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The War on Drugs is Just Plain Crazy – Huffington Post By Roseanne Barr – Presidential Candidate The War on Drugs: Now, after all these years, it even sounds dumb and tiresome. Here we are on our third president who we all know engaged in some illicit recreational substance use and who went on to being, well, president! That's twenty years of presidents who got high! That's why it's so hard to watch President Obama and Eric Holder backstroking onto the National stage wearing their "Tough On Crime" faces and harassing California medical marijuana dispensaries. They should allow Medical Marijuana to be the unthreatening foot in the door that it is, and open the door wider. People know that medicinal weed is not turning patients with various legitimate ailments into raving maniacs, any more than it's creating mobs overcome by Reefer Madness outside dispensaries. That's because reefer madness was basically an invention of some ill-informed control freaks. While their successors keep an eye out for the elusive world's first overdose death from marijuana, they seem to prove that pot can cause some pretty strange behavior by lots of people who don't smoke it. Words can barely describe how tragic, futile and destructive the War on Drugs has been for our country and for the nation of Mexico. How many times must we point to the fact that the last time we tried prohibition it resulted in a massive black market with violent, heavily-armed gangs and bloody turf wars? The War on … [Read more...]


Roseanne Calls Out Obama and Romney on Medical Marijuana

Join us in Oakland, California on Thursday September 27, 2012 6:30pm - 8:30pm Montclair Women's Cultural Club 1650 Mountain Blvd. Oakland, CA 94611 … [Read more...]



Dear Roseanne About medical Cannabis, I recently saw your interview on David Letterman and did like how you spoke up. My son became legal here in Canada at 15 for his progressive to terminal illness. The bones in his body slowly fusing together starting with the smallest. He has suffered chronic pain - since birth. … [Read more...]