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Wayne Madsen Report – On the Trail of the Assassins, Dallas

November 22-24, 2013 – On the Trail of the Assassins, Dallas

After driving some eight hours from New Orleans, WMR’s “On the Trail of the Assassins” series of reports finally brings us to Dallas. Some of the Mafia- and CIA-linked gunmen who participated fifty years ago in the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 took this same route by car, although their trip likely took longer, considering the fact that the Interstate highway system was still in its infancy.

After purchasing their sniper rifles from a gun store in Slidell, Louisiana, the assassins, who had begun their trip in Miami, passed through Tampa where they received cash from mob boss Santo Trafficante, Jr., traveled through New Orleans under the protection and with the support of New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello, and on to Dallas.

According to a former CIA operative who now lives in Houston, on the night of November 21, 1963, the mob snipers, local mob bagman and night club owner Jack Ruby, CIA  and FBI informant Lee Harvey Oswald, CIA embedded Dallas “policeman” J. D. Tippit, CIA agent E. Howard Hunt, and a few other conspirators representing the mob and a rogue element of the CIA met at Campisi’s Egyptian restaurant on Mockingbird Lane, 4.2 miles from Dealey Plaza.

Campisi’s was owned by Joe Campisi, who the present-day manager of the restaurant admitted was a close family and business friend of her uncle Joe Campisi. WMR and a few local Dallas JFK assassination specialists gathered on the evening of November 21 at Campisi’s, which has not changed much in fifty years. Joe Campisi’s niece explained how close her uncle was to Carlos Marcello and made a special point of pointing out the round table in the back of the restaurant where she said Jack Ruby dined fifty years ago to the very night. Now sitting under a large portrait of Joe Campisi, the table sits against the back wall of the restaurant, near the kitchen and rear exit. Anyone entering the restaurant through the padded red door would have been immediately seen by Ruby and Joe Campisi, allowing them to either monitor all the activity in the dining room or make a hasty exit out of the back door.

Campisi’s niece explained how Marcello, like all Sicilian crime families, were just trying to make it in the United States amid all the anti-Italian and anti-immigrant pressures of their era. She did not know, or was not willing to say, who joined Ruby at the special “round table” the night of November 21, 1963.

One thing is clear. The gunmen who drove from Tampa through New Orleans to Dallas spent some of their time at fine dining establishments. We previously described their visit to the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City in Tampa where they mere met by Trafficante, who was a silent partner in the restaurant’s operation. While in New Orleans, the assassins met with Marcello. Although it is not known where they ate, the Campisi restauranteurs originated in New Orleans before moving to Dallas and the Marcello and Campisi mob families had connections to some of the finer restaurants in the city. In Dallas, the assassins capped off their mission by eating at Campisi’s, which serves traditional (and very good) Italian fare.

While at Campisi’s, one local area politician described a conversation he once had with Winston Smith [the name is ironic], the son of Jack Ruby’s attorney, Hubert Winston Smith. The younger Smith described how Trafficante had hidden a large cache of gold, made from his various business ventures, including illegal gambling in the United States and legal casinos in Cuba, in a secret underground vault somewhere in Havana. The Tampa-based mob boss moved the gold from Florida to Cuba to keep it from falling into the hands of federal law enforcement who were trying to prosecute Trafficante for racketeering.

After the fall of the Fulgencio Batista regime in Cuba and the coming to power of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, Trafficante continued to keep the location of the gold cache in Havana secret. Wen the CIA began planning the Bay of Pigs invasion by the Cuban exile paramilitary Brigade 2506, Trafficante trained is own special team that would accompany Brigade 2506, not to assist in the overthrow of Castro, but to secure the cache of gold and remove it from Cuba. Trafficante placed in charge of the operation his son, who ended up being one of the 4000 killed or wounded among the ranks of the invaders. The Trafficante gold was never secured and, more astounding, according to the story related by Smith, remains hidden in Havana to this day!

After hearing of his son’s death, Trafficante vowed to kill President Kennedy in retribution. One of the CIA team leaders for Brigade 2506 was E. Howard Hunt, who would figure prominently in the assassination of Kennedy and the Watergate break-in.

The Egyptian
Campisi’s Egyptian restaurant on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas. November 21, 1963 saw Jack Ruby, Lee Oswald, J.D. Tippit, and Mafia-hired snipers gather for a final meeting on the eve of the fateful day of the assassination of President Kennedy. Ironically, President Kennedy’s motorcade would pass by Campisi’s on its route from Love Field to Dealey Plaza.

Just as in New Orleans where ex-FBI agent and assassination plotter Guy Banister shared his office building with Fair Play for Cuba Committee FBI informant Lee Oswald, in the shadow of the U.S. Federal Building, the Federal Building annex, which housed the offices of federal law enforcement agencies, had a commanding view of Dealey Plaza and the assassination scene. This photo of the Federal Building across Elm Street is taken from the “Grassy Knoll.”

Bush outside Texas School Book Depository?

This spot in front of the Texas School Book Depository, where the editor is standing, is where CIA operative George H W Bush stood while the shots rang out in Dealey Plaza. Bush [right photo, farthest to the left] is looking directly at the location of President Kennedy’s limousine when he was hit by the gunfire.

Spot on Elm Street [around area of the two adjacent orange cones] where the fatal bullet struck President Kennedy in the front right side of his head. Several people gathered on the evening of November 21. The mayor of Dallas closed the area on November 22 to all but 5000 special ticket holders. Radio host Alex Jones led a protest march against the mayor’s decision as an abridgement of constitutional rights. On the evening of November 21, at around 5:30 pm (CST), the editor witnessed Dallas police arrest one man on Commerce Street across from Dealey Plaza. The man, who appeared to be in his twenties, was carrying an automatic rifle.

Bullet hole in windshield of Lincoln Continental limousine. The Warren Commission suspended all laws of universal physics to support the contention that all the bullets fired came from Oswald’s cheap male-order bolt-action rifle from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

Two reflections on Dealay Plaza. The assassination area — te School Book Depository, the Grassy Knoll, the Dal-Tex building where another sniper’s nest was reportedly located, the railroad overpass, and, to the editor’s surprise, the Dallas Federal Building, are all in close proximity to one another. The spot where Abraham Zapruder took the video of the President being hit was only 165 feet from the limousine. It has often been said that President Kennedy was caught in a “turkey shoot.” In the case of Dealey Plaza, the shooting took place in a virtual cage. 



I made these points and was called “CRAZY” by progressives.

A column by Hugh Hewitt published in the Washington Examiner on Nov. 10 reveals a likely Republican talking point as the next presidential election approaches: “Hillary is Obamacare’s grandmother. Put another way: Obamacare is Hillary’s grandchild.” ( Mr. Hewitt’s goal, of course, is to pin the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on a likely Democratic candidate for the White House in 2016.
While it’s true that Ms. Clinton endorsed the individual mandate during her 2008 presidential campaign, the ACA’s pedigree isn’t Democratic at all. It’s Republican — which raises questions not only about GOP accusations like the one from Mr. Hewitt, but also about progressive support for President Obama’s health-care reform legislation and abandonment of universal health care, i.e., Single-Payer national health care (“Medicare For All”).

The individual mandate is the foundation and most controversial part of the ACA, requiring all of us to purchase health coverage from private insurance companies. It was introduced in 1989 by the Heritage Foundation, a rightwing pro-business think tank allied with the GOP.

Mr. Hewitt wishes to associate the individual mandate with the managed-care proposal that was crafted by the Jackson Hole Summit convened by Ms. Clinton and offered by President Clinton in 1993. In reality, the individual mandate was the basis for two GOP alternatives to the Clinton plan: the Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act (“HEART Act”), sponsored by 20 Republican Senators, and the Consumer Choice Health Security Act sponsored by Sen. Don Nickles (R-Okla.) and Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.).

The half-dozen largest insurance companies favored the Clinton plan, which they helped write (consumer advocates were excluded), while smaller firms represented by the Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) favored GOP proposals. HIAA ran the famous “Harry and Louise” ads against the Clinton plan.

Gov. Mitt Romney signed the individual mandate into law in Massachusetts in 2006, drawing praise from Senators Jim DeMint and Orrin Hatch and other Republican leaders because of the mandate’s boost for private business. It was even part of a bipartisan bill co-written by Senators Bob Bennett (R-Ut.) and Ron Wyden (D-Oreg.) in 2007.

Some Republicans and the Cato Institute opposed it, but there’s no doubt that the individual mandate was a Republican scheme, until Democrats grabbed hold of it in 2009. After that, Republicans denounced the mandate and called it socialism.

Insurance companies, whose reps attended the health-care reform panels hosted by Dems in 2009 and helped draft the ACA, knew that the new legislation was designed to provide them a massive windfall. Whether the ACA was passed or defeated in Congress, they’d be the real winners. The ACA debate was rigged from the beginning by insurance and other corporate lobbies whose profits and high overhead, burdening the US with the highest medical costs of any nation on earth, would be maintained.

In the real world, no genuine socialist would ever jump on board a bill that imposes a direct public subsidy for the financial sector. Neither can the ACA be compared with Social Security or Medicare, which are administered efficiently by government agencies with minimal overhead costs.

The ACA is far more comparable to the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act (“Medicare Modernization Act”), a Republican “reform” bill signed into law by President Bush in 2003. This legislation turned Medicare into a corporate cash cow and imposed a complex semi-privatized Medicare system that funnels over $500 billion to Big Pharma and Big Insurance.?

The Medicare Modernization Act accomplishes this giveaway through increased payments to Medicare Advantage plans, which converts Medicare funds into insurance company profits, and through Part D, which provides drug benefits for seniors. Part D is only available under a private drug plan provided by (what else?) an insurance company.

Partisan Loyalty vs. Substance

If Obamacare is the rejected grandchild of the Heritage Foundation and betrayed love child of the pre-2009 GOP, then we should also ask: Why did so many progressives, unions, and liberal advocacy groups suddenly endorse legislation that they had recognized earlier as a handout to the insurance industry?

Why did progressives abandon the demand for Single-Payer and the idea that the right to enjoy good medical care should trump the right of private insurance firms to make a profit? (Not all progressives went along with the ACA. Physicians for a National Health Program, the California Nurses Association, the Green Party, and some other groups criticized Obamacare and continued to insist on Single-Payer.)

The obvious answer is post-inauguration loyalty to President Obama. By electing a new Democratic (and first black) president and Democratic Congress, we took back our country from the Bush-Cheney Gang. The health care crisis and other problems would be solved by Change We Can Believe In.

The Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate (National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, 2012), but I can’t help wondering how the liberal justices would have ruled on it if the new health care law had been promoted and signed by a Republican president, a plausible scenario given the mandate’s history. Would progressive Dems in Congress, all of whom voted for the ACA, have voted yea on a Republican bill with all the same planks?

Such loyalty implicates progressive apologists for the ACA in the rollout mess, including the web-site fiasco, the broken promise that everyone can keep their existing insurance plans, the sorely inadequate and prohibitively expensive policies offered in the insurance exchanges that will leave millions of Americans vulnerable to financial ruin if they face a medical emergency, the looming penalty for those who fail to purchase coverage that they can’t afford, and the estimated 31 million who’ll still lack insurance.

The history of the individual mandate should lead us to two conclusions:

(1) The debates over health care and other big issues are very often less about substance and more about partisan allegiances. The main criterion for judging any policy or piece of legislation is which side of the aisle introduced it. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars and other military ventures, answered with vociferous protest when George W. Bush occupied the White House, provoked little outrage after Barack Obama moved in, even after the expansion of civilian-slaughtering drone warfare.

(2) While the GOP wallows in extremism and partisan obstruction, Democrats are embracing traditional Republican agenda.

Like the individual mandate, most of the Obama Administration’s major proposals and accomplishments would have been recognized as Republican ten years ago: the plan to slash Social Security, the Wall Street bailouts, refusal to prosecute bankster crimes that triggered the economic crisis, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, school privatization, the NSA’s massive surveillance dragnet, unprovoked military attacks on other countries, “clean coal,” permission for continued mountaintop removal mining and fracking, even greenhouse-gas emissions trading (introduced by the George H.W. Bush Administration and supported by Newt Gingrich and John McCain before the 2008 presidential race).

This tendency was already at work in the two Clinton terms. Bill Clinton’s legacy would make any Republican president proud: NAFTA, the Welfare Reform Act, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the antigay Defense of Marriage Act, consolidation of media ownership under the Telecommunications Act, the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, expansion of the private prison-industrial complex and war on drugs, training of civilian police in military tactics, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. (The last two set the stage for the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and 2008 economic meltdown.)

A pattern emerges: Democrats enact Republican policies that Republicans can’t enact by themselves. This doesn’t mean there’s no difference between the two, but it demonstrates that the parties are in a symbiotic dance that’s drifting steadily to the right, with the Dems a few steps behind the Repubs. Sometimes they simply flip-flop, as in the case of the mandate, but the bipartisan game keeps profit-driven health insurance — too expensive, low-quality, and inaccessible for millions of Americans — firmly in place.

Thus Democrats in Congress fell into line behind the ACA, which offers some limited positive reforms but maintains the insurance industry’s bureaucratic control over medical care, imposing modest regulations that are offset by the individual mandate’s profit pipeline. The ACA isn’t a government takeover of health care, it’s a financial-sector takeover of government.

Single-Payer doesn’t sustain the private insurance industry, so Dems declared it “off the table.” It doesn’t have to stay off the table. The current mood of consternation and frustration with the rollout gives us a perfect opportunity to campaign vigorously for Single-Payer as the solution to Obamacare


Damn! Everything in the Letter was True and Then Some

The Financial Services Forum (FSF), which deployed the Too Big To Fail (TBTF) CEOs to the White House on Oct. 2 in the midst of the government shutdown, to demand that Obama block Glass Steagall, continue the quantitative easing and extend the debt ceiling, is self-described as the most powerful lobbying force in America. Founded in 2000 to oversee the implementation of the Gramm Leach Bliley bill which repealed Glass Steagall, the group is comprised of the CEOs of the 19 biggest financial institutions—banks and insurance companies—operating in the United States. Thus, the group includes many foreign banks and insurance companies that have a large market presence in the U.S., including Deutschebank, HSBC, Credit Suisse and UBS.

The following insurance giants are part of the FSF: AIG, Metlife, Prudential, and Allstate. Non-banks including Edward Jones, GE Capital and Fidelity are also participants, along with Boston Vault’s State Street Bank and the BNYMellon Bank. The group’s chairman is Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and the vice chairman is Brian Moynihan of Bank of America.

Like the earlier Oct. 2 meeting of the top bankers with the White House, on Oct. 23 a group of big insurance companies met ith top White House officials and HHS Secretary Sebelius to “iron out” problems with Obamacare implementation. Aetna, Wellpoint, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, HealthNet, Centene CEOs were among the participants. A follow-up meeting was held at the White House on Nov. 5, where Obama’s chief of staff Denis McDonough met with CEOs from some of the largest health insurers, purportedly to get them to “ramp up communication and education efforts” to those who are losing their insurance plans.

According to a 2012 PriceWaterhouseCooper study, these medical insurance giants were projected to boost annual sales by $205 billion once Obamacare is implemented, although LaRouchePAC’s estimates are that their actual windfall will be closer to $300 billion per year.


Dear President Barack Obama

Roseanne Barr

Producer, Writer, Activist, Actor, Comic

Peace & Freedom Party Presidential Candidate 2012;




President Barack Obama

President of the United States

United States of America



Dear President Barack Obama,


I ran against you in 2012-I said that you are the First Corporatist President of the USA. I ran against you because you took more money from Nuclear Industries than any other candidate, and that alone made me think that you were/are a dangerous person. Doctor Cornell West said that you are the “black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a puppet of corporate plutocrats.” It is true that you have been a good servant to the Queen of England and her Malthusian ideology. The countries you have chosen to bomb via drone attacks are the same places that have the highest birth rates! This fact is not an accident. Your attempt to get us into the Syrian war via your Donmeh Saudi Masters, was luckily stopped by the American People and General Martin Dempsey.


Lets look at your accomplishments since becoming President:


  1. Scaring Hillary Clinton into submission by having her accept your Fascist Post Westphalian R2P Foreign Policy.
  2. Turning Libya into a haven for Jihadi Al Qaeda Terrorist.
  3. Openly arming and supporting Al Qaeda Terrorist in Syria, which is an impeachable offense.
  4. Creating the IPAP or IPAB which is similar to Adolf Hitler’s T-4 Health Care Program in Germany. The elderly, impaired, or sick don’t have a reason to live according to your health care policy. I wonder what you said to Dennis Kucinich to get him to sign on to your fascist health care policy?
  5. In 2008 you signed onto the 700 Billion Dollar TARP Program and stopped any attempt to reinstate Glass-Steagall. Stopping Glass Steagall in 2010, 2011, 2012 and currently.
  6. On the vote to repeal NSA spying you sent your cabinet secretaries to lobby Congress which is a violation of the Hatch Act.
  7. On the recent Supreme Court Case on Affirmative Action you didn’t bother to file an Amicus Brief showing that you don’t give a damn about black people or anyone else.
  8. Did you know the C.I.A. did a psychological profile on you along with Dr. Vaknin? They came to the conclusion that you are a crazy ass Narcissist.
  9. With your economic policies you have managed to increase the wealth disparity in America to the highest level since 1928 with the middle class becoming extinct.


You do these horrible things because your handler, Valerie Jarret is a servant to the The House of Windsor, and she directs your every move. So, in effect, you work for a foreign power and on that basis alone you should be impeached. Let us look forward to what you will try to do, next, if the American people are too stupid doped and duped to stop you:


First you will strong arm the Liberal Democrats to capitulate and put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block.

  1. You will accelerate the “bail in” program with Wall St. and start stealing people’s money in a manner similar to Cyprus.
  2. You will continue to crush public education, turning every public school into a charter school, institute merit pay, and tie teacher salaries to Bill Gates and Eli Broad test scores.
  3. You will continue the ‘neo liberal’ policies of George W. Bush and start to force cities to sell their assets, and begin the fascist privatization schemes we see in Detroit.
  4. I don’t need to mention the birth certificate because your mother and grandfather worked for the CIA. Enough said.


Now the good news: People are waking up to your fascism. It was a good strategic move for the Queen of England, The Rothschild’s and the CIA to put you in power because you would be able to do one thing: Put black people to sleep. African American’s who should be calling for your imprisonment are put off guard because they are in disbelief that a person of your hue could be so evil. You have made cowards of liberal stalwarts Rangel, Waters, and Conyers, James Clyburn, Sheila Jackson-Lee, and Barbara Lee. The time will come soon when the American People will realize that you work for EMPIRE, and not America, and that you want to ‘reduce specific populations’ like your idol Malthus. When and if the Americans do snap out of their drugged duped religio-showbiz mind bindings, and demand your ouster, oh, what a day that shall be!

Some may even call it the Day of The Lord!  On that day, the Congress will become more afraid of the American People than they are of your FBI, NSA, and CIA. You and Wall St. will no longer be able to blackmail the Congress into submission. You will not be allowed to give away any more pensions to Wall Street Vampires. You will not come for Social Security, at least not silently, at least not while I am still relatively alive.

On that Holy Day, when the scam in all of its human flesh fueled glory is exposed-The grand theft of public money being redistributed into private pockets… When that Day happens, you will take your Nixon stroll into the twilight of history. In the meantime, sir I continue to pray every day of my life for your very soul. You Sir, are capable of greatness. You could be as David to The Goliath: Royalty and It’s Rothschild-Vatican Banks. Dust off that slingshot, son, and get busy. Americans are dying in their own homeland due to Insurance company scams. Medicaid for all, Sir, and now!  It is far cheaper in cost than endless war and endless war crimes that destroy entire Tribes, villages, that set each upon each other to fill Royalty’s Banks, which are based on war slavery and usury. Unfortunately for the Few at the top of the Pyramid, The Light of Reason will intervene, and not on their behalf. Power consolidated must be dispersed. That is the First Law of the new International Common Law. Otherwise and formerly known as The Constitution of the United States of America. To end Royalty’s Greedy clutches upon the American Tax Payer, a new third party, The ‘Green Tea Party’ of the United States, a unique American party, not owned by Bankers, but by the People themselves, as a Public Corporation, duly named and executed legally, the Corporation of the Citizens of The USA. We are 350 million strong. We have far more numbers, than both main parties put together, but you, THE FAILED EXECUTIVE OF A FAILED SENATE have passed laws which disenfranchise women, and working classes/people of color in key Republican States. Your friends, the money geniuses have disenfranchised your own base voters. You have disenfranchised your own tax base! That is PROOF that you serve a foreign power. It is pure folly that you have betrayed those who do the real work in this country, that of bringing food to the tables of the American family, and those who serve in our Military Forces to preserve the Freedoms of these self same people.

Stand Up for Peace in Israel. Stop trying to increase Haliburton’s stocks.  Instead, make steps to peace between Israel and Palestine now. I advise you to use the powers invested in you to serve the people who elected you to end the Bush Doctrine. Restore a true capitalistic system-one in which surpluses are shared, not horded by the rich. Think about it. May I remind you, sir, that serfdom is Anti American.

You have the power to nationalize the Federal Reserve. I suggest you do that. It’s easy as pie. Just do it, sir!

Allow me to be your Eugene Debs-do as FDR did years ago-WRITE DOWN THE DEBT in order to save our planet, our International Family, and Mother Earth Herself. Regulate capital to serve the needs of the many, and no longer of the few. Save yourself, and your soul before you are indicted by The International Tribunal of Common Law Courts for crimes against humanity.


Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party

International Court of Common Law

supporting member











































Inside Scoop from Annual IMF and World Bank Meetings in Washington



October 11-13, 2013 — The “scoop” from the water coolers inside the annual IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington

A one-time economics adviser to the Obama White House let WMR in on some of the conversations percolating at this week’s annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank in Washington, DC. The news about the foreseeable future of the U.S. economy is bleak.

The U.S. economy can be summed up in two words: “Stagnation Nation,” according to our ears inside the meetings in the nation’s capital. One thing is for certain. The world’s central bankers, including IMF managing director Christine Lagarde, agree that the “papering” of the U.S. economy by the Federal Reserve, a policy maintained by outgoing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in order to stem inflation, must come to an end. Incoming Fed Chair Janet Yellen has signaled an intention to drastically change Bernanke’s policy of giving $80 to $90 billion in cash to U.S. banks per month to keep Treasury bond yields high and the stock market in a bullish condition. The Bernanke program, called Quantitative Easing II or QEII, has seen banks purchasing stocks with their glut of cash in record fashion.

The other two word heard at the IMF and World Bank meetings are “taper off.” Lagarde, backed by Yellen, say it is time for QEII to be “tapered off” and the pumping of cash from the Fed to the banks and stock market must end at its current pace.

That means the Bernanke policy of pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into the l.S. economy in order to pump up the stock market and hedge funds may stop. The glut of

Fed money on Wall Street has resulted in hedge finds buying up as many assets from companies as is possible. With nothing more to extract from companies, hedge funds have started investing in one another.

None of the money being pumped into the banks, the stock market, and the hedge funds are reaching the American people, according to our source. Lagarde and Yellen want that to change by forcing companies to invest their money in quality job-creating ventures and the government beefing up infrastructure modernization projects.

The other word heard at the IMF and World bank conferences is “austerity.” Although the twin U.S. debt ceiling and shutdown crises have resulted in public warnings from Lagarde and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim for the U.S. to get its financial house in order, austerity has somewhat become a problematic word.

Lagarde told delegates and bankers that the previous IMF policy of imposing stark austerity regimes on countries like Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and others was ill-conceived and did more damage than necessary.

WMR asked our source about the rumor circulating around Washington that the Tea Party’s forcing of a U.S. government shutdown was done with the acquiescence of the Obama administration and congressional Democratic and Republican leadership to prime the American public for the imposition of Greece-style austerity programs. The response was that the U.S. remains the number one donor to the IMF and World Bank so it could never be ordered by the two institutions to adopt the same measures that were imposed on Greece. However, that is not to say that there will not be severe belt tightening by cities and counties to avoid the fate of Detroit and Stockton.

Although the IMF and World Bank don’t have the massive sell-off of U.S. government assets in their crystal balls, that does not mean the Tea party is not looking at a mass divestment of U.S. government assets. A number of Tea Party congressmen, all of whom have been financed by the anti-government Koch brothers, have called for the selling off of national parks, national forests, national seashores, national marine reserves, national wildlife refuges, and other land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. These congressmen include Representatives Jason Chaffetz of Utah who has introduced the Disposal of Excess Federal Lands Act of 2013 to sell off public lands to the highest bidder.

The highest bidders in such a case would be Charles and David Koch whose business empire includes paper product manufacturing. To buy up the government’s “green gold” — forests — in the Rocky Mountain West’s would be a dream-come-true for the Kochs and their compatriots. The Kochs have funded the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to draw up model bills in state legislatures that would sell off state-operated parks, forests, wildlife refuges, and other public land.

The closing of public parks and lands to the American people, therefore, serves as a useful psychological “shock and awe” tactic to give the public a taste for future austerity plans.


Leonard Rowe to Guest on Sunday Radio Show

Leonard Rowe CBS


Leonard Rowe asks: Why Aren’t Black People Winning Discrimination Lawsuits Anymore?

by Leonard Rowe

Most Black Americans are not aware that there is an on going conspiracy currently being waged against them in this country. This conspiracy is designed to keep Black People powerless and financially drained. The way this is being accomplished is by keeping Black America totally divided and eliminating as many possibilities for prosperity as possible, without it being detected. Having money gives us power. Most of us remain ignorant to the tactics that are being used to keep us subservient. When Black People come together on any given issue we are a powerful race of people. Why? Unlike other races of people in America, we have no fear of anyone or anything when we feel that we are being mistreated or discriminated against as a group. This is why all efforts are made to keep Black People separated in this nation, and to eliminate our access to the media.

When Black People were fighting for civil rights in the 60′s, there were other groups that secretly stayed out of sight, that were with us, morally and financially, but did not want it to be known that they were supporting us, because of their fear of whites in this country. While knowing all along that the passing of a civil rights bill would also benefit them as well as it would us, they privately gave us their support. Today, the same group of people that stood with us secretly are mainly the ones that are mistreating Black People and violating our civil rights. We, as African Americans, have been mistreated by this country more than any other race of people on earth, but have never received compensation for the abuse. Practically all other groups and nations that have been mistreated by America have received some form of compensation for past wrong doings committed by our country.
I have often wondered how we as Black Americans can support and approve of our tax dollars going to countries like Israel to help the Israeli People, but never demand that our homeland, which is Africa, receive the same financial and military support as we give to other nations. We must always remember, the wealth of this country was mainly created from the forced free labor, provided by our enslaved ancestors who were kidnapped from our native continent of Africa.

Black People, we must wake up, we are still asleep and being bamboozled and tricked. Do you ever hear of minorities, especially African Americans wining discrimination lawsuits in our courts anymore? I don’t.  It’s not because whites have stop discriminating; they will never stop giving the advantage to their own people.

Rather in most cases, Judges have been put in place in our federal court system to ignore the law as well as the evidence and dismiss the discrimination cases, not allowing them to ever be heard and decided by a jury. I had often wondered what white Republican politicians like New York former mayor Giuliani meant when they would say that they are not for redistributing the wealth. I learned later that what they really meant was that no matter how they obtained the wealth, whether by fraudulent or discriminatory means, they are not giving it back. To ensure this, they have quietly taken control of our courts, and we as Black People are not aware of it.

Our federal court system has become biased when it comes to the rights of African Americans. I hope this next statement does not sound racial because I am not a racist. Black people must stop allowing an all white jury to decide their fate in our courts. We must also make wise decisions when choosing our attorney or attorneys.

The United States Constitution entitles you to a jury of your peers. When you allow an all white jury to decide your fate, in most cases you are being tricked, no matter what your attorney may tell you, don’t do it. An all white jury will not be able to relate with your struggles in life and very seldom will they have compassion or sensitivity for you or your family. No matter what, don’t do it, stand firm on this issue.

Black People do not own much of anything any longer in this country. Why?  Because the white power structure makes it their business to buy it, and take it away from us, once they see that we have something that has the potential to become a profitable or a successful business venture. Money is power, and they know it. Basically all groups and races have their own business industries except African Americans. Let’s take a close look at our Black hair care products industry. We don’t even own that any longer, It has been taken over by the Koreans. Black People should stop buying their own hair care products from the Korean people and demand that they give us back our business. If we would stop patronizing them, they would have no choice but to relinquish it and turn our business back over to us. We are the only race of people that would allow this type of financial rape of their own people and community.

Let’s take a look at the Black record companies that were once thriving, but are now gone and out of business. Such as LaFace Records that was located in Atlanta, Philly International Records that was in Philadelphia and Solar Records that was run by my good friend the late d**k Griffey in Los Angeles, and there were many others. The closing of these companies was not coincidental, like they would have you to believe. It was all part of a plan by those that control the music industry and Hollywood. The same thing has happened to all Black Concert Promoters, who have all been run out of business solely because of their race. We don’t even own Jet or Ebony Magazines any longer. They bought them from us as well. These moves are done to take away our voice, financial power and means of communication. BET is gone now also, they bought that from us as well. It became too powerful of a communication tool for a Black person to own and control. By controlling the media and all communication outlets they control the way we think as well as the conscience of America.

I would like for you to also take a close look at what happened to my close and dear friend, Michael Jackson. He owned a billion dollar music catalog, which was, to my knowledge, the largest and most valuable music catalog owned by any individual in the world. He personally told me that he would never sell or relinquish it. He wanted to keep it and pass it on to his children. That, also, was too much power for a Black Man to have and control in the entertainment industry, so they killed him and took it back. We don’t even control our civil rights organizations any longer. Such as The NAACP, The Urban League, the MLK Center For Social Change, Operation Push, Al Sharpton’s Action Network, and even The SCLC. Have you ever though about it, you never see or hear of these organizations fighting for the protection of Black People’s civil rights any longer. When was the last time you saw one of these organizations picketing or marching against discrimination? You haven’t, why? It’s not because discrimination has stopped. Let me tell you why, it’s very simple. We have allowed these organizations to be infiltrated by others with the use of their finances. They all are doing something that the late Malcolm X. said we must not do, and that is to accept their money. This is how these civil rights organizations have been neutralized and they don’t even know it. They are afraid of loosing that annual contribution that they are receiving each year, which is tax deductible to the contributor. These donations are often given to those organizations to ensure that they will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the discriminatory policies and practices designed to prevent African America People from advancing. These donations mostly come from the very same people that discriminate against African Americans on a daily bases, such as Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry. These donations keep our Black leaders silent, and allow these racist companies to continue discriminating against Black people with continuity.

When Black People charge Hollywood companies with discrimination, such as I did, with documented proof in hand, showing that behind closed doors Hollywood executives have been referring to Black People as “n*****s,” “coons”, and “spooks” hundreds of times; our federal courts turn a blind eye to this racist behavior.

Our civil rights leaders become hard to reach once they see who the perpetrators of this racism are. You can no longer reach them by phone because they have all been bought. It is so awful what we have allowed these people to do to us in this country. We are loosing ground rapidly, and we must wake up people. All of this is being planned and accomplished by destroying and neutralizing our leadership. They never want to see another creation of an Obama or Martin Luther King JR. in this country. They are targeting our future Black leaders at an early stage and destroying them. They have tarnished the legacy of our future leaders like Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. and Kwami Kilpatrick the former mayor of Detroit. I am not saying that these individuals are innocent, but what I do want to say is that white politicians and federal judges are committing more heinous and despicable crimes than these two individuals have been accused of and are not being pursued as vigorously by our government or FBI as these individuals were, and most of us don’t even have a clue that all of this is being done intentionally.

When whites victimize Black people, our law enforcement agencies do not move as expeditiously or as vigorously as they do when White citizens are victimized by Blacks. In most cases they pretend not to see the crime. Our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers go abroad, when asked by our government, and put their lives on the line for this country, but are denied equal protection under the law upon their return, solely because of their race, think about it. This is all being accomplished and done with their control of the media and the courts. We as Black people have very little in the way of communication. The media is often used by those that control it to destroy the character of African Americans that are viewed as a threat to their corrupt way of life. It is not used in the same manner to destroy the character of White American citizens, because they will not allow it, and if it was attempted, it would be taken away from those that maintain control of it. And they know it. It’s mainly used (the media) to destroy African Americans and other nations and leaders that are disliked by those in control of it.

We as Black People must first come together and confront our civil rights leaders, organizations, politicians and demand that they stop being controlled by those that are hurting and destroying prosperity for our race of people. We must also come to the aid of other Black Americans when they are being denied justice by our judicial system; we did that when the brutal beating of Rodney King took place in California. We also stood up when Trayvon Martin’s life was unjustly taken in Florida. We must also stand with Black Americans like Mr. Marcus Washington who is presently fighting for his constitutional rights in a discrimination law suit in New York District Court against the financially powerful giant, The William Morris Agency. Because what affects him in his fight directly, will affect all African Americans indirectly. His fight, as well as my own against this entertainment giant is similar to the fight of David and Goliath, but we must always remember that David came out ok.

We can’t make people change how they feel about us but we have laws firmly put in place to make sure people change their wrong behavior towards us. We can never change things if we continue tolerating them. I write this article with the belief that it is sinful for one not to share the wisdom and knowledge that God has given them.

I pray that Dr. Boyce Watkins will continue to have the courage to bring us your Black World News, which I view as being truthful and reliable. We as Black People must support him in every way possible. We need this publication now more than ever to ensure that the voice and conscious of Black America will continue to be heard.

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Cynthia McKinney to Guest on Sunday 10-13-13 Radio Show



Cynthia McKinney

Cynthia McKinney has become an internationally renowned human rights activist because of her readiness to step into the line of fire in order to achieve her goals. Cynthia has been stranded in international waters and rescued by the Lebanese Navy as she attempted to deliver humanitarian assistance to the besieged people of Gaza during Israel’s 22-day military attack on Gaza, Palestine–Operation Cast Lead. Also as a result of her activism around Israel/Palestine issues she served 7 days in an Israeli prison for attempting to deliver school supplies to Gaza’s children in the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead.

Cynthia had traveled to Libya just days before U.S./NATO operations against that country. After the outbreak of actual bombing of that country, Cynthia assembled a team of journalists and took them to Libya to report the truth as opposed to the war propaganda that the world’s people–especially inside the United States–were being fed. Cynthia reported on many war crimes from the U.S./NATO operation against Libya and noted that she could taste the grit of the bunker busters as they pounded that African country’s soil. Cynthia’s book, “Illegal War On Libya” is a report on Libya before, during, and after the bombing from people who were familiar with or traveled to that country with Cynthia.

Cynthia recently completed a fact-finding mission to Syria to understand the complexities of the push for U.S. war against that country. Her report on Syria will be forthcoming.

Cynthia was recently invited to speak at a Conference sponsored by IBON International, a human rights organization headquartered in the Philippines. Many heroes of the Philippine Independence Movement were there as well as international leaders of the Kurdish and Tamil human rights movements.

Cynthia McKinney served twelve years as a Member of the United States Congress House of Representatives. She was elected six times by the people of the State of Georgia.

Cynthia exposed corruption in Washington, D.C. and did not hesitate to hold responsible position holders accountable. Her questioning of Donald Rumsfeld on fiscal responsibility and the tragic events of September 11th has become legendary. Video of Cynthia can be found here. As a Member of Congress, Cynthia challenged then-Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff to tell the truth about his failures as an important leader in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She challenged the Africa Policies of both George W. Bush’s Secretary of State Colin Powell as well as Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

Cynthia thinks the public has a right to know what its government does in its name using its tax dollars. Therefore, she has consistently sought to release records pertaining to the surveillance and murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as Tupac Shakur. Cynthia has studied the U.S. government’s organized efforts to quash dissent during the 1960s and 1970s in its CounterIntelligence Program (known as COINTELPRO) and in the findings of assassination attempts against foreign leaders (among other things) contained in the Church Committee Reports. Cynthia continues to contribute to the scholarship on these important issues in her work researching COINTELPRO against the American Indian Movement, the Black Panther Party, and the Puerto Rican Independence Movement. Cynthia believes that while COINTELPRO might have ended, U.S. government surveillance on its own people did not. Her thoughts have been vindicated by recent revelations by Eric Snowden of National Security Agency wiretapping practices.

As a Member of Congress, Cynthia tackled tough domestic and international issues. At home, Cynthia became the tireless defender of her constituents in Georgia as well as the poor, the middle class, farmers, students, and veterans. And she produced results.

While regularly feeding the homeless families on Atlanta’s streets, Cynthia discovered the sad fact that a sizable proportion of U.S. homeless are veterans. This caused her to work with the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that her veteran constituents were receiving their fair share of benefits. Cynthia is also responsible for the 25-year extension of Agent Orange benefits to Vietnam War era veterans.

Cynthia authored the legislation that authorized the disparity study that found that Black farmers in the United States had suffered intentional and willful discrimination for generations. Cynthia continues to work with the farmers as they seek delayed justice.

She brought back to her constituents over $300 million for senior citizen housing, transportation, MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), GRTA (the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority) HOV lane construction through DeKalb and Rockdale Counties, sound barrier construction along I-20 interstate highway, community recreation and arts facilities, and a national heritage designation for Arabia Mountain.

Cynthia tackled unethical mining operations in her State and was able to recover increased revenues for landowners affected by the international corporations that operated kaolin mines in Georgia. She worked until her constituents in Augusta, Georgia received much-needed medical attention when she learned that they were dying from exposure to arsenic and other toxins. She successfully got transplants for people about to die. She worked with the Clinton Administration to get entire neighborhoods in Savannah, Georgia moved away from toxic exposure and continual flooding. And, in a district with active Ku Klux Klan membership, Cynthia worked unceasingly to bring people together. One small-town mayor whispered in Cynthia’s ear in surprise that she had even “brought the Klan in” to her UNITY Receptions that Cynthia regularly held throughout her District.

Cynthia served four years in the Georgia General Assembly as a Member of the Georgia House of Representatives. While there, she became known nationally as a forceful opponent of war and injustice and a persuasive proponent of peace, human and earth dignity, and civil rights.

Cynthia has the distinction of having served as a juror on the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Palestine and of working with: Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s Perdana Global Peace Foundation, the Brussels Tribunal on Iraq, and a successful effort in Spain to indict and hold accountable soldiers of the Rwandan Patriotic Army who committed genocide against Congolese citizens inside Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cynthia has won many awards and continues her human rights activism around the world.

Cynthia is a bicycle enthusiast who wants to find more riding opportunities while looking forward to another cross-country ride with Bike4Peace.

Cynthia is currently working on her dissertation in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change.

Cynthia has written an autobiography, “Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom” and maintainsa Facebook Page.