Dear President Barack Obama

Roseanne Barr Producer, Writer, Activist, Actor, Comic Peace & Freedom Party Presidential Candidate 2012; USA     President Barack Obama President of the United States United States of America     Dear President Barack Obama,   I ran against you in 2012-I said that you are the First Corporatist President of the USA. I ran against you because you took more money from Nuclear Industries than any other candidate, and that alone made me think that you were/are a dangerous person. Doctor Cornell West said that you are the “black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a puppet of corporate plutocrats.” It is true that you have been a good servant to the Queen of England and her Malthusian ideology. The countries you have chosen to bomb via drone attacks are the same places that have the highest birth rates! This fact is not an accident. Your attempt to get us into the Syrian war via your Donmeh Saudi Masters, was luckily stopped by the American People and General Martin Dempsey.   Lets look at your accomplishments since becoming President:   Scaring Hillary Clinton into submission by having her accept your Fascist Post Westphalian R2P Foreign Policy. Turning Libya into a haven for Jihadi Al Qaeda Terrorist. Openly arming and supporting Al Qaeda Terrorist in Syria, which is an impeachable offense. Creating the IPAP or IPAB which is similar to Adolf Hitler’s T-4 Health Care Program in … [Read more...]