LEVEL OF CLASSISM IN THE GREEN PARTY: "Wow, this is completely embarrassing.....I guess if you cannot get the nomination from one party then totally join another one! Is that how it is? Well, the joke is on all of us this time cuz Rosanne and Cindy are just trying to edge out the competition from a more qualified candidate who has poise, elegance,governance, brains AND tact. I am sorry to say that both these ladies are lacking at more than a few of these and because of petty jealousy and personal ambition would like to create another popularity dog and pony show, which will only discredit radicals on the left." … [Read more...]


Green Party Compromised

July 17-18, 2012 -- Jill Stein, the Green Party, and Israeli influence peddling Israel was never happy that the Green Party nominated former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney as its presidential candidate in 2008. Irking Israel even more was the participation of McKinney in the June 2009 Gaza aid flotilla from Cyprus. The Israeli Navy boarded McKinney's boat in international waters and held her in an Israeli prison in Ashdod for several days without any intervention by consular officials from the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv. McKinney was segregated from other Gaza aid flotilla prisoners and unceremoniously put in an prison cell with five Ethiopian economic refugees in a demonstration of Israel's racist apartheid policies against Africans and African-Americans. … [Read more...]


Roseanne Barr and Jill Stein Green Party Presidential Forum

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“Why does this arrive only one day before the debate?”

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Endorsement from GPBC

To All National GP Members: We are pleased to announce that the Green Party Black Caucus is strongly endorsing Roseanne Barr as the best nominee to represent our party in the run for President of the United States . During our teleconference with members of the GPBC we were introduced to Ms. Barr by the powerful voice of the voiceless the former US Congress Member from the great state of Georgia and former US Presidential Candidate for the Green Party USA, Cynthia McKinney.   Ms. McKinney emphasized the role Roseanne would play as a candidate by drawing world attention when speaking to the issues that represent the strong ten key values of the Green Party.  She also emphasized the fact that Ms. Barr's integrity and good will are known far and wide and will therefore make a tremendous difference and impact on the Presidential campaign 2012 besting whatever the Republican and Democratic candidates has to offer. Following Ms. McKinney's introduction Ms. Barr confirmed her tremendous praise and support for Cynthia McKinney emphasizing her many acts of courage and her moral integrity, as well as her tenacity in speaking 'truth to power'. Roseanne spoke of the terrible price Cynthia has had to pay for this unstoppable courage in the face of terrible odds and even death like venturing to supply food, toys and medicine to Palestinian families in Gaza . Ms. Barr went on to insist on the need for the Green … [Read more...]



PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ROSEANNE BARR TO DELIVER KEYNOTE AT 'RALLY IN THE VALLEY' WITH LOCAL GREEN PARTY CANDIDATES   WHO:              Roseanne Barr, whose name will appear on the California Primary Ballot as a Green Party candidate for … [Read more...]


MY RALLY IN THE VALLEY FRIDAY NIGHT: an Engaged Citizen: Roseanne Barr's First Public Campaign Appearance This Friday!Posted on March 19, 2012 at 12:09 amPRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ROSEANNE BARR TO DELIVER KEYNOTE AT 'RALLY IN THE VALLEY' WITH LOCAL GREEN PARTY CANDIDATESComedian-turned-presidential-candidate Roseanne Barr, whose name will appear on the California Primary Ballot as a Green Party candidate for President of the United States, will be appearing at a "Rally in the Valley" for local Greens and LA-area Green Party congressional candidates, Michael Powleson, David Steinman, and Anthony Vierya.The Green Party's 'Rally in the Valley' known as, "Behold, the Greening of America!," will take place on Friday, March 23rd at 7pm at the Mayflower Club, located at 11110 Victory Blvd. (just west of Vineland) in North Hollywood.Former congressional candidate, and well-known progressive, Marcy Winograd, will be a guest speaker, with Roseanne appearing as the keynote speaker for the event.Winograd, famously challenged former Congresswoman, Jane Harman, for her seat in Congress as an anti-war progressive Democrat, but switched from the Democratic Party to the Green Party earlier this year.  She will be speaking about why she switched political parties at the event.Roseanne Barr has been making media appearances, and speaking to Green Party General Assemblies nationwide with her … [Read more...]