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The War on Drugs is Just Plain Crazy – Huffington Post
By Roseanne Barr – Presidential Candidate

The War on Drugs: Now, after all these years, it even sounds dumb and tiresome. Here we are on our third president who we all know engaged in some illicit recreational substance use and who went on to being, well, president!  [READ MORE...]


Roseanne Calls Out Obama and Romney on Medical Marijuana

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Join us in Oakland, California on Thursday September 27, 2012

6:30pm – 8:30pm

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Dear Roseanne
About medical Cannabis, I recently saw your interview on David Letterman and did like how you spoke up.
My son became legal here in Canada at 15 for his progressive to terminal illness.
The bones in his body slowly fusing together starting with the smallest.
  [READ MORE...]