Roseannearchy Dispatches from the Nut Farm Book available on Amazon

Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nutfarm

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Hairy Monkey Store Hilo, Hawaii Grand Re-Opening December 15


Hairy Monkey Store gets Bigger and Better Big Island Weekly (When you are on the Big Island of Hawaii this is a MUST VISIT STORE) When the doors of Hairy Monkey Books closed earlier this year after only two years in business, those who supported the engaging and diverse shop knew it was only a matter of time until a new location was secured and the doors were reopened. That day has finally arrived.  Owners Lawrie Provost and her partner Janno Scheer will be celebrating the grand re-opening in their newly-renovated Keauhaka location on December 15. Follow the Monkey on Twitter @HairyMonkeystor Lawrie Provost shares that she and partner Janno had “a concept to produce an eclectic shopping experience for locals and visitors featuring a mix of beach reads and collectibles as well as hard to find Hawaiiana and antique literature such as Don Blanding and Mark Twain. The addition of books pertaining to women’s studies and GLBT created a unique and inviting atmosphere for hard-to-find references.”  The previous location also featured book signings from local authors including Roseanne Barr’s biography, "Roseannearchy." Provost says that event “put us on the map as having produced the largest book signing in the history of Hilo, Hawaii. Ms. Barr continues to support and contribute to the community at large and may be featuring homegrown items for purchase at the new Hairy Monkey Store.” After their lease ended in June, Provost says they felt the store … [Read more...]


Greg Palast’s “Billionaires and Bandits” New York Times Best Seller


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Roseanne’s Nuts is Available on Amazon


"Get ready to go nuts with brutally honest comedienne, actress and all-around force of nature Roseanne Barr as Lifetime Television premieres an all-new docu-series spotlighting Barr's endeavors to run a fully functional 40-acre macadamia nut and livestock farm on Hawaii's Big Island alongside her longtime writer-musician boyfriend Johnny Argent and son Jake. "They've said 'Roseanne's nuts' for years, and now I'm going to make that a reality," said Barr. "I'm all about nuts now. Macadamia nuts!" Each half-hour episode of Roseanne's Nuts promises a funny, outrageous and unfiltered look at the adventures of the Emmy-winning TV star as she transitions into a new life far from Los Angeles." Click here to go to Amazon Order Page … [Read more...]


Roseannearchy out on Paperback NOW!!!


From the Hollywood hot seat to her Hawaiian macadamia nut farm, bestselling author and television star Roseanne Barr isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty! As controversial, original, and funny as ever, Roseanne Barr unleashes her razor-sharp observations on hypocrisy, hubris, class warfare, feminism, the cult of celebrity, Kabbalah, and self-perpetuating institutions of questionable value—as well as her musings on menopause, pharmaceuticals, her grandkids, and other humorous topics of everyday life. Bold and brash, witty and insightful, Roseannearchy shows why The New York Times describes her appeal as “the power of a whole planet, pulling everything around it inexorably into its orbit.” … [Read more...]


Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm


Read the excerpt below, or listen to an audio excerpt here: Someday soon, every American will be on trial for something, or working on an appeal to get out of jail or prison, or suing someone in some grievance or another, or being sued themselves. When the lawyers in Congress passed the Patriot Act (which is where you act like you are patriotic), they succeeded in completely remaking the law, so that every American now has the right to be assumed guilty until proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. … [Read more...]