before what the FBI called the “hooking process” commenced.
WMR has obtained from a law enforcement source the first name of the ATC employee but we are withholding it from release to protect the privacy of someone who may have been forced into the prostitution situation by Turkish intelligence officers.
WMR has been informed that another Democratic member of the House was contacted in 2006 by a controversial web journalist who ostensibly represents the “progressive” community and who is a competitor of WMR. The journalist inquired as to whether the member had heard anything about Schakowsky having a lesbian affair with a possible foreign intelligence operative. The member replied no but would ask Schakowsky in private about it during their next meeting. The member met with Schakowsky in the Chicago Democrat’s House office and stated: “Jan, you know sometimes that in our position we are often put into the position of doing things that we normally would not do.”
Upon hearing that, Schakowsky appeared to understand what was being intimated and she threw her head back and became very upset. Schakowsky then replied that she did not care about the situation because she was “getting in good with the leadership.” At the time, Dennis Hastert, who was also alleged to have received bribes from the Turkish Lobby, was Speaker of the House.
The latest information received by WMR appears to indicate that Hastert was well aware of the sexual blackmail by Turkish intelligence agents being used against Schakowsky and that he approved of it.
The House member who was contacted by the journalist later told the journalist that Schakowsky had been contacted and that “she seemed to understand the issue and was quite upset about it,” adding she “tried to get in with the leadership.” The journalist, who is supportive of Israeli policies, never revealed Schakowsky’s name but appeared to be involved in a fishing expedition to see what other members of the House knew about Schakowsky’s situation at the time.
The member was appalled at Schakowsky’s explanation because the member considered her to be a “soul mate” on issues ranging from opposition to the Iraq war — Schakowsky had opposed the Iraq War Resolution — to private military contractors and U.S. Israeli policy. Schakowsky was a founding member of the Out-of-Iraq Caucus.
The member stated that after the encounter over the “lesbian” issue, Schakowsky “went quiet” on all her signature issues, including her vocal opposition to the role of private military contractors, adding that she became very hawkish in support of Israel.
The member felt that Schakowsky was “set up” by the Turkish Lobby, working in concert with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), to “control her.” The member also said that Schakowsky noticeably “backed off” many issues, including the role of private military companies.
In January 2007, after the Democrats captured the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed Schakowsky to be a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. Currently, Schakowsky is chair of the House Select Committee on Intelligence’s Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations — which puts her in a conflict-of-interest in investigating Turkish and related Israeli intelligence penetration of the FBI and State Department, as stated under oath by Edmonds, and the paying of bribes by Turkish government interests to current and former members of Congress.
WMR has also learned from congressional sources that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was aware of Schakowsky’s “problems” and that he resisted pressure from Obama and Emanuel to appoint Schakowsky to Obama’s vacant Senate seat. When Blagojevich signaled he was going to appoint someone other than Schakowsky to the seat, the joint Israeli and Turkish lobbies, in addition to Emanuel, arranged for U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois Patrick Fitzgerald to receive a green light to arrest Blagojevich even before any federal corruption indictments were handed down by a grand jury. Blagojevich was later impeached by the Illinois House and removed from office by the state senate. An indictment on multiple counts was later handed down by a federal grand jury.
WMR has previously reported that Fitzgerald dragged his feet on the investigation of the leak by the Bush White House of the covert identities of CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson and her Brewster Jennings & Associates cover firm. Fitzgerald, WMR is told, was trying to limit damaging exposure to the nuclear smuggling operation that involved the Turkish and Israeli Lobbies and Turkish MIT and Israeli Mossad intelligence operations. Mrs. Wilson and her team were apparently narrowing in on the Turks and Israelis in nuclear smuggling around the world. The key U.S. government players in outing Brewster Jennings were named by Edmonds in her deposition.


December 29-31, 2008 — SPECIAL REPORT. Intelligence and blackmail of U.S. politicians
It was a story that surfaced at the same time that the first major Congressional page sex scandal embroiled members of the Senate, House of Representatives, their staffs, and congressional employees. The year was 1982 and among those implicated in the page sex scandal was then-Idaho Republican Representative Larry Craig, who later, as a Senator, was convicted of soliciting sex from an undercover policeman in a men’s room at Minneapolis Airport.
While the congressional page sex scandal of 1982 caught the attention of ABC and NBC News, another, more serious child sex scandal that hit the newspapers and the now-defunct Independent Network News (INN), broadcast from WPIX-TV in New York, quickly faded from view.
The story about Washington, DC’s politically-powerful and underage male prostitutes, some as young as 12 years old, broke about the same time that the FBI identified a key kingpin in child pornography production and distribution in Chicago who admitted under questioning by FBI agents that his network of pedophiles included a U.S. naval officer and other influential government employees. It was later discovered that the naval officer was the Commanding Officer of the U.S. Naval Facility in Coos Head, Oregon.
The Naval Investigative Service (NIS) was called in and the Operations Officer at the Oregon naval installation was requested by the FBI and NIS to participate as the lead temporary special agent in a carefully-prepared sting of the base commander to obtain evidence and the identities of co-conspirators.
On September 14, 1982, UPI filed the following report from Coos Bay, Oregon:
“The commander of the Coos Head Naval Facility was relieved of duty and jailed on charges he promoted an obscene sexual performance by a child.
Lt. Cmdr. Larry William Frawley, 38, was arrested Saturday and accused of promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child and using a child in an obscene sexual performance. Both are felony charges.
Police Sgt. Jack Bushmaker said Frawley was lodged in the Coos County Corrections Facility on $10,000 bail.
Frawley’s alleged role will not be made known until the investigation is completed, Lt. Cmdr. John Marchi, public affairs officer for the naval base in Seattle, said. He said details will not be at present since the investigation is pending, he said.
Lt. Cmdr. Marney Finch, executive officer at the Coos Head station, is now the interim commanding officer, Marchi said.
Frawley had been at the station since 1980.
Officials declined to say how many children were involved in the case or whether additional arrests were expected.”
During the sting operation, Frawley admitted that his network of pedophiles included senior naval officers, clerics, lawyers, politicians, and judges.
The FBI had an additional problem in Chicago: two veteran Chicago police officers were later charged with producing child pornography. Critical photographic evidence was destroyed by the Chicago cops before it could fall into the hands of the FBI and Cook County state’s attorney’s office. The case against the officers soon fell apart.
Three Chicago North Side residents were convicted of running a “sex club” using teen-agers between May 1982 and August 1983, the height of the call boy scandal in Washington and other cities.
In 1993, Chicago’s Roman Catholic Archbishop Cardinal Joseph Bernardin was sued by a former student who accused him of sexual abuse while he was an adolescent. Bernardin was Archbishop of Cincinnati from 1972 to 1982.
But federal investigators faced another major problem in their investigation of child prostitution. A shadowy Washington DC communal group called “The Finders,” which had significant Chicago links, was suspected of engaging in the sexual abuse of children, some as young as 2 years old, and performing Satanic rituals involving children. And there was one other problem for investigators: the Finders were believed to have connections to the CIA.
The involvement of intelligence agencies was advanced by New York Detective Dale Smith who conducted a five-year investigation on behalf of the New York state Senate Select Committee on Crime. The investigation was spurred by New York Republican Senator Ralph J. Marino. Marino became Majority Leader of the New York Senate in 1988 but was ousted during the Thanksgiving holiday in 1994 by conservative GOP allies of Republican Governor-elect George Pataki. Marino was replaced by Joseph Bruno. Bruno later tangled with New York Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer, who was brought down in a prostitution scandal involving adult women. Marino died in 2002 from tongue cancer. He was 74.
Smith testified that Robert Kohler, an accountant for five call boy services, told him the services sold information about their clients to foreign intelligence services. The clients were reported to be U.S. government officials. Smith revealed that the foreign intelligence involved were those of Israel, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain. However, British intelligence has an unwritten understanding with the CIA not to operate on U.S. soil without the knowledge of the CIA. Smith said that a Soviet intelligence agent told him that the KGB bought information on the clients of the call boy services. Mossad’s involvement was not detailed but such blackmail activities by Israeli intelligence have been and are endemic in hostile intelligence activity in the United States.
In addition to working for the New York Senate Committee, Smith also worked with the Washington, DC and Arlington, Virgina police in investigating the call boy ring over a three year period.
The Mossad is known to keep extensive files on embarrassing information to use later to blackmail individuals. WMR has learned from a former high-level Jewish official of the Clinton administration who has extensive contacts with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that the number two Mossad chief responsible for the United States and Canada is Illinois Representative Rahm Emanuel, the prospective Chief of Staff for Barack Obama. With Mossad’s files at his disposal, Emanuel is in a position to blackmail politicians involved in Mossad’s past “honey trap” operations, including the 1982 call boy network, which saw Israeli intelligence agents buying information from the pedophile prostitution services.
Smith revealed information on the intelligence blackmail operations involving U.S. government officials during a two-day New York Senate hearing in July 1982 at which Smith described how boys between the ages of 13 and 16 were shuttled between various cities to have sex with clients for fees between $50 and $250. The younger boys commanded the higher fees. Smith also testified about child pornography being produced by the call services. Smith also stated that the call boy service was connected to “organized crime’ in New York City but he was not specific about the ethnicity of the syndicate.
Smith told The Washington Post that he posed as someone “interested in starting a male prostitution service in the Washington area.” Smith said the sale of client lists posed a national security problem for the United States and that is why he decided to make public the intelligence angle involving Israeli, Soviet, and British intelligence public..
However, Washington Metropolitan Police detective Carl Shoffler’s testimony provided some clues to the identities of the criminal syndicate involved. Shoffler said, “Call service operations in Washington have some connection with organized crime in New York and that a separate investigation by the Washington Metropolitan Police revealed that “information pertaining to organized crime involvement generally led to corporations and individuals in New York.” Smith testified that profits from the call boy services were re-invested in real estate. The corporate angle is significant. The female prostitution ring that enmeshed New York Governor Spitzer was linked to the Israeli Mafia in the New York City area. Interlocking corporations were used to launder the money made by the prostitution ring.
Most of the boys were said to be runaways and the call boy services operated behind such fronts as modeling agencies, photo studios or book stores. Shoffler said that the call boy prostitution clients were often the victims of extortion. Shoffler added, “most of the victims, you can tell from their professions and all, wouldn’t be complainants.”
Smith stated that among the centers for the call boy trysts were Dallas Bar, the Haymarket, and the Follies Theater in New York and Cinema Follies in Washington and Best of Both Worlds in Pittsburgh.
Jeremiah McKenna, general counsel for the New York Senate committee told the Associated Press that ”They’re making more money selling information than on the prostitution itself.”
Washington, DC Metropolitan Police detective Anne Fisher told the committee that the cities involved with the call boy services were Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, Washington and Houston and that some clients paid for sex with boys with credit card. Yet with such prima facie paper trail evidence, an investigation by the FBI was never pursued. Fisher testified, ”You could call a number in Houston from Washington and have a young boy brought to your room in Washington.” Fisher said the boys used were as young as 12. Smith said a weekend of sex with boys would cost $450 and that limousines transported the young prostitutes.
Special Agent Charles Koczka of the U.S. Customs Service office in New York testified that 60 percent of pornography entering the United States from overseas involved children between the ages of 12 months to 13 years of age. The Soviets especially used child pornography to blackmail western intelligence agents. Government Communications Headquarters employee Geoffrey Prime, a Russian linguist with a Top Secret Byeman clearance for U.S. spy satellite information, was arrested by British police in 1982. Prime was a member of a British pedophile group, information that was obviously used by the Soviet KGB to blackmail him into passing classified material to the Soviets. Prime was actually a member of the Pedophile Information Exchange, a pedophile organization in Britain.
Fisher said the call boy pimps used the boys for production of pornography.
With all the information compiled by law enforcement in three states and the Customs Service, the FBI did not see fit to further investigate the foreign intelligence angle to the call boy ring. The FBI told The Washington Post that “the bureau has no information to confirm that Soviets or agents from other foreign governments have purchased customer lists from male prostitution services.” However, there were reports that the FBI had requested the C&P Telephone Company to turn over phone call records of suspected call boy clients in the Washington, DC area. Washington and Arlington police raided two call boy salons in March 1982 and a list of 1000 clients was sized. The Washington Post reported that a mid-level State Department employee resigned after his name turned up o the client list.
As was the case with the later George H. W. Bush administration, which saw congressional pages and call boys given midnight tours of the White House by GOP officials, the Reagan administration tolerated child prostitution. One result of the 1982 Coos Bay Navy-FBI investigation was the realization that pedophiles involved in the ring and covering it up extended “all the way into the White House.” The information on the Reagan White House connection came from the NIS resident agents in Portland and Seattle. Representative Austin Murphy (D-PA) was outraged by the Reagan administration’s lackadaisical approach to the child prostitution in its midst. Murphy told a House labor and eduction subcommittee that the Reagan administration was ”getting big government off the backs of the pimps.” After hearing testimony that child prostitution rings used children as young as five, Murphy said, ”Are we willing to lend a helping hand to American children who are alone in the streets for filth peddlers to prey upon? The answer from the White House seems to be ‘no’,”
Post script: The Coos Bay navy facility operations officer who was the FBI and NIS temporary special agent who led the government “sting” against the Commanding Officer in 1982 was this editor. The FBI and NIS confided that the perpetrator had likely been “turned” by the Soviet KGB during a previous and unauthorized trip to the Soviet Union after knowledge of his pederasty became known to Soviet agents during a clandestine hotel check of his room and luggage.
A cover-up of the Navy case was launched by then-Secretary of the Navy John Lehman, later named as a member of the 9/11 Commission. Lehman was also a member of the Project for the New American Century and is a member of the neocon Committee on the Present Danger. Lehman was considered an odds-on favorite to have been named CIA director or Director of National Intelligence had John McCain won the presidency.
This editor’s Navy career was a casualty of participation in the FBI/NIS investigation of the national pedophile ring. Attempts to correct retaliatory fitness reports were rebuffed by the Navy Department and Lehman’s Judge Advocate General told this editor that the “needs of the Navy outweighed the career of one individual.”
Further attempts to have details of the story publicized by Navy Times and the Eugene (OR) Register-Guard were met with threats against the newspapers editors and publishers by top Navy and Defense Department officials.

September 30, 2008 — More on blackmail of John McCain
GOP presidential candidate John McCain may have more skeletons transferred from his closet into the files of the neocons than originally thought. On January 16, 2006, WMR reported on the access by the neocons to McCain’s Navy files held within the Pentagon. WMR reported: “Why is John McCain so supportive of Bush and Cheney after being so viciously attacked by them in the 2000 campaign? The answer to this question may partially rest in Navy records detailing the events that took place on the USS Forrestal in ‘Yankee Station’ in the Gulf of Tonkin at the end of July 1967. The neo-cons, who have had five years to examine every file within the Department of Defense, have likely accessed documents that could prove embarrassing to McCain, who was on board the USS Forrestal on July 29, 1967, and whose A-4 Skyhawk was struck by an air-to-ground Zuni missile that had misfired from an F-4 Phantom.”
On November 20, 2007, WMR followed up with the following report: “WMR has been informed that crewmen aboard the Forrestal have provided additional information about the Forrestal incident. It is believed by many crewmen and those who have investigated the case that McCain deliberately ‘wet-started’ his A-4E to shake up the guy in the plane behind his A-4. ‘Wet-starts’, done either deliberately or accidentally, shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft. In McCain’s case, the ‘wet-start’ apparently ‘cooked off’ and launched the Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that touched off the explosions and massive fire. The F-4 pilot was reportedly killed in the conflagration. ‘Wet starting’ was apparently a common practice among young ‘hot-dog’ pilots. McCain was quickly transferred to the USS Oriskany (the only Forrestal crewman to be immediately transferred).”
McCain’s Pentagon files, including the official and still-largely classified Court of Inquiry report on the Forrestal fire, were available to Pentagon neocons like Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith who were able, along with Vice President Dick Cheney and his staff, to ensure McCain’s full support for all neocon policies, including the war in Iraq and opposition to Russia.
On September 19, 2008, WMR reported on another neocon cell still operating within the Pentagon, one with defined links to Israel. WMR reported on the husband of Air Force Cyber-Warfare guru and Iran Project CHECKMATE war planner Dr. Lani (Ilana) Kass, Norman D. Kass, the former Deputy Director of Licensing for the Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) and now Executive Secretary for the US/Russia Joint Commission on POWs/MIAs.
WMR reported: “Kass was an Army tactical intelligence officer in South Vietnam and fluent in Russian and Hebrew. Kass served in the DTSA position until 1992. He eventually became Executive Secretary of the U.S./Russia Joint Commission on POWs/MIAs, set up in 1992, in part, to investigate the fate of missing U.S. military personnel from World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and the Cold War. At one point, Kass’ work on POW/MIA issues earned him the wrath of conservative Republican New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith, who charged that there was never any provision for an Executive Secretariat at the U.S./Russia Joint Commission. On January 27, 1999, Smith, who served as Chairman of the Vietnam Working Groups of the US/Russian Joint Commission, wrote: “Nowhere in this plan is there reference to the requirement for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for POW/MIA Affairs to ensure that his office provides an Executive Secretariat for the U.S. Members of the U.S./Russian Joint Commission on POWs and MIAs.” Smith always believed that there was a cover-up of by the Pentagon of the POW/MIA issue, particularly those from the Vietnam conflict.
Specifically, Smith charged that McCain was heavily involved in the cover-up of U.S. POWs in Vietnam. A September 19, 2008 article in the Moscow Post may shed some light on what the neocons have anew on McCain and why McCain was so interested in covering up the POW issue. The Russian paper reported that McCain not only received special treatment as a POW but spent much of his five and a half years as a POW being “broken” by KGB interrogators in Russia.
The Russian article states that McCain’s KGB code name was “Jack Mouse” and quotes Chan Chong Duet, the commander of McCain’s POW prison, nicknamed the “Hanoi Hilton” by its prisoners, as stating that McCain was transferred to a solitary ward in the prison, interviewed by Soviet officers, and treated by Soviet doctors. Fernando Barral, a Cuban psychologist who interviewed McCain on January 24, 1970 in Hanoi, said McCain was “boastful” and “without remorse” over his bombing of civilians in Hanoi.
However, according to the Russian article, McCain may have been play acting his macho feelings. A former KGB agent claims that McCain arrived at the KGB training base at Voronezh in 1968. The agent said McCain was called “Mickey Mouse” by KGB officers in a play on his official code name “Jack Mouse.” The agent claims that McCain was transferred back to North Vietnam in 1972.
McCain has always been arrogant and hostile in dealing with Vietnam-era POW/MIA family members. In his position as Executive Director of the US/Russia Joint Commission on POWs/MIAs, Norman Kass certainly has the access to Soviet and Russian files on POWs held by the Russians. If there is any evidence that McCain spent time being debriefed and possibly “broken” in Voronezh, that information would not only be known to the neocons but also to the Israelis. It would explain McCain’s total subservience to the neocon plank, including his hawkish policies toward Russia.
However, McCain also maintains a link to the Kremlin via his business ties to Russian mining billionaire Oleg Deripaska, who, according to former KGB officer Dmitry Gvozdev in an interview with the Moscow Post, may be serving as a Kremlin conduit to McCain. The Russians may be sending signals to McCain that they still have proof of the senator’s collaboration with the Soviets during his POW status and that he may want to think twice about cutting deals with Georgia’s Mikheil Saakashvili, pushing for NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine, and adopting other anti-Russia stances.
As far as McCain’s POW status is concerned, it has always been the subject of skepticism by the POW/MIA families who have seen McCain all too willing to defend the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) against the families. Indeed, based on the families’ concerns and the new Russian revelations, there may be some truth to the joke that Gary Glitter spent more time in a Vietnamese prison than did John McCain.

May 14-15, 2009 — Sexual blackmail and politics
A new film documentary and another high-profile case involving the owner of a high-priced escort service are, once again, focusing attention on what has become a vicious circle within the governing circles of the United States: closeted gay, mostly conservative Republican politicians who pander to the anti-gay agenda of the Religious Right in order to deny their own sexual identities and straight male politicians of both political parties who become ensnared in potentially blackmail-able prostitution rings.
It has now been a little over a year since Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called “DC Madam” and known by her employees as “Madam Julia,” allegedly committed suicide after being convicted on money laundering, mail fraud, and racketeering. Palfrey’s original indictment accused her of violating the arcane Mann Act, a prudish law from a bygone era that prohibits taking woman across state lines for “immoral purposes.”
The ridiculous Mann Act was used in 1913 by racist prosecutors to criminally charge the first African American heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson because he had an affair with a white prostitute. Johnson eventually served over a year in prison. The Mann Act was also used to criminally probe former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer because he traveled with an escort of the Emperor’s Club VIP to Washington, DC.
Palfrey was likewise charged by federal prosecutors with violating the Mann Act because her Pamela Martin & Associates escorts traveled within the Washington-Baltimore metroplex, thus between the District of Columbia, Maryland, and northern Virginia: another violation of the Mann Act.
Now, another high-profile prostitution case involving the Mann Act has hit the headlines. On May 11, the proprietor of Global Travel Network, Inc., Michelle Braun, also known as “Nici” and ran the dating service “Nici’s Girls” was charged by federal prosecutors in Orange County, California, with money laundering and violating the Mann Act. Braun was charged with operating her business as a front for a prostitution business that employed Playboy centerfolds, female porn stars, and actresses. Braun was said to be in business for 15 years and allegedly earned more than $8 million. Braun’s Mann Act violation allegedly involved transporting an employee from Orange County to New York City.
Unlike Palfrey, who faced almost five years in prison but died before her sentencing hearing, Braun is said to be under pressure to change her not guilty plea to guilty and face six years of home arrest. Braun is a resident of Boca Raton, Florida and a mother of two children.
Like Palfrey’s agency, which serviced, among others, Senator David Vitter (R-LA), U.S. Agency for International Development administrator Randall Tobias, and, as previously reported by WMR, former Vice President Dick Cheney when he was President and CEO of Halliburton, Braun’s firm counted some well-known celebrities among its clientele, including actors Charlies Sheen, Mickey Rourke, and Yankees player Jose Canseco, according to The New York Daily News.
Braun and Palfrey had something else in common. According to the July 1, 2001, Sunday Mirrorof London, Braun threatened to shop her client list around to movie companies and book publishers. The paper reported that Braun had the dirt on dirt on “actors, film directors, pop stars, record producers, sports stars and rich kid heirs” and quoted an insider as saying Braun made “Hollywood’s reigning madam Heidi Fleiss look like a small-time brothel keeper.”
Palfrey also used her phone list of clients to try to ward off prosecutors. After ABC News conducted a “bait-and-switch” tactic on Palfrey, promising to reveal the names of Washington’s highest and mightiest men on 20/20, the network demurred saying that, other than Vitter and Tobias, there was no other influential people on the list. In reality, the list contained the number of the brother of the Chief of Naval Operations and a bevvy of residences in McLean, Virginia, in the vicinity of the headquarters of the CIA and Freddie Mac, the Bush-Cheney 2000 transition office, and the head offices of some of America’s top defense and intelligence contractors.
Another notable similarity between the Palfrey and Braun cases, is that the government has refused to prosecute the clients of the escort services. Although prostitution is illegal and a number of men around the country have been prosecuted for soliciting prostitution, in high-profile cases like Pamela Martin and Nici’s Girls, the government fails to take action against the users. But the clients of Nici’s Girls paid as much as $50,000 a night for a prostitute and that means they were not the normal john cruising the streets of Washington or Los Angeles for a hooker. Governor Spitzer, who was not prosecuted, but had his name leaked to the media by federal investigators, is a notable exception to the rule of not punishing the clients of interstate prostitution rings.
There is another problem with the government’s case against Braun. The New York Daily News last Sunday reported that Braun ran her business, and even paid her taxes, for 15 years. However, on July 1, 2001, The Sunday Mirrorreported that Braun was 24 years old at the time and that means when she started her prostitution business in 1994, roughly the same time that Palfrey started Pamela Martin, Braun would have been a mere 17-years old.
Prostitution blackmail is not the only problem that plagues Washington.
A new film documentary called “Outrage” has politicos of every stripe talking in Washington, DC. The film focuses on the outing of several mostly right-wing and anti-gay politicians in recent years. The film described Washington as having a bigger gay scene than even San Francsico and having attracted a number of Republican closeted and anti-gay male and female homosexuals to Congress, the Reagan and Bush II White Houses, and congressional staffs. The film features the outings of former Representatives Jim McCrery (R-LA), Jim Kolbe (R-AZ), Mark Foley (R-FL), and Ed Schrock (R-VA), Representative David Dreier (R-CA), former Senator Larry Craig (R-ID), the coordinator of the anti-gay campaign for the Republican National Committee Dan Gurley, former Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman, New Jersey Democratic Governor James McGreevey, former New York Democratic Mayor Ed Koch, and the late capitalist mogul Malcolm Forbes.
But the film also describes most of the closeted politicians as having the most anti-gay agendas and voting records, especially those supported by the Christian Right.
In what is sure to cause renewed controversy, current Florida Republican Governor and just-announced U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Crist is identified in “Outrage” as a closeted homosexual. The film also identifies two of Crist’s past male sexual partners by name, GOP staffer Jason Wetherington, who was 21 years old at the time of his affair with Crist, and Bruce Carlton Jordan, 42. “Outrage” also describes how Crist has used a variety of girl friends to cover for his homosexuality. In 2006, during his gubernatorial run, Crist’s girl friend was Kathryn “Katie” Pemble and in 2007 it was Kelly Heyniger, a former beauty queen. Although Heyniger refused to be interviewed for “Outrage,” she told the film makers to contact her again in “about ten years” and she would “tell them a story.” On December 12, 2008, after rumors swirled that he had 2012 presidential aspirations, Crist married Carole Rome after a six month engagement.
Crist was married for seven months in 1979 to Amanda Morrow. The marriage ended in divorce after only seven months. Morrow currently lives in Florida with her partner, Mildred Harrison.
Crist has been adamantly opposed to equality for gays, having supported Florida’s amendment last year to ban gay marriage. He has also opposed gay adoptions.
One of the recurring themes in “Outrage” is that the most vicious anti-gay politicians often turn out to be in total self-denial about their own homosexuality. The case of George W. Bush’s vehement championship of a federal amendment to ban gay marriage is slyfully hinted as one such an example.
Where “Outrage” fails is its glossing over the repeated congressional page scandals of 1980, 1982, 1988-89, 1996, and 2005-06, which saw elected members of Congress from both parties involved in illegal sexual conduct with pages, all minors according to the law and placed in Congress in positions of trust by their parents or legal guardians.

July 21, 2009 — EARLY EDITION. US Attorneys Office in Montgomery pressured and threatened witnesses in Siegelman/Scrushy trial
Three individuals who were used as prosecution witnesses against former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman and former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy in what was later discovered to have been a political prosecution engineered by the Bush White House, including Karl Rove, the Justice Department, and the Alabama Republican Party hierarchy, have made statements saying they were pressured and threatened to make their testimonies by Justice Department attorneys and FBI agents.
Prosecution witness Nick Bailey, a long-time Siegelman aide and one-time chauffeur, in a statement dated July 19, 2009, contends that one interview of him was conducted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Feaga on a military base — Maxwell Air Force Base. Feaga is a reserve Air Force officer, which makes the interview of a prosecution witness at a military base concerning a civilian trial even more bizarre. Bailey was later sentenced by US Judge Mark Fuller to an 18-month prison sentence on bribery-related charges. Another prosecution witness, Lanny Young, a lobbyist and businessman, was sentenced to two years in prison on bribery-related charges.
On July 27, 2007, WMR reported, “Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Feaga, the lead prosecutor in the [Siegelman/Scrushy] case, is a colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and is an assistant to Staff Judge Advocate Brig. Gen. Richard C. Harding at Langley Air Force Base, the principal legal adviser to the Air Combat Staff. Feaga and his boss Harding have jurisdiction over all legal matters at Langley, including contracts awarded to Doss Aviation.”
On August 31, 2007, WMR reported, “Federal Judge Mark Fuller, who tried and convicted Siegelman and Scrushy, is a current principal of Doss Aviation, a major conflict of interest for a sitting federal judge.”
A June 23, 2009 statement by Luther S. Pate IV, a friend and Pate Holdings, Inc. employer of Bailey’s, indicates that Bailey was fearful for his safety while under questioning by federal prosecutors, including Feaga, and FBI agents. Pate said Bailey, at the time of his questioning by the federal officials, “felt unsafe for his physical person.” Bailey was also threatened by federal agents that they did not want to see publicized an “alleged sexual affair between Nick and Don Siegelman.” Bailey also later told Pate that the “government appeared to be looking for a crime rather than investigating an alleged crime.” The very same description of government prosecution tactics was used to describe political prosecutions of Democratic officials and other individuals in Mississippi, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
Pate’s statement also reveals that US Attorney Leura Canary, the prosecutor who launched a vendetta against Siegelman and Scrushy, used Assisatnt U.S. Attorney Julie Weller as her “eyes and ears” in interviews of Bailey. Weller’s husband, Chris Weller, was a partner in the law firm Capell and Howard (which provided Bailey’s attorney, George Beck). Capell and Howard also represented Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor, who now serves on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which rejected Siegelman’s argument that the case against him was polticially-motivated, and Bill Canary, Leura Canary’s husband and friend of Siegelman’s successor, Bob Riley, and Rove.
Pate also describes how Bailey, while in prison and out, was afraid of Leura Canary and Assistant US Attorney Louis Franklin, because they “did what they wanted and answered to no one.” Pate said he felt that Bailey was “both intimidated and manipulated into giving testimony at the Siegelman/Scrushy trial” that Bailey “wasn’t sure was true.”
The third statement, dated June 23, 2009, and obtained by WMR is a statement of David Richardson, Vice President of Investigative Group International, Inc. (IGI), which is headed by Terry Lenzner.
Richardson and Lenzner spoke with Bailey in Montgomery on June 4, 2009, and Bailey said he did not believe that Siegelman had been bribed by Scrushy. The statement by Richardson also reveals that Feaga illegally coached Bailey as a witness in the trial of Siegelman and Scrushy. Federal prosecutors also asked Bailey if he had sexual relations with three other people in addition to “another state official” and made threats against Bailey’s brother Shane.
Leura Canary continues to serve as President Obama’s U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama.

June 17, 2010 — Obama’s gay trysts confirmed again by senior congressional source
The Congress, even when not in session, never sleeps. During the wee hours of the morning, Congress remains a bevvy of activity with security, maintenance, food services, mail, and printing personnel all busy at work.
WMR has learned from a senior source responsible for the off-hours operations of the Congress that then-Senator Barack Obama’s gay trysts were common knowledge to many congressional night shift personnel.
WMR previously reported that Obama used a condominium owned by Representative Rosa DeLauro and rented for free to then-Representative Rahm Emanuel for gay trysts. DeLauro is married to Democratic pollster and lobbyist Stan Greenberg. One of Greenberg’s top clients is BP.
WMR also previously reported that former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who is on trial for corruption, wants all 500 hours of government wiretaps played for the jury. WMR has learned that in the tapes are “salty” references to the gay activities of both Obama and Emanuel. However, U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois Patrick Fitzgerald, who is owned and operated by the CIA and the Israel Lobby, has not only prevailed on US Judge James Zagel to deny Blagojevich’s request for the 500 hours to be played but is now seeking to have a gag order placed on Blagojevich to prevent him from speaking to the press during the trial.


November 25-26, 2008 — UPDATE 1X. White House Press Secretary denies knowledge of NSA spying on Blair
En route from Washington, DC to Fort Campbell, Kentucky on Air Force One on November 25, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino denied knowledge of a report by ABC News that the National Security Agency (NSA) eavesdropped on the phone calls, including those of a private nature, of then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The following is a transcript from part of the Air Force One press “gaggle”:
Q. A former NSA linguist is saying that the U.S. spied on Tony Blair. Do you have anything on that?
MS. PERINO: I don’t have anything on that. No, I would not comment. And I saw reports about that. President Bush doesn’t recall anything of that sort. So that’s all I’d have to say on it.
Q. You asked him about it, and he doesn’t recall anything of that sort –
MS. PERINO: This story has been out there for a while. It’s been circulating around. I don’t know why all of a sudden everybody is writing about it, because — maybe they read it on a blog or something. I don’t know.
Is that it? Oh, sorry.
Perino oddly stated the story on Blair being bugged “has been out there for a while.” In fact, the story has not been out there as Perino suggested “on a blog or something.” WMR has previously reported on NSA spying on New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and then-Secretary of State Colin Powell. Either Perino was mistaken about the Blair eavesdropping story previously being reported or she was referring to other stories about NSA surveillance of foreign leaders, which constitutes a tacit admission on her and George W. Bush’s part that such surveillance took place.
On September 25, 2008, WMR reported: “At a seminar held at American University in Washington on September 24, former United Kingdom Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) linguist Katharine Gun and former London Observer and current New Statesman reporter Martin Bright revealed that the Bush and Tony Blair governments were plotting to blackmail ambassadors to the UN in the ‘surge’ surveillance of the telephones and e-mail of UN delegations in January 2003. Bush and Blair wanted to ensure the support of six UN Security Council members whose votes were needed for the resolution authorizing U.S. and British military action against Iraq.”
UPDATE 1X. On February 28, 2000, The Scotsman reported: “Margaret Thatcher used a global surveillance network to spy on two cabinet ministers in 1983, it was claimed last night. The former Conservative prime minister received information from Canadian intelligence using the Echelon network, a series of listening posts around the world run by the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. The allegation, by a former Canadian agent, Mike Frost, came two days after a report for the European parliament said that Echelon was used for industrial espionage. ‘(Thatcher) had two ministers that she said, quote, ‘They weren’t onside’, unquote … so my boss went to London and did intercept traffic from those two ministers,’ Mr Frost was quoted as saying in excerpts released by the CBS TV 60 Minutes programme, which will be broadcast on Sunday. Mr Frost, who worked for Canadian intelligence from 1972 to 1992, said that the five countries could circumvent domestic laws against spying on citizens by asking another Echelon member to do it for them.
On October 14, 2007, The Sunday Express of the UK reported: “The US Department of Defence, which oversees the National Security Agency and its hundreds of satellites, confirmed the NSA did download [Princess] Diana’s conversations but has insisted it was ‘only part of a security operation involving other targets’. A spokesman said: ‘No other details can be revealed as national security is involved’. There have been persistent claims that one reason why Diana’s voice recordings cannot be revealed is because they contain her discussions with, among others, President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Tony Blair to support her campaign to outlaw landmines. If she had been successful it would have had a hugely detrimental effect on the arms industries of both Britain and the United States.”


January 30-February 1, 2009 — Stellar Wind blows Democratic governors out of office
WMR has previously reported on the malfeasance of the U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois, Patrick Fitzgerald, in his investigation of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the outing of CIA covert agent Valerie Plame Wilson. In the case of the 1993 attack, Fitzgerald sat on critical signals intelligence (SIGINT) evidence that would have tied the bombing to Osama bin Laden in exile in Sudan. Bin Laden remained a U.S. intelligence asset at the time of the World Trade Center bombing so Fitzgerald, following orders from Langley, simply failed to enter into evidence wiretaps communications between the Sudanese Mission to the United Nations in New York and the Sudanese Foreign Ministry in Khartoum that contained references to Bin Laden. In the outing of Plame, Fitzgerald refused to enter as evidence tapped phone calls of Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby and others that would have proven the severe damage of Libby’s actions to the covert counter-proliferation operation involving Plame and her Brewster Jennings & Associates cover firm. Fitzgerald’s actions in covering up the World Trade Center link to Sudan and Bin Laden was so significant that Libby’s New York Times interlocutor, Judith Miller, once asked this editor for my sources on the Sudanese wiretap story. I told her that one was well known, the late ABC News reporter John McWethy had reported on the Sudan UN mission wiretaps by the National Security Agency (NSA) in 1993. The other, a confidential source in Khartoum, remains confidential. McWethy died in a February 2008 skiing accident in Colorado.
On January 29, the Illinois Senate voted unanimously to remove from office Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich. This was based on the selective release of recorded wiretaps of Blagojevich’s conversations to the Senate by Fitzgerald. It appears that Fitzgerald only likes to use wiretaps when it benefits him and his patrons politically.
Fitzgerald had Blagojevich arrested based on a criminal complaint but the U.S. Attorney, who grandstanded at a press conference about Blagojevich causing Abraham Lincoln to “roll over in his grave.” Fitzgerald could not get a grand jury to indict Blagojevich last October and he has asked for an extension for the grand jury because he still lacks the evidence to convict. However, Fitzgerald was able to use selected wiretaps to convince the Illinois Senate to remove Blagojevich from office in a political, not a criminal, action. Blagojevich is also barred from ever runing for political office again in Illinois.
WMR has been discussing the Blagojevich impeachment with some individuals close to some other Democratic governors. It is becoming clear that what Fitzgerald has in his dossier of evidence on Blagojevich may be wiretaps that were conducted without a court order as part of the Bush White House’s super-secret STELLAR WIND program that even then-Attorney General John Ashcroft refused to re-authorize from his hospital bed in Washington.
If Fitzgerald’s evidence is from illegal government wiretaps, including the drift net surveillance of the communications of Americans, including their credit card transactions, that was recently revealed by former NSA employee Russell Tice, as well as the surveillance extent of STELLAR WIND revealed by former Department of Justice prosecutor Thomas Tamm, there is a reason to believe that Fitzgerald does not have legal evidence and leaked selected wiretaps to the Senate in Illinois to have Blagojevich removed in a political process. Blagojevich wanted to call Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett as witnesses in the alleged “sale” of Obama’s U.S. Senate seat matter but was rebuffed. Emanuel has decided to back the previous Bush administration in trying to stay a lawsuit in the 9th U.S. Circuit involving the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretap program. This is an indication that Emanuel and his Israeli intelligence interlocutors do not want to see the program go away.
Why would Emanuel and Obama want to keep STELLAR WIND in place and deny plaintiffs the right to know how extensive the program was? First, it keeps technical details of the operation secret, including the involvement of Israeli telecommunications firms. Second, it gives the Obama administration to same power of blackmail over political enemies as was enjoyed by Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and others in the Bush White House.
It is now known that STELLAR WIND, or a precursor variation of it, was in place before 9/11. Since that time, five Democratic governors, including the governors of three large states, have been forced from office.
The first victim was California Governor Gray Davis. Davis was accused of colluding with campaign contributors from the energy industry which resulted in California’s sky-rocketing energy rates in 2001. It was none other than George Soros’ maven, Arianna Huffington, who made the charge that Davis was too cozy with power company executives. It was a false charge but Davis was put on the political ropes. Davis was recalled as Governor in October 7, 2003, 10 months after he won re-election by a wide margin, and was replaced by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Davis’ connections with energy industry lobbyists were plastered all over the web and were talked about on right-wing radio talk shows. How would this information been known? We now know that the Bush administration began its warrantless wiretapping operation shortly after coming to office in January 2001. In the next few months, California’s energy rates began to shoot skyward, with the assistance of Bush’s pals at Enron, including Ken Lay.
Davis was the first victim of “pay-to-play” allegations involving Democratic governors. The next was Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman, who after being ejected from office in a dubious election rife with voting machine and vote counting fraud, was indicted by a U.S. Attorneys office with strong connections to Rove and ultimately convicted and immediately jailed. Siegelman was accused of cutting a favoritism deal with Healthouth CEO Richard Scrushy. STELLAR WIND was in full operation when he was convicted in his second trial in 2006. His first trial was thrown out by the federal judge based on “disallowed evidence.” Was it perhaps illegally obtained wiretaps? Siegelman was convicted in his second trial presided over by the GOP operative and Pentagon and CIA contractor, U.S. Judge Mark Fuller.
Democratic Governor victim number three was anti-Wall Street fraud crusading New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer was forced to resign in March 2008 after it was revealed by GOP dirty tricks operatives that Spitzer had used the services of an escort service that was later found to be connected to Israeli government elements. Spitzer’s bank account information had been turned over by HSBC to the Internal Revenue Service and FBI.
Victim number four was Blagojevich, the governor of Illinois. Fitzgerald seems to be having problems with presenting valid evidence against Blagojevich to a grand jury. Why?
The fifth to fall victim to “pay-to-play” allegations was New Mexico Democratic Governor Bill Richardson, who is apparently the subject of a current grand jury. Richardson was forced to withdraw his name from consideration as Secretary of Commerce in the Obama administration. Republican Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire is now being considered for the post. WMR has learned that there is bad blood between Richardson and Emanuel. This begs the question: STELLAR WIND was used by Rove to go after Democratic enemies of the Bush White House, so might Rahm now be using it to attack foes of the Obama White House, both Democrats and Republicans?
Richardson’s phones in Santa Fe have long been wiretapped by NSA, a fact previously reported by WMR and confirmed twice to this editor, first by Richardson’s press secretary and then by Richardson himself.
There may be additional victims of STELLAR WIND hanging in the wind. On January 9, 2009, Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was indicted in a case involving her alleged use of pre-paid gift cards. The case was brought by a Maryland state prosecutor. The evidence against Dixon included wiretaps of her cell phone and Blackberry. Dixon’s predecessor, current Maryland Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley was a victim of a Spitzer-like GOP smear campaign about O’Malley’s alleged “marital infidelity” in 2005 that originated from a aide to then-Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich.
New Jersey Democratic Governor Jim McGreevey was forced to resign after word leaked to the press that an Israeli intelligence honeytrap named Golan Cipel was involved in a homosexual relationship with McGreevey.
McGreevey’s successor, Democrat Jon Corzine, was the subject of “pay-to-play” allegations involving his romantic relationship with Carla Katz, a union president. Republicans appeared to have been tipped off about incriminating evidence against Corzine in email exchanges between him and Katz.
Wisconsin Democratic Governor Jim Doyle was enmeshed in the political prosecution by the Bush Justice Department of Georgia Thompson, a state employee. The implication aganst Doyle was yet another “pay-to-play” allegation involving a state contract. Thompson’s conviction was overturned on appeal.
Massachusetts Democratic Governor Deval Patrick is the subject of a criminal investigation that also involves a corruption investigation of Democratic House Speaker Salvatore DiMassi. The probe was launched in December 2008.
Just a few days before Bush left office, Ohio Democratic Governor Ted Strickland’s former director of faith-based initiatives, Robert McFadden, was indicted for involvement in on-line prostitution. McFadden’s email and other on-line transactions were used as evidence.
Aside from Connecticut Republican Governor John Rowland, who was indicted anf jailed for corruption for a Ted Stevens-like deal involving home repairs in return for state contracts, no other incumbent Republican Governor was investigated or indicted by what is now known to have been a political Justice Department and cadre of U.S. Attorneys under Bush. Although there have been serious corruption allegations brought against current and former Republican governors Rick Perry of Texas, Jeb Bush of Florida, Matt Blunt of Missouri, Linda Lingle of Hawaii, Jim Gibbons of Nevada, Sarah Palin of Alaska, Bob Ehrlich of Maryland (who was linked to the Pamela Martin & Associates escort service that also involved Cheney), Sonny Perdue of Georgia, Bob Riley of Alabama, and Mitch Daniels of Indiana no indictments were ever brought by the Bush Justice Department.
Republican Governors Bob Taft of Ohio and Ernie Fletcher of Kentucky were indicted on state criminal misdemeanor charges for corruption but were never the subject of federal corruption charges by Republican U.S. attorneys.
The fear at NSA was always that its vast surveillance capabilities could always be used as a political weapon. It appears that STELLAR WIND turned NSA’s capabilities into such a weapon, one that may continue to be used by the the new “Rove,” Rahm Emanuel, is meting out punishment to his political enemies. Blagojevich and Richardson have already fallen. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, and others who have been shut out by the Obama administration may want to keep checking their rear view mirrors. It is no secret that in Pelosi’s case, Emanuel would like to see her replaced by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland, whose sister once served as the executive director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

January 6, 2010 — Alabama Democrats fret over reported Obama choice for US Attorney in Montgomery
WMR’s Alabama Democratic Party sources are warning of problems should President Obama choose Montgomery attorney George Beck, Jr. Beck, like Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama Tamarra Matthews Johnson, was involved in the political prosecution of former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman, an operation carried out by the U.S. Attorneys for the Middle and Northern Districts of Alabama, Leura Canary and Alice Martin, respectively. Beck reportedly hopes to replace Canary although he represented one of Canary’s main witnesses against Siegelman, ex-Siegelman aide Nick Bailey. Beck raised no objections as Canary’s prosecutors questioned Bailey on a reported 70 occasions at Maxwell Air Force Base near Montgomery. Bailey later stated that he was bullied and coached by Canary’s prosecutors. WMR has also learned from reliable sources that Bailey was blackmailed into testifying against Siegelman.
WMR has also learned from informed Alabama sources that Beck’s law firm, Capell and Howard, represents the Alabama Business Council headed by Canary’s husband, longtime GOP operative and friend of Karl Rove, Bill Canary. Bill Canary has been quietly pushing the Democratic gubernatorial campaign of U.S. Representative Artur Davis, a conservative Democrat.
Beck has also infuriated some Democrats in Alabama over his role in representing Stephen Glassroth, the one-time attorney for former GOP operative Dana Jill Simpson, whose testimony before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee exposed the involvement of the Canarys, Martin, Rove, Alabama GOP Governor Bob Riley, Rove, and U.S. Judge for the Middle District of Alabama in the politically-motivated case against Siegelman and former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy. Beck represented Glassroth before the Alabama Bar Association. Simpson had charged Glassroth with improper behavior while reprsenting her in a tax matter. Beck made a number of wild accusations against Simpson, who was also on the receiving end of a character assassination campaign by Rove. Beck accused Simpson of being a kingpin in the “Dixie Mafia,” of buying a baby for $300,000, and of being a tax scofflaw. During the proceedings, Simpson’s tax returns were conveniently leaked to the media. The Alabama Bar eventually sided with Simpson and suspended Glassroth’s license to practice law.
WMR has learned from informed sources in Alabama that Beck is being pushed for U.S. Attorney as an “insurance policy” for Rove and top Alabama Republican officials, including the two tainted GOP Senators, Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions, who fear being indicted over multiple criminal conspiracies in the prosecutions of Siegelman and Scrushy. Siegelman was released from prison pending an appeal of his conviction and seven year sentence handed down by Fuller, a former GOP official in Alabama who is part owner of a defense contractor, Doss Aviation, that has garnered hundreds of millions of dollars in Pentagon contracts.
WMR has learned that Rove is worried about a possible indictment or lawsuits stemming from the Siegelman-Scrushy prosecution and is quietly pushing for Beck as Canary’s replacement. Rove’s worries, WMR has been told by Alabama sources, also led to an amicable divorce from his wife of 24 years, Darby Hickson Rove. Rove’s wife, who hails from an influential Alabama family, was apparently worried about securing her own finances before her husband is indicted or sued.
Meanwhile, rumors continue to swirl around Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Davis, who hopes to be Alabama’s first African-American governor. At 41, Davis got married for the first time in 2008 after having decided to run for governor. The rumor circuit has been busy in Alabama with WMR receiving reports from African-American Democratic sources in Alabama and Georgia that Obama’s interest in Davis’s campaign and placing a “gatekeeper” in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Montgomery stems from a reportedly questionable relationship between Obama and Davis that began while both attended Harvard Law School in 1991.

July 26-27, 2014 — Amash-Conyers bill to stop NSA meta-data collection failed by a whisker

After National Security Agency director General Keith Alexander illegally [18 U.S.C. Section 1913] lobbied members of the House of Representatives to squash a bill that would have limited NSA collection of meta-data to actual investigations and required secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court decisions to be made available to House members, the House voted 205 to 217 to reject the legislation. The bi-partisan bill was introduced by Representatives Justin Amash (R) and John Conyers Jr. (D), both of Michigan.

The leadership of both the Republicans and Democrats in the House sided with Alexander and the Obama administration in voting against the bill. However, a strong coalition of progressive Democrats and largely Tea Party Republicans almost succeeded in seeing the bill passed.

It was no coincidence that 12 members needed to pass the bill failed to turn up for the vote. There is strong speculation in the House that Alexander’s classified meeting with certain House members before the vote was to let them know that NSA possessed intercepts of every members’ phone conversations and e-mail that not only could, but would, be leaked if the bill were to pass the House.

Alexander at recent Aspen Institute meeting with none other than Pete Williams, NBC’s Justice Dept. correspondent. No much for impartial coverage by NBC on NSA. Most of NSA’s earliest systems were developed by RCA, the one-time parent of NBC. NSA kept RCA going after the firm fell into financial straights. NSA even funneled illegal contract money to RCA that was illegally taken from Iranian assets frozen after the U.S. embassy seizure in 1979. Former Reagan National Security Council official Ken deGraffenreid knows all about this.

The twelve representatives who failed to vote appear to have been the twelve most concerned about the NSA threats. They are:

Herrera Beutler
McCarthy (NY)
Negrete McLeod

WMR previously reported that Republican Aaron Schock of Illinois has tried, amid numerous rumors, to hide the fact that he is gay.

Republican Lou Barletta represents an area that consists of Hazleton and Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. The area has always been rife with corruption, especially that involving organized crime.

Rep. Joyce Beatty is a Democrat from Columbus, Ohio. Her state pension as a Ohio state legislator combined with her U.S. House salary makes her more compensated than Barack Obama, something that has raised eyebrows and suspicions in Washington and Columbus.

Republican John Campbell from Orange County, California, served as President of Campbell Automotive Group. He has been accused of accepting $170,000 in campaign contributions from used car dealers in return for exempting them from consumer protection laws. He announced he will not run for re-election in 2014.

Coble, a senior GOP member, is the only member who had a legitimate excuse for not voting. He was undergoing a hernia operation at George Washington Hospital in DC during the vote. He would have likely voted to reject the NSA bill.

Jaime Hererra Beutler is a Republican from Washington. She is a former legislative aide to Washington GOP Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Hern husband owns SeaPort Airlines, a regional Northwest U.S. airline that receives federal subsidies to operate certain routes.

Democratic African-American Representative Steven Horsford represents the Nevada 4th District. He has been heavily involved in promoting the interests of the
Culinary and Bartenders Unions in Las Vegas.

Carolyn McCarthy, a Democrat representing Long Island, New York, is a strong gun control advocate, having lost her husband during a rampage by a deranged gunman on the Long Island Railroad in 1993. She was a Republican before switching parties to challenge an incumbent Republican congressman.

Gloria Negrete-McLeod is a Democrat from southern California. She received a whopping $5 million from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Political Action Committee to defeat incumbent Democrat Joe Baca in 2012.

Frank Pallone is a Democrat representing north-central New Jersey, including New Brunswick. This is “Sopranos” territory and Pallone is running for the U.S. senate to succeed the late Frank Lautenberg.

Todd Rokita is an Indiana Republican and a former Indiana Secretary of State. While serving as the latter, he was charged with election manipulation to favor the GOP.

General Alexander likely had a nice little dossier on every one of these non-vting twelve, as well as the others who all voted to “kill the bill.”

Those who voted to kill the bill were (Democrats in italics):

Barrow (GA)
Bera (CA)
Bishop (GA)
Bishop (NY)
Brady (TX)
Brooks (AL)
Brooks (IN)
Brown (FL)
Brownley (CA)
Castor (FL)
Castro (TX)
Collins (GA)
Collins (NY)
Davis (CA)
Frankel (FL)
Franks (AZ)
Gingrey (GA)
Graves (MO)
Green, Al
Hastings (WA)
Heck (NV)
Heck (WA)
Jackson Lee
Johnson (GA)
Johnson, E. B.
Johnson, Sam
Kelly (IL)
Kelly (PA)
King (IA)
King (NY)
Kinzinger (IL)
Larsen (WA)
Maloney, Sean
McCarthy (CA)
Miller (FL)
Miller (MI)
Murphy (FL)
Murphy (PA)
Peters (CA)
Peters (MI)
Price (NC)
Rogers (AL)
Rogers (KY)
Rogers (MI)
Ryan (OH)
Ryan (WI)
Scott, Austin
Scott, David
Sewell (AL)
Smith (NE)
Smith (TX)
Smith (WA)
Thompson (CA)
Van Hollen
Wasserman Schultz
Webster (FL)
Wilson (FL)
Young (FL)
Young (IN)

NOTE: WMR has been asked what specific statute prohibits government employees from lobbying Congress. The answer is:

18 U.S.C. Section 1913, which is a criminal statute applicable to all executive branch agencies. It prohibits the use of appropriated funds for activities that directly or indirectly are “intended or designed to influence in any manner a Member of Congress, to favor or oppose…any legislation or appropriation by Congress.”




February 1, 2013 — Answer to Lindsey Graham’s question to Chuck Hagel

On January 31, Senate Armed Services Committee member Lindsey Graham (R-SC) asked former Senator Chuck Hagel at his confirmation hearing for Secretary of Defense the following question, “name one person, in your opinion, who’s intimidated by the Israel lobby in the United States Senate.”

Hagel responded, “I don’t know.”

Hagel knew the answer but was subjected to the worst interrogation tactics the “Senate Sanhedrin” or “SS” could muster up.

So, we will answer Graham’s question for Hagel.

Question: “Who’s intimidated by the Israel lobby in the United States Senate?”


Lamar Alexander
Kelly Ayotte
Tammy Baldwin
John Barrasso
Max Baucus
Mark Begich
Michael Bennet
Richard Blumenthal
Roy Blunt
John Boozman
Barbara Boxer
Sherrod Brown
Richard Burr
Maria Cantwell
Ben Cardin
Tom Carper
Saxby Chambliss
Daniel Coats
Tom Coburn
Thad Cochran
Susan Collins
Chris Coons
Bob Corker
John Cornyn
Mike Crapo
Ted Cruz
Joe Donnelly
Dick Durbin
Mike Enzi
Dianne Feinstein
Deb Fischer
Jeff Flake
Al Franken
Kirsten Gillibrand
Lindsey Graham
Chuck Grassley
Kay Hagan
Tom Harkin
Orrin Hatch
Martin Heinrich
Heidi Heitkamp
Dean Heller
Mazie Hirono
John Hoeven
James Inhofe
Johnny Isakson
Mike Johanns
Ron Johnson
Tim Johnson
Bob Casey Jr.
Tim Kaine
Angus King
Mark Kirk
Amy Klobuchar
Mary Landrieu
Frank Lautenberg
Patrick Leahy
Michael Lee
Carl Levin
Joe Manchin
John McCain
Claire McCaskill
Mitch McConnell
Bob Menendez
Jeff Merkley
Barbara Mikulski
Jerry Moran
Lisa Murkowski
Christopher Murphy
Patty Murray
Bill Nelson
Rand Paul
Robert Portman
Mark Pryor
Jack Reed
Harry Reid
Jim Risch
Pat Roberts
Jay Rockefeller
Marco Rubio
Bernie Sanders
Brian Schatz
Chuck Schumer
Tim Scott
Jeff Sessions
Jeanne Shaheen
Richard Shelby
Debbie Stabenow
Jon Tester
John Thune
Pat Toomey
Mark Udall
Tom Udall
David Vitter
Mark R. Warner
Elizabeth Warren
Sheldon Whitehouse
Roger Wicker
Ron Wyden

For starters, via Mossad, AIPAC has photos of “Miss Lindsey” in flagrante delicto with his coterie of “Gamecocks homecoming queens.” Even The State newspaper in Columbia is well aware of Miss Lindsey’s secret alternate life style but dares not publish the proof. What else does AIPAC have? DNA from “Diaper Dave” Vitter’s dirty Pampers, Bob Menendez underage prostitute photos from Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, Mitch McConnell’s and James Inhofe’s very short military service “discharge” papers, and Johnny “Wet Start” McCain’s unredacted records from the USS Forrestal and the Hanoi Hilton. And that’s just for starters.


Speech and Debate Clause: http://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/congress-can-use-speech-or-debate-to-expose-administrations-syria-lies/


This Odd Thing called Canada
by Kevin D. Annett
21 October, 2013

Now, who says Canadians aren’t funny?

This week, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) pondered aloud, and for the first time, “whether Canada should be tried for Genocide at the United Nations” for its crimes at Indian residential schools.

That’s a funny thing to say, considering that Canada already has been tried and found guilty for all that Genocide: at a high-profile Common Law court case convened in Brussels, whose verdict was rendered last February 25. (see the links below)

Funny the CBC missed that, eh? Just like they also left out the fact that the Brussels court also convicted the mainline Canadian churches of the same crime, since the freaks in robes did most of the killing of all those children.

Of course, Canadians knew as early as November 15, 1907 that half the brown children in Indian “residential schools” were dying off because of their deliberate exposure to tuberculosis: a fact reported that day on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen, by their own government medical officers. And I’ve sure as hell been rubbing that same bloody fact in everyone’s face for over fifteen years now, complete with solid evidence. (www.hiddennolonger.com)

I guess none of that should surprise us, when one considers the sorry state of what passes for journalism in Canada. For not even when Mohawk elders in Brantford, Ontario began unearthing the remains of children’s bones and buttons at Canada’s oldest residential school in the fall of 2011 did any Canadian media even once bother to report that historic find.

No regime ever looks at its own shit, except in the kind of controlled, sanitized way displayed in Canada’s disgraceful “Truth and Reconciliation” whitewash. But Canadians’ refusal to accept and be held liable for their own bloody history has become quite ridiculous, now that other countries and their courts are ruling on our guilt for deliberately slaughtering indigenous children.

And so the CBC’s after-the-fact pondering of “whether” we’re guilty of Genocide smells exactly like Pope Paul VI’s official pronouncement in 1967 that Galileo wasn’t wrong after all, and that the earth does actually go around the sun.

Yeah, we knew that already: just like we know that Canada and its churches are not only guilty of Genocide, but that under international law, they are convicted criminal bodies that have no lawful or legitimate authority. And that means that their laws, rules and taxes are null and void; and anyone who funds them is guilty of a crime.

Most Canadians are trying to ignore that Elephant in the Living Room Fact, of course, by pretending they still live under a bona fide government: but not my new friend Steve Finney, in Kitchener, Ontario. For Steve has acted as a free man under Common Law, and has taken the Brussels legal ruling to heart. He keeps telling cops and judges in Kitchener that they have no authority over him because they have taken oaths of allegiance to a criminal institution, including the Crown of England itself. And he quite correctly says to them,

“Why should I obey a government that deliberately killed over 50,000 children, and still traffics kids through the Children’s Aid Societies?”

Steve Finney has not castrated his knowledge from his behaviour, like most of the political eunuchs in our country. He has sworn an oath to stand under a new allegiance as a citizen of the Republic of Kanata, the formation of which is also being actively ignored by the CBC and the rest of the fake thing called Canada.

We live in a time of bursting illusions and universal deceit, of official lies and crumbling coverups: something Charles Dickens called the Best of Times, and the Worst of Times. Dickens was referring to France on the eve of its 1789 Revolution.

I hope the allusion isn’t lost on us.

The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvhfXAd08TE – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada (Part One) – 1 hr. 46 mins.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPKFk_L7y9g – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada (Part Two) – 1 hr. 47 mins.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ormOIlOi4Vc – Final Court Verdict and Sentencing – 8 mins. 30 secs.


See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at www.hiddennolonger.com and at the websites of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at www.itccs.org and www.itccs.tv .

An International, multi-lingual ITCCS site can be found at: http://kevinannettinternational.blogspot.fr/

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IylfBxm3sMg – Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses – 10 mins.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CReISnQDbBE – Irene Favel, Eyewitness to the incineration of a newborn baby by a priest at Muscowegan Catholic Indian school, Saskatchewan, 1944

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBUd3UXt6fI – Other key testimonies from our Court case against genocide in Canada

Kevin Annett is a Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (2013). Messages for him can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada) or 386-323-5774 (USA).

“I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him.”
Chief Louis Daniels – Whispers Wind
Elder, Crane Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, Manitoba



An Urgent Message from the Central Office of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) – Brussels

October 20, 2013

Only Strengthened by the Blows: ITCCS to announce new Common Law Court cases against child killers, Pope Francis – Jorge Bergoglio

On October 14 – the same day that our Tribunal released new evidence of the direct involvement of top Vatican officials in modern child sacrifice cults in Europe – our main website at www.itccs.org was sabotaged and a massive misinformation campaign launched against those ITCCS activists engaged in exposing these cults.

In addition, our former television website, www.itccs.tv, was also seized and subverted by the same saboteurs: a white South African woman and her husband who had infiltrated our Dutch network and who continue to operate under the public pseudonyms “Mel and Richard Ve”.

Our sources in Rome indicate that these attacks were paid for and coordinated through the Office of the Vatican espionage agency known as the “Holy Alliance” or The Entity, and its affiliated “dirty ops” bureau, the Sodalitium Pianum, established in Rome in 1913. They also involved the agents of the Papal Nuncio to Holland, Archbishop Andre Dupuy, who had direct contact with “Mel and Richard Ve”.

It is a measure of the success of our Tribunal and its Common Law Court of Justice in helping depose former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, that the Vatican would feel compelled to strike so directly at our work through its paid operatives. For Joseph Ratzinger himself was among those church officers named by these recent eyewitnesses as having participated in the rape, torture and murder of children within these cults during the 1980′s, at secret facilities in Holland, France and England.

These most recent attacks on our work have only strengthened our resolve. We have already begun to resurrect our website and are improving its quality and security.

Most important, in the new year of 2014, our Tribunal will announce the launching of two new cases in the docket of our affiliated International Common Law Court of Justice, which will address institutionalized child trafficking and sacrifice, and the complicity of the present Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, in such Crimes against Humanity.

We continue to retain every confidence in our Field Secretary, Reverend Kevin Annett, who has weathered many such attacks aimed at him in the past; and in Toos Nijenhuis of Holland who was also targeted by these recent assaults and who continues to lead our work in Holland to bring priestly child killers to common law trial.

We ask for the help of everyone in our over fifty affiliates in twenty one countries to continue the sacred work of convicting and forever stopping criminals of church and state, and their institutions.

Follow this website for regular updates and evidence of these crimes, and contact our Office at itccscentral@gmail.com .

The Central Office of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State
20 October, 2013

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at www.hiddennolonger.com and at the websites of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at www.itccs.org and www.itccs.tv .

An International, multi-lingual ITCCS site can be found at: http://kevinannettinternational.blogspot.fr/

The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvhfXAd08TE – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada (Part One) – 1 hr. 46 mins.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPKFk_L7y9g – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada (Part Two) – 1 hr. 47 mins.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ormOIlOi4Vc – Final Court Verdict and Sentencing – 8 mins. 30 secs.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IylfBxm3sMg – Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses – 10 mins.