from Gary Coutin, ESQ:

The Electoral College violates the Declaration of Independence and the self-evident truths it expresses: The Declaration is the Supreme Law of the Land. The Slaveholder's Constitution of 1787 was written by slaveholder's for a government of slaveholders for the benefit of slaveholders. The Constitution not only established the government but it rigged the government for the benefit of the one percent of the people that owned slaves. … [Read more...]


women &the electoral college:

Women and the Electoral CollegeBy Gary Michael Coutin (2012) The current debate by the Republicans illustrates the deep relationship between women and the Electoral College.  The Republican Party has now gone beyond the issue of the right of women to terminate a pregnancy addressed by Roe v. Wade in the 1970's to its roots in the 1920's with Margaret Sanger and contraception.  This issue should have been laid to rest long ago as a matter of privacy and individual rights.  The Republican Party is doubling down by revisiting the issue of voluntary motherhood back to its roots a century ago.  The party which began with a defense of freedom and opposition to slavery seeks to enslave women with its laws.  If the nation is to finally put controversies long dormant in the past it will be necessary reformulate the legal framework for this question.  In the first place, as a result of the Electoral College not all women will have the right to vote on the rights of women in the upcoming election.  Because it segregates the vote before it aggregates  the vote, the votes of women who live in the United States will not be sought unless those women live and vote in swing states or battleground states.  Those women who live in safe or likely states for one party or the other will see no campaign or effort to win their votes.  No candidate will visit their state, no money will be spent on … [Read more...]