Free and Equal Debate??

Email from Thomas Muhammad:

Hi Folks as you can see this is not a “Free and Equal” debate, but a shill for Ralph Nader who never cared for real independent voices like Cynthia McKinney and Roseanne Barr. The founder of this debate group is Christina Tobin who is simply a stalking horse for Nader.

Nader has never liked Cynthia or Roseanne, because they don’t get all google when he walks in the room and they are not casting themselves from his election shadows.

After calling and leaving a message trying to find out why Roseanne was left out of this debate a person name Antonia Hall called me back providing a very weak reason. She said all the people in the debate ‘met the qualifications’ to be in the debate.

When I asked what qualifications those were? She said she would have to get someone else to call me back and provide that answer. I then said that’s exactly what the established campaigns tell others who they don’t want in debates, so what makes you guys any different? She of course was speechless.

I stated that Roseanne was the most popular person in the country running for president as an independent and was not even asked to be a part of the debate was crazy! I also said I would be sending a note on to Al Jazeera as well.

We should pass these numbers around to everyone and let them know we totally disagree with this type of farce!

Antonia’s number is 707-234-9738 also I did call Christina and left a message at 312-320-4101.

This may not do any good at this late date, but I believe it’s always good to at least leave a record for historical acknowledgement, peace!



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Cynthia McKinney writes about my Lawsuit for Ballot Access

Cynthia McKinney writes about my lawsuit for ballot access in Georgia for the Green Party-(which I alone funded before the Green Party treated my work and that of Cynthia McKinney so shabbily, so unfairly, due to their cultural insensitivity and their loathing of diversity).

On June 1, 2012, the 6th Circuit Court in Tennessee wrote to the Project’s lawyer informing him that the Court would render its decision after Oral Arguments. Because the Georgia action was modeled on the Tennessee decisions, it was important to stay in close contact with what was happening in Tennessee directly from the Court. At one point, even the question of whether or not to even file at all was up in the air awaiting even a hint of a signal from Tennessee. Tennessee Oral Arguments occurred on June 13, 2012. On May 25, 2012, the Defendants (the State of Georgia and the Georgia Secretary of State) were served notice of our legal claim by the Project’s attorney and the state had until June 14, 2012 to respond. The State attorney called the Project’s attorney and asked for 7 additional days to respond, which were consented to. Oral Arguments in the Georgia case were scheduled for July 25, 2012. From this timetable, it should be clear that Georgia was dancing the two-step with Tennessee. The State of Georgia responded and the Project’s attorney filed a Motion for Summary Judgment. On June 27, 2012, the Project’s attorney filed a response to the State’s Motion to Dismiss with affidavits from expert witnesses from both the Green and Constitution parties and from national ballot access expert, Richard Winger. In typical Georgia Courts fashion, the State’s Motion to Dismiss was granted on July 17, 2012. The Project decided immediately to Move for Reconsideration and filed on July 23, 2012. On August 10, 2012, the Project’s attorney filed a Notice of Supplemental Authority after the Tennessee 6th District Court ruled against the State of Tennessee and ordered the Green and Constitution Parties be placed on the November Tennessee ballot. On August 14, 2012, the Project’s attorney re-filed its Motion for Reconsideration, this time without opposition from the State of Georgia! And on August 15, 2012 the State’s ten days to respond to the Project’s first Motion for Reconsideration had lapsed. At the time of this writing, the State of Georgia has still failed to respond and is in default. In any other less important case, the Project would be declared the winner and the Green and Constitution Parties and other smaller parties ordered on the Georgia ballot for November. But because this is a political system that has been successfully challenged at its core, we all have to wait and see if the Judge in Georgia will follow the law or his political bosses. As of the writing of this Report, the State is still in default, and Judge Story still has not written his order putting the Green and Constitution Parties on the ballot. On August 7, Project’s attorney wrote, “Judges should grant unopposed motions. But, I guess we’ll see.” It is quite possible that this Project will have inspired a monumental change in the election laws of the State of Georgia as far as minor party access is concerned, but as Project attorney Mike Raffauf wrote, “I guess we’ll see.”


Roseanne Barr on Florida Ballot

Roseanne Barr will be one of a dozen presidential candidates on the Florida ballots for the November 6 election.

The comedian is taking advantage of Florida’s liberal ballot access rules and will represent the California-based Peace and Freedom Party. Barr’s running mate is anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, who famously camped outside of George W. Bush’s Texas ranch to protest the Iraq War, where her son was killed.

The 59-year-old former “Roseanne” star announced her intention to run as the Green Party’s presidential candidate in February. She submitted paperwork but Boston physician Jill Stein was nominated instead.

When asked at the time what she would do first if elected, Barr joked in a video posted on ComedyCentral.com “Coast-to-coast free party. Free eats. I’m giving everybody the day of with pay, including myself. And them I’m going to bring back the McRib.”

The other 12 presidential candidates on the Florida ballot will include former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party and philosopher Ayn Rand for the Objectivist Party.

Check out five of the things Roseanne wants to change if she were elected as President of the United States:

End War on Drugs
Barr calls for the legalization of marijuana and according to her Green Party questionnaire, “all drugs in general.” She suggested that drug education and treatment plans replace the practice of imprisoning non-violent drug abusers.

The campaign’s website states, “The legalization of marijuana is the way to end all Drug Wars and stop the monopoly of the subsidized prison systems. Our government and corporations are getting paid every time someone goes to prison for non-violent crimes due to marijuana arrests. Drug laws need to be rewritten to make them sane and people based. We need to end the prohibition on marijuana and legalize it.”

Fix the Broken Economy
The campaign site states, “The Bankers and the Federal Reserve need to be brought down. They have stolen our money, our future and the American Dream and continue to enslave us with a broken monetary system. There is no scarcity; there is manipulation of the resources. We need to end the wars, bring our troops home and our jobs back, create new Green jobs and put people back to work. We need a resource based economy.”

Clean Water and Organic Food
Clean water and preservation of natural water sources is paramount to our survival. Those that lead us have allowed the corporations to cross over the web of life and they have destroyed the genetic code,” the campaign said in a statement. “In the process, they have befouled our food and water supply. We need real discussions and rapid action about future water sources, greening our neighborhoods and growing natural, organic food.”

Stop Wars – Pay for Health Care
In the questionnaire Barr used to apply to be a Green Party candidate, Barr said she intended to bring home troops not only from war, but also from the 1,000-plus foreign U.S. military bases, which she would “permanently shut down.”

“This would save more than enough money to implement a single-payer health care system in the United States,” Barr wrote. “Guantanamo Bay will remain open and that is where I will send anyone who opposes this plan. Just kidding on that last part.”

“Wars make the stock market go up and are fueled by profits. Where one puts their money is where one puts their energy,” the campaign website reads. “The Military Industrial Complex is our shadow government. If we are going to bring on America the same things that we have done in other countries then we need to get up off our knees and fight against those who would take away our freedoms. War is already over. Let’s work together to make war obsolete.

Equality for All
Roseanne’s campaign focuses on supporting working class Americans and advocates equal rights for all – regardless of race, gender and sexual preference.

“America runs best on diversity, freedom of thought and many ideas interjected from many kinds of people – collective intelligence. We need our differences! Current laws should not restrict people on whom they can love or where they can live and work,” reads the campaign website. “Racial or any other kind of profiling is not American and makes innocent citizens into criminals. We need to revamp our laws. Equality is what was truly intended by our nation’s founders.”

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Housewife. Comedian. Actress. President? Will the Real Roseanne Please Stand-up!

By Joe Delong / Art By Aaron Whitaker

In August 2011 on the Tonight Show, Roseanne Barr announced her intent to run for President. It would be easy to write this off as a publicity stunt to take advantage of the political season, but Barr sees it differently. “I think both parties are corrupt. Both of them suck. They’re owned by the same guys who are bankers and they don’t care, either of them, one bit about the American people. That’s why I’m running for President.”

Barr has never been afraid to say what she thinks, but most Americans are used to politicians using talking points instead of straight talk.  “People think it’s a joke that someone would be honest in politics,” she says, “To me, that’s just the mirror I’m holding up to the American people to see who they are and what they choose because they really should take a look at it.”  She adds, “I’ve always been political. I started doing a satirical thing with running for President and cutting off banker’s heads right after 9/11. The more I learned the more serious I go

“I think we’re at war with everything – starting with the war on drugs.  That war allows them to take public money and put it into private hands building more prisons.”

In her stand up days she was called the Domestic Goddess. Throughout her comedy career and long running television show, Roseanne, she represented middle class America, people who struggled to pay their bills, raise their kids and do it with as little government interference in their choices as possible.  She has never shied away from tackling tough subjects.  In Roseanne, she brought such subjects into American living rooms long before political candidates would even touch them. In 1995, her show featured a wedding between two men. It would be seventeen years until the first American president “evolved” and publicly supported marriage equality.

“Everything’s upside down backwards twisted bullshit,” she says, ”everybody should have the same rights and opportunities under the law.” That includes the right to smoke marijuana. “I think we’re at war with everything starting with the war on drugs.  That war allows them to take public money and put it into private hands building more prisons.” She believes legalizing marijuana will “immediately end the prison military industrial complex and its hold on the American population.”

Prison military industrial complex? This isn’t the Roseanne you remember.  While she may have been off the public’s radar for a while she’s kept herself busy sharpening her verbal daggers for the names on the ballots and the ones who write the checks, “In order to get any money to fund your party you have to agree to certain things and I think it’s a deal with the devil,” she says, “I’m not for sale and neither is my campaign. My morals and my ethics are not for sale either.” Underscoring her biggest argument, that politicians can be bought, she adds, “The presidency shouldn’t be for sale but it is. Congress shouldn’t be for sale but it is. Their god is money and they’re very devout.”

This kind of talk isn’t something you normally hear from a politician. Says Barr, “The reason you don’t hear it is because it’s the truth. I have signed a truth pledge that I will never lie to the American people and I invite all other candidates to sign it too,” but she doesn’t believe anyone else will. “As soon as there’s a second signature,” she adds, ”I’ll alert the media.”

She is a strict non-interventionist, “If we weren’t occupying all these countries we probably wouldn’t have such a huge deficit. If we didn’t prop up dictators we’d probably have a lot more money for schools and such. If we weren’t out there agitating every single ethnic division in the world for profit, that might be good too,” she continues, “America’s only export now is war. That’s the great thing that both the Democrats and the Republicans have brought to our country.”

After more than a decade and thousands of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, Barr’s feelings on these kinds of conflicts is clear, “We’re on the wrong road and it has an unhappy ending if it always has to end in some horrible strife and war and death. We’re choosing that because we’re so cynical in America. When I say the word ‘peace’ I see people roll their eyes because they’re so cynical.”

That cynicism isn’t stopping Barr from trying to take back control of our government from what she calls “thieves, lobbyists and whores.” She adds, “The biggest morons and psychopaths and liars in the world should not be in charge of our moral policy.” She certainly has her work cut out for her. While she is running on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket, she often encounters people who say that voting for a third party is wasting your vote, “Any vote for Obama or Romney is a wasted vote,” she says, “The only vote that really matters is a vote for a third party so we can get away from this fake opponent thing, this good cop, bad cop game that they play on the American people.”

While Obama and Romney are working hard to differentiate themselves from each other, Barr doesn’t see much of a difference at all. “Republicrats.” is what she calls them.  “They’re just hosing us,” she says, “They all play golf, they have the same lawyers, they all have dinner with the same contributors, the same bankers. It’s all just theater. It’s all bullshit. People in this country are completely addicted to bullshit and they’d rather have their bullshit than put food in their own kid’s mouth. That’s a strong drug, bullshit.”

While she has strong words for the establishment what about the other “others,” her fellow third party candidates?  There’s Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. “Gary is bullshit,” she says, “He gets his money from the same place. He gets his money the same way they all get their money by backing privatized prisons and moving public money into private hands. That’s the corruption and Gary doesn’t oppose any of it. He flowers up the words.” As critical of him as she is, she does admit that they agree on ending the FED and the IRS. She adds, ”I have to say Gary Johnson is about 30% less bullshit than Obama or Romney but none of them care anything about the homelessness, the joblessness. None of them care anything about holding the bankers responsible for the financial terrorism they’ve unleashed on our country and the world.” She adds, “We all agree that there are problems, but where we differ is on the solutions.”

Her solutions may seem like common sense to some and radical to others but it’s hard to argue with wanting more peace and freedom. For Barr, what it comes down to is this, ”Once we start doing what we say we believe in, we’ll be a lot happier. We’ll be a lot less divided.”

And that’s no bullshit.

Joe DeLong is a writer, comedian and co-host of The LoLo Show. Follow him on Twitter @JoeDeLongComic.


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Samuel L. Jackson – “WAKE THE FUCK UP” Video

Now, as all of you know, Roseanne has made her feelings about President Obama and his administration’s policies abundantly clear. While he may be the lesser of two evils in our two party political system, that’s not enough to deserve your vote by default. However… this video from Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t be a more clear interpretation of the differences between a Mitt Romney governed nation and a Barack Obama governed nation.

So, if you’re among the millions who will cast their vote for either a Republican or a Democrat this November, instead of the Peace and Freedom Presidential Candidate, Roseanne… please, watch this video first and WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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