I made these points and was called “CRAZY” by progressives.

A column by Hugh Hewitt published in the Washington Examiner on Nov. 10 reveals a likely Republican talking point as the next presidential election approaches: “Hillary is Obamacare’s grandmother. Put another way: Obamacare is Hillary’s grandchild.” ( Mr. Hewitt’s goal, of course, is to pin the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on a likely Democratic candidate for the White House in 2016.
While it’s true that Ms. Clinton endorsed the individual mandate during her 2008 presidential campaign, the ACA’s pedigree isn’t Democratic at all. It’s Republican — which raises questions not only about GOP accusations like the one from Mr. Hewitt, but also about progressive support for President Obama’s health-care reform legislation and abandonment of universal health care, i.e., Single-Payer national health care (“Medicare For All”).

The individual mandate is the foundation and most controversial part of the ACA, requiring all of us to purchase health coverage from private insurance companies. It was introduced in 1989 by the Heritage Foundation, a rightwing pro-business think tank allied with the GOP.

Mr. Hewitt wishes to associate the individual mandate with the managed-care proposal that was crafted by the Jackson Hole Summit convened by Ms. Clinton and offered by President Clinton in 1993. In reality, the individual mandate was the basis for two GOP alternatives to the Clinton plan: the Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act (“HEART Act”), sponsored by 20 Republican Senators, and the Consumer Choice Health Security Act sponsored by Sen. Don Nickles (R-Okla.) and Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.).

The half-dozen largest insurance companies favored the Clinton plan, which they helped write (consumer advocates were excluded), while smaller firms represented by the Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) favored GOP proposals. HIAA ran the famous “Harry and Louise” ads against the Clinton plan.

Gov. Mitt Romney signed the individual mandate into law in Massachusetts in 2006, drawing praise from Senators Jim DeMint and Orrin Hatch and other Republican leaders because of the mandate’s boost for private business. It was even part of a bipartisan bill co-written by Senators Bob Bennett (R-Ut.) and Ron Wyden (D-Oreg.) in 2007.

Some Republicans and the Cato Institute opposed it, but there’s no doubt that the individual mandate was a Republican scheme, until Democrats grabbed hold of it in 2009. After that, Republicans denounced the mandate and called it socialism.

Insurance companies, whose reps attended the health-care reform panels hosted by Dems in 2009 and helped draft the ACA, knew that the new legislation was designed to provide them a massive windfall. Whether the ACA was passed or defeated in Congress, they’d be the real winners. The ACA debate was rigged from the beginning by insurance and other corporate lobbies whose profits and high overhead, burdening the US with the highest medical costs of any nation on earth, would be maintained.

In the real world, no genuine socialist would ever jump on board a bill that imposes a direct public subsidy for the financial sector. Neither can the ACA be compared with Social Security or Medicare, which are administered efficiently by government agencies with minimal overhead costs.

The ACA is far more comparable to the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act (“Medicare Modernization Act”), a Republican “reform” bill signed into law by President Bush in 2003. This legislation turned Medicare into a corporate cash cow and imposed a complex semi-privatized Medicare system that funnels over $500 billion to Big Pharma and Big Insurance.?

The Medicare Modernization Act accomplishes this giveaway through increased payments to Medicare Advantage plans, which converts Medicare funds into insurance company profits, and through Part D, which provides drug benefits for seniors. Part D is only available under a private drug plan provided by (what else?) an insurance company.

Partisan Loyalty vs. Substance

If Obamacare is the rejected grandchild of the Heritage Foundation and betrayed love child of the pre-2009 GOP, then we should also ask: Why did so many progressives, unions, and liberal advocacy groups suddenly endorse legislation that they had recognized earlier as a handout to the insurance industry?

Why did progressives abandon the demand for Single-Payer and the idea that the right to enjoy good medical care should trump the right of private insurance firms to make a profit? (Not all progressives went along with the ACA. Physicians for a National Health Program, the California Nurses Association, the Green Party, and some other groups criticized Obamacare and continued to insist on Single-Payer.)

The obvious answer is post-inauguration loyalty to President Obama. By electing a new Democratic (and first black) president and Democratic Congress, we took back our country from the Bush-Cheney Gang. The health care crisis and other problems would be solved by Change We Can Believe In.

The Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate (National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, 2012), but I can’t help wondering how the liberal justices would have ruled on it if the new health care law had been promoted and signed by a Republican president, a plausible scenario given the mandate’s history. Would progressive Dems in Congress, all of whom voted for the ACA, have voted yea on a Republican bill with all the same planks?

Such loyalty implicates progressive apologists for the ACA in the rollout mess, including the web-site fiasco, the broken promise that everyone can keep their existing insurance plans, the sorely inadequate and prohibitively expensive policies offered in the insurance exchanges that will leave millions of Americans vulnerable to financial ruin if they face a medical emergency, the looming penalty for those who fail to purchase coverage that they can’t afford, and the estimated 31 million who’ll still lack insurance.

The history of the individual mandate should lead us to two conclusions:

(1) The debates over health care and other big issues are very often less about substance and more about partisan allegiances. The main criterion for judging any policy or piece of legislation is which side of the aisle introduced it. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars and other military ventures, answered with vociferous protest when George W. Bush occupied the White House, provoked little outrage after Barack Obama moved in, even after the expansion of civilian-slaughtering drone warfare.

(2) While the GOP wallows in extremism and partisan obstruction, Democrats are embracing traditional Republican agenda.

Like the individual mandate, most of the Obama Administration’s major proposals and accomplishments would have been recognized as Republican ten years ago: the plan to slash Social Security, the Wall Street bailouts, refusal to prosecute bankster crimes that triggered the economic crisis, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, school privatization, the NSA’s massive surveillance dragnet, unprovoked military attacks on other countries, “clean coal,” permission for continued mountaintop removal mining and fracking, even greenhouse-gas emissions trading (introduced by the George H.W. Bush Administration and supported by Newt Gingrich and John McCain before the 2008 presidential race).

This tendency was already at work in the two Clinton terms. Bill Clinton’s legacy would make any Republican president proud: NAFTA, the Welfare Reform Act, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the antigay Defense of Marriage Act, consolidation of media ownership under the Telecommunications Act, the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, expansion of the private prison-industrial complex and war on drugs, training of civilian police in military tactics, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. (The last two set the stage for the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and 2008 economic meltdown.)

A pattern emerges: Democrats enact Republican policies that Republicans can’t enact by themselves. This doesn’t mean there’s no difference between the two, but it demonstrates that the parties are in a symbiotic dance that’s drifting steadily to the right, with the Dems a few steps behind the Repubs. Sometimes they simply flip-flop, as in the case of the mandate, but the bipartisan game keeps profit-driven health insurance — too expensive, low-quality, and inaccessible for millions of Americans — firmly in place.

Thus Democrats in Congress fell into line behind the ACA, which offers some limited positive reforms but maintains the insurance industry’s bureaucratic control over medical care, imposing modest regulations that are offset by the individual mandate’s profit pipeline. The ACA isn’t a government takeover of health care, it’s a financial-sector takeover of government.

Single-Payer doesn’t sustain the private insurance industry, so Dems declared it “off the table.” It doesn’t have to stay off the table. The current mood of consternation and frustration with the rollout gives us a perfect opportunity to campaign vigorously for Single-Payer as the solution to Obamacare


The Vote Count just Keeps Rising

Roseanne has yet to concede and the numbers keep increasing!  Official Tally as of November 28, 2012.  Write-in Votes have still not been counted.

You went up 7 votes in Florida, 304 votes in Colorado, and 7,317 votes in California for a net gain of 7,628 votes bringing you to a total of 63,484 votes not including write-ins. Congrats on breaking 60k!

FLORIDA: 8,154 votes

COLORADO: 5,043 votes

CALIFORNIA: 50,287 votes


55,855 Votes as of November 16, 2012 Still waiting for Write-In Count

(The Beatles, seen by 55,600 fans at Shea Staduim created a New World Record for a pop concert in terms of attendance and gross revenue)  Interesting….

A net gain of 26 votes in Colorado brings the total to 55,855 votes not including write-ins.

FLORIDA: 8,147 votes

COLORADO: 4,739 votes

CALIFORNIA: 42,970 votes


Roseanne Barr Draws More than 2,000 Sacramento Votes for President

By Phillip Reese
Published: Monday, Nov. 12, 2012 – 9:56 am
Last Modified: Monday, Nov. 12, 2012 – 10:36 am

About 2,600 local residents stepped into a voting booth on election day, picked up their pen and thought something like, “I’m going to do it. I’m going to vote for Roseanne Barr.”

Barr, a comedian and former star of a hit television show bearing her name, ran for president on the Peace and Freedom party ticket. The party, according to its website, “is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality.”

Barr’s strongest support often came in rural, mostly conservative areas, suggesting that at least a few of her votes were meant as a protest against the other choices on the ballot, rather than an endorsement of socialism.

All told, Barr received nearly as many votes in Placer, El Dorado and Sacramento counties as Green Party candidate Jill Stein. (Stein did much better than Barr in Yolo County.) Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, performed best among third party candidates, drawing more than 1 percent of total votes across the region.

This chart shows support for Roseanne Barr broken down by area:

Area Barr Total Percent for Barr
Rural Yolo County 23         1,257 1.83%
Rio Linda 21         2,815 0.75%
North Highlands 31         4,501 0.69%
Rural Sacramento County 17         2,513 0.68%
Orangevale 67       10,110 0.66%
Greater Colfax 7         1,172 0.60%
Wilton 14         2,371 0.59%
Galt 36         6,380 0.56%
Citrus Heights 108       20,197 0.53%
Rancho Cordova 63       11,783 0.53%
Antelope 44         8,457 0.52%
Foresthill 12         2,308 0.52%
Meadovista 11         2,190 0.50%
Sacramento 737    159,515 0.46%
Fair Oaks 66       14,583 0.45%
Carmichael 78       17,671 0.44%
Loomis 19         4,524 0.42%
Weimar 8         1,931 0.41%
Auburn 32         7,854 0.41%
Elverta 6         1,475 0.41%
El Dorado County 295       86,223 0.3%
Lincoln 62       18,785 0.33%
Folsom 64       20,409 0.31%
Tahoe City 5         1,665 0.30%
Rosevill 127       42,456 0.30%
Elk Grove 109       37,671 0.29%
Rocklin 55       19,664 0.28%
N Auburn 15         5,676 0.26%
Kings Beach 3         1,221 0.25%
Rancho Murieta 5         2,494 0.2%
Esparto 2         1,021 0.20%
Winters 4         2,061 0.19%
Woodland 25       15,175 0.16%
Davis 35       23,776 0.15%
West Sacramento 16       12,485 0.13%
Gold River 4         3,328 0.12%
Mather 1         1,019 0.10%
Granite Bay 7         8,614 0.08%

Sacramento Bee Article Link 


Ballot Numbers In – Broke 50K!

My Ballot Numbers are in, Broke 50K!! More to come with Write-In Vote

Just in……

52,426 votes not including write-ins. These should be the final numbers from the three states you were on the ballot in. Congrats on officially cracking 50k!

FLORIDA: 8,146 votes

COLORADO: 4,653 votes

CALIFORNIA: 39,627 votes


ABC News: President Roseanne? Comedian Gets Thousands of Votes

By ALYSSA NEWCOMB (@alyssanewcomb)

Nov. 7, 2012

Comedian Roseanne Barr and peace activist Cindy Sheehan could have been elected president and vice president if more than 40,000 voters had had their way.

Thousands more online said they’d prefer that porn legend Ron Jeremy take the helm as leader of the free world.

While it was not known how many write-in votes Jeremy received, Barr’s candidacy on the Peace and Freedom ticket carried her to a sixth-place finish in California, where she received 36,762 votes.

In Florida, Barr and Sheehan received 7,996 votes, according to the latest tally.


“I thank the people who voted for me — most of you were first-time voters that would never have voted for Obama or for Romney,” Barr tweeted today.

The comedian, who had originally recruited country music icon Willie Nelson as her vice president before he backed out, campaigned on a platform that included the legalization of marijuana, a resource-based economy and forgiveness of student loans.

“Now we begin: holding our president’s feet to the fire. #debtrelief #peace,” she tweeted today.


Two Letters regarding My Candidacy for the Green Party

To Whom It May Concern:

IMHO – Roseanne should have conceded gracefully to Jill Stein, rather than selfishly run against her. Perhaps with Roseanne’s backing, Jill could have been helped to more publicity. As it was, I think Jill, Cheri and their team did a fabulous job up against a corporate media black out.

Most people that I talked to thought Roseanne running was a joke and they could not imagine her as the president of the United States! Whereas, Jill always presented herself with knowledgeable confidence and an impressive dignity. She gained the respect of many who did not know her before. She and Cheri worked very hard up against HUGE odds.

I hope that Jill considers a second run, having now become better known. They may all be too exhausted to think about that right now, though!

We should use this interim to make allies in the progressive world and work in coalitions rather than splintered facets trying to defeat the established power structure that, I believe is ripe for the taking. (It’s a matter of time for the GOP, which I like to think of as an acronym for Go Away Please or Get Out of Politics.)

Sadly, the state of Florida IS still very “red” in many areas and the stigma brought by the “tight race” propaganda that was used did not help US with swing voters who feared Romney. Nevertheless, I was pleased to see that our area of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties gave the Greens the MOST support in the state.

Member of Green Party

Votes for: Stein Barr
in CA 57,274 36,414
in FL 8,676 7,911

Dear Green Party Member:

With due respect why would a person of Roseanne Barr’s stature a person of internationally known fame “gracefully concede” to an unknown outside of her state Zionist?

I mean would you do that after being publicly and viciously attacked because of your profession while constantly being bombarded with insults from small minded but powerful within the Green Party white male liberals who are actually are closet racist? These puny minded people have employed every cheep political trick possible to keep you off a ballot? I’m sorry but if you’ve got any pride I don’t think so!

In fact I think it’s because of her people friendly gentle nature that she didn’t and has not publicly fought these racist back. I can tell you that if it would’ve been this homeboy the shit would’ve been flying all over the damn place! And for these white male racist to proudly post vote differences as proof Roseanne was not the right candidate give me a freaking break. If anything it clearly shows proof on how flawed the Stein campaign really was.

Reflect for a moment and look closely at their numbers.

In California Stein received 57,274 with Barr getting 36,414.

In other words Barr received that many votes without being on a national party ticket and after starting a campaign many months behind Stein.

Then look at your state of Florida.

Stein got 8,676 and Barr getting 7,911.

Come on now even you must admit that that’s a damn good showing for a candidate who again didn’t have the assistance of being on a national ticket.

As one Barr hater’s post keeps reminding us “the Peace and Freedom Party is not a national party.”

The way Roseanne chalked up votes across America had she had the benefit of being on a national party she would have made mince meat of not only Jill, but Rocky and oh yeah who’s that other also ran dude I think his name was Gary something, smile.

Roseanne’s name and personality got the Greens back into the national and international media spotlight something the party hadn’t received since the days of that “everyone should love me, opportunistic camera seeking, use the Greens to fall back on when everything else is failing and news media is not covering me, the presidential race is beginning time to call on that organization of damn fools that I still have fooled and will do whatever I tell them even though I’m not nor do I ever have to become a member of their damn party cause they my punks” Ralph Nader.

In fact I’d go so far as to say Roseanne’s comedian image saved this sunken party after it had fallen into the trash dumps of political history.

And guess what, it’s probably headed there once more under the leadership of these white males that dominate this party.

Hell I’ll go you one even better.

It is my personal belief that this party is Zionist controlled and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that it is the party of the Benjamin Netanyahu’s of the world. I believe that they have a huge investment in keeping this party running in place. Since their war hawk friends in Washington DC already control the major two parties and an uncontrolled independent party would be a killer for their long-term agenda. I truly believe that Americans are quickly becoming sick and tired of funding the Israeli racist war machine while Americans starve.

Finally, to prove how deep the hostility towards Roseanne was you need go no further than the 2012 ANM.

There you witnessed a peace loving long time Green woman who at the time thought this party was the greatest thing since slice bread. After she was viciously attacked simply for reading a speech her opinion changed dramatically.

Some coward men got all up in her face as news cameras rolled she was shocked.

Imagine for a moment going to a convention just to read a speech in a climate where the person who’s speech you are about to read had received tons of death threats and hostile calls.

But you feel you’re among friends after all these are people you’ve worked alongside for over a decade. You’ve even run for office receiving praise from them. So you should feel you’re in a comfortable safe environment shouldn’t you?

But for the Farheen Hakeem that was not to be the case. What happened at the AMN was not only an eye opener for her, but for the gentle natured candidate Roseanne Barr. They both found out something black folks have witnessed in America for centuries.

They found that to many white folks you’re okay until you disagree, then bam!

Its like great songs the hits just keep on coming.

Nurse their children with mild from your black breast all the while denying your own that’s wonderful, then bam!

You repaired that favorite tractor on masters farm saving him hundreds of dollars great job, then bam!

You managed to get all boll weevils out saving this year’s cotton crop ohh great, then bam!

You fight side by side to win wars even as you’re 3/5s of a human being in the US Constitution and never receive equal veteran benefits all the while suffering in silence oh man that’s awesome, then bam!

Then Farheen sees that after such a vicious attack that only one or two white female Greens write to the list to show any sympathy or denounce this behavior. She found that she didn’t have the right as whites to support another candidate that was a no no!

But I’ll tell you that had I been there I would’ve been all over those cowards to see if they would do that to a man. Especially a true straight up liberation black man!

So with all due respect, Roseanne Barr was the best candidate the Greens could have had this year. Unfortunately she will probably go the way of other candidates who have been burned by this white male dominated party she’ll continue to shine while the party’s brief and small media star sits tarnished until another bright shining star comes along. And yes the white racist Zionist will be waiting.

Member of Peace and Freedom Party

Additional Comment

How is that even possible with the level of toxicity within the Party? Perhaps she means reaching out to people within designated zip codes and it will look good on paper like everything else on their platform. So far, the Green Party is a private exclusive club. It speaks volume when a State convention cannot have the 10 people required for a quorum. It clearly means that party growth is not of utmost importance. The Party now exists only on its list serve and they are not talking to the streets. I think that they are afraid that Roseanne Barr would bring to the Party the people they do not want in. Roseanne Barr started with the Peace & Freedom Party in August, so the number of votes she received is a big success. The Barr campaign reflected the demographic mosaic of the United States. Titleholders within the GP are more interested in their status than reaching out to the people. I am anxiously waiting to see Roseanne’s final number of write in votes nationwide. To think that people around the world are counting on Progressives in this country to bring another voice to the table in Washington. If only they knew.


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