Open Letter to Barack Obama: If you love America and its children, Do not go to Rome

An Open Letter to Barack Obama: If you love America and its children, Do not go to Rome

by Rev. Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div. – Nobel Peace Prize Nominee in 2013 and 2014

March 24, 2014

Dear Mr. President,

Like you, I am the father of two daughters, and so no-one has to convince me that you love Malia and Sasha without condition, and would die to protect them from anyone and any power that would harm them. That love for our children is born in us because the sanctity of every child is a divine condition that is higher than any law on earth, or any authority, as Jesus himself reminded us.

And so as a fellow parent, I am deeply troubled by your decision to visit the Vatican onMarch 27 and parlay with an institution that is engaged not only in the systematic torture and trafficking of children, but by its aiding and concealment of that crime is actively subverting the sovereignty and the laws of the United States of America.

Since you have taken a public oath under God to protect the people of America and their Constitution from all foreign enemies, and to not give comfort to such enemies, it escapes me how your discussions with Pope Francis can do anything but legitimate, and thereby aid and abet, a power that meets some of the requirements of a terrorist organization under American domestic security laws.

Please understand that this is not a question of religion, but of the law. No organization or official that traffics in children, or that protects those who do, is above prosecution. And many Catholics are appalled at the still-binding canon law known as Crimen Sollicitatonas, which requires that all Catholic clergy assist child rapists in their church by concealing that crime, silencing their little victims, and actively obstructing justice by not disclosing anything to the police. For all of his talk of reform, the present Pope, Jorge Bergoglio, has not only refused to rescind this murderous law, but has in fact entrenched it: a clear crime under international law and a sure indication of a massive criminal conspiracy.

Since I trust in the efficiency of the CIA, Mr. President, I am sure they have briefed you on the growing evidence linking Pope Francis with the disappearance and trafficking of children of political prisoners in Argentina during that country’s Dirty Wars. The Pope has in fact been summoned to appear before a Common Law court in Brussels to answer these charges, just a few days after he meets with you.

I will not presume to begin to appreciate the enormous burdens of your office, and the pressures and influences you face and must contend with. One of your fellow Illinoisans, Abraham Lincoln, once remarked that it was only through prayer and divine guidance that his mortal frame was capable of enduring the crushing weight brought by the deaths of so many Americans in the civil war. But Mr. President, many young Americans are still dying, except they have no arms with which to defend themselves against the church-sponsored terrorists who violate them and ruin their lives, and reduce them to an inner, lifelong slavery no less odious than the quite legal and institutionalized bondage that held your own people.

Abraham Lincoln was once asked by a group of Baptist clergymen about his belief in God. He answered them,

“For me, gentlemen, my religion is that when I do good I feel good; when I do wrong I feel wrong.”

Mr. President, I ask you to think of your children, and of all children, and to ask yourself whether you feel good at what the Vatican has done and is doing by its policy of facilitating massive child rape in America and around the world; by its direct role in the deaths of untold numbers of children in Catholic orphanages, schools and sweatshops; and by its open defiance of America’s criminal and child protection laws that you are sworn to uphold and defend as you would your own children.

In 1846, Henry Thoreau, who helped salvage the soul of America, wrote these immortal words from the Massachusetts prison he occupied for refusing to fund an unjust war:

“Knowledge of what is right can no more be severed from consequential action than a living man can halt his own breath.”

Mr. President, you know what is right and what is wrong: no church or pope had to teach it to you. And it is wrong for America to fund a criminal body like the Vatican, as well as being quite illegal under International Law and especially the Nuremberg Statutes, which make all rulers accountable for their actions under the law.

As the President, sir, you are not empowered to compel your fellow Americans to aid and abet criminal regimes that maim and destroy innocent children. And yet existing “financial concordat” agreements between America and the Vatican use taxpayers’ money to do precisely that. And your actions in having a cordial visit with the chief executive officer of that openly criminal regime in Vatican City will reduce what you know is right to a sham and a lie, and will broadcast to the world that institutionalized child rape and trafficking is acceptable in the sight of America.

It is a time of war, once again. Sabres are being rattled in the Ukraine, and perhaps it is politically expedient for you to visit Pope Francis now and win another ally in this latest cold war with Russia. But if it does not profit any man to gain the entire world by prostituting his immortal soul, Mr. President, would you do so for a momentary political alliance?

Barack, the lives of countless children unborn are in your hands at this very moment. Do not treat with those who will destroy them. Do not go to Rome. Send a message that will reverberate like a Second Emancipation Proclamation to every terrorized child and family, and proclaim to the Vatican that the age of church-sponsored murder of the innocent is finally over.

In closing, Mr. President, let me offer you my prayers, to you and your wife and daughters, as well as this remembrance of a less momentous but equally difficult decision I had to make once about who and what I would serve as a moral man. Perhaps it will help you.

In 1994, as a serving clergyman of the United Church of Canada, I was asked to cooperate in the concealment of the torture, rape and slaughter of thousands of aboriginal children in the Indian “schools” run by my employer as well as the Catholics and the Anglicans. I said no, and as a result I lost my own family, my job, and my livelihood. But from my action and its terrible personal pain, we all won a moral victory that has saved the lives of many children since then, as the truth of that Canadian genocide has now allowed a new generation to begin recovering from yet another Vatican-sponsored crime against humanity.

Doing the right thing with regards to the Vatican may cost you your much, Mr. President, but it would secure life and liberty and happiness for legions of the innocents who would forever praise your name and the name of an America that stood on the right side of humanity. Who could ever ask for a greater opportunity to win such a victory for right, simply by acting on what he knows is right?

Trust God, Mr. President, and put not your faith in fellow princes or in their lies. May the blessings of Christ be on all of us now, and on our children, who look to you.

Kevin Annett




West prepares for war with Russia

From News Source
Translated from Russian
West prepares for war with Russia
President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems , Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov commented re NATO tactical aviation for the use of nuclear weapons, which , in his opinion , could be a sign of preparation for war with Russia
Crimea voted for annexation to Russia , despite intense diplomatic and informational pressure on the Russian leadership . The reaction of Western elites at the moment has been very low-key , it is not such as could be expected , judging by the size and strength of the previous pressure . While no serious economic sanctions taken. Tightening their adoption reduces the relevance and validity of these measures , particularly in the context of developments in Ukraine, in particular , the inevitable has a relatively near-term economic collapse.
Meanwhile, the Crimea to Russia in the world is perceived as a heavy defeat on the United States. Indeed, virtually all serious analysts and politicians clear that the events in Ukraine have been initiated by the United States. And as a result – the loss of control and radical developments strengthen the position of Russia on the Black Sea . It looks even more contrast in the context of what Egypt reoriented to Russia and this helps him in Saudi Arabia, allocating $ 3 billion for the purchase of Russian weapons. For the U.S., this means one thing – a very serious and further reducing the influence of the Middle East and North Africa , the loss of a chance to regain control over the resources of these key regions.
In these circumstances, it is necessary to wait for the U.S. strategy of behavior change , because the current was ineffective . Just as it happened with the advent of Barack Obama , when instead of “brute force” the Americans tried to move to the use of “soft” .
In this context, very revealing is the sudden decision of the U.S. leadership in Europe to increase the potential of tactical nuclear weapons . Be equipped with F-16 fighters and five Air Force Tornado NATO equipment, allowing to use nuclear bombs B61- 12. What is very significant , it is supposed to equip the Air Force planes of which are now considered non-nuclear : Belgium, the Netherlands , Turkey, Germany and Italy. Conversion of aircraft expected to be completed by 2018. The same equipment to be equipped with all incoming weapons promising fighter F- 35. It is quite obvious that these works are carried out not just. If the aircraft is given the opportunity to use nuclear weapons , then plans to make it there . A political statement about the impossibility of its transfer to non-nuclear powers – just informational masking . When it comes time need all these statements and assurances easily discarded. How many times it was demonstrated by Western elites .
It is interesting that this whole “nuclear boom” comes amid talk of ” nuclear zero .” What can this mean ?
Quite possibly , these events are a sign of a new turn in American politics. Failure of the ” peripheral strategy ” – a movement along an arc spanning Eurasia from the south , may push the Western elite , under time pressure , a more radical action – a direct attack on Russia , as the most dangerous and at the same time a core of non-Western civilizations in the block – BRICS .
In this context, capacity building of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe is quite clear : to achieve excellence in these kinds of weapons over Russia . If this is the United States will be able to do this, then it is quite possible Russian aggression against all the might of NATO. Such an attack weakened the Russian army will not stand . Russia’s transition to the use of tactical nuclear weapons would be very difficult threat of retaliation. In addition, if applied theater nuclear war would be Europe , not the U.S. . Probably American leadership suggests that Russia , fighting against NATO in the European theater of war, would not dare use of strategic nuclear forces against the United States , fearing retaliation. It is possible to have a payment proactive neutralize Russia’s strategic nuclear potential.
In any case , the decision to radically strengthen the capacity of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe – it’s a sign the U.S. began preparing for war with Russia . More in Europe tactical nuclear weapons not fight with anyone. The possibility of such a development is confirmed by the findings of incomplete adequacy of Western elites and their ability to go to a completely barbaric actions if necessary.
Russia must be ready for this . In the military- technical terms , it is first necessary to avoid reducing their own arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons , and to ensure rapid re- strategic nuclear forces , primarily to develop and adopt a new heavy ICBM . It may be worthwhile to develop a rocket for heavy missile cruisers of Project 941 . Permissible weight of a missile – about 90 tons, will place on them particularly powerful missile .

Examining Goddess Judaism and the Role of the Priestess

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Claiming the Title Kohenet: Examining Goddess Judaism and the Role of the Priestess Through Conversations with Contemporary Spiritual Leaders

Deborah Grenn



Among the most exciting areas in both feminist spirituality discourse and Jewish religious practice are the reemergence of Jewish priestesses, kohanot, and the formation of a small, growing movement called Goddess Judaism, a term coined by Jenny Kien, author of Reinstating the Divine Woman in Judaism (2000). I include this worship of the Sacred Feminine as a key part of this piece because I have found that the role of a Jewish priestess is only supported by groups when the Sacred Feminine is revered and held as part of our concept of deity. In what can only be a brief overview of a rich and broad subject, this paper addresses some of the new research into the presence of goddess worship, and its ritual functionaries, among Semitic peoples in the Ancient Near East, ranging from the Fertile Crescent to Canaan to Carthage. I also discuss contemporary goddess feminism and new practices combining Judaism with feminist spirituality, as forms of both worship and resistance to prescribed roles in a traditional religion. This resistance—and a creative insistence on egalitarian inclusion—manifests in debates around public worship by women’s prayer groups in Israel, and can be seen in the growing number of women rabbis and others taking spiritual leadership roles in the United States. I also look at women-centered midrashim–reinterpretations of canonical and apocryphal legends; empowerment of Jewish women’s personal and religious lives through creation of new rituals, and writing of new liturgy and sacred texts. Finally, I look at how women have incorporated the Sacred Feminine into their spiritual practices within existing Jewish frameworks, as well as the ways they handle opposition and derision of their ideas and practices. The paper will conclude with an assessment of shifts in consciousness in the Academy and the community brought about by this movement, and its impact on the liturgy and services of traditional religious institutions.

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The Tomb of Esther

Tomb of Esther and Mordechai


WOEIH 42 Kabbalah and the Tree Of Life w/ Mark Passio – Full

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Test Yourself The tree of life Vesica piscis Sacret Geometry

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Mona Lisa and High Priestess

Published by Waking Beauty Mystery

Leonardo da Vinci carried his little painting of the Mona Lisa in his luggage when he traveled.  He is said to have kept Her on his bed stand and, until his death, was never parted from his most famous painting.

In his life, da Vinci guarded no painting as well as he did that of the enigmatic Mona Lisa. Originally called La Gioconda, it appears to have been a prized possession of his. So prized, in fact, that he refused to hand it over to the party who had commissioned it in 1503.   ~ from  Leonardo Da Vinci Biography, His Art And His World

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa shares an important feature with the High Priestess Tarot Key.  She sits between two pillars.  Only the pedistals may be seen in Leonardo’s original painting.  Though early copies were made depicting the columns in full view,  Da Vinci’s painting shows only a glimpse of their pedestals.  Yet the pedestals that flank the Mona Lisa clearly support the concept of columns.  The image of a woman, flanked by two columns, is a familiar configuration in Hermetic Philosophy.  The basic structure that makes up the Tree of Life consists of three pillars.  In the image of the Tarot’s High Priestess the woman between the two pillars represents the central pillar, or the eternal dimension within the Tree of Life.  Like the Mona Lisa, the High Priestess sits placidly between two architectural pillars… her hands, and a book, are in her lap.  If you look closely at the arm of the chair  in Da Vinci’s painting, you will notice the distinctive shape of a closed book.  Mona Lisa’s fingers curve gracefully over the edge of the pages as though she had just left off reading, closed the book, and looked up at the artist.

Da Vinci’s use of the structure of the Tree of Life in his Last Supper shows that he is conversant in Cabalistic language.   He would then be familiar with the High Priestess Tarot key.  In Cabalistic terms, the High Priestess and the Tree of Life are clearly reflected in the Mona Lisa.  As we look at the Mona Lisa we see the High Priestess, and a spiritual agent of the highest authority.  We are looking at an image of Mary Magdalene.  The expert Cabalist, Jason Lotterhand, who was a member of the Golden Dawn, and a student of Paul Foster Case, taught the Tarot and Cabala in San Francisco for fifty years.  He has this to say of the High Priestess:

The worship of the virgin Mary in the West is the adoration of the same archetype as that presented by The High Priestess.

The High Priestess is associated with knowledge and learning, especially spiritual knowledge.   Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile has long been associated with some secret, or unspoken knowledge.  The otherworldly glow of her skin suggests the temporal beauty of a spiritual agency.  These qualities, and the painting’s composition, tell a Cabalist that we are looking at the High Priestess.  The archetypal identity that Mary Magdalene and The High Priestess share is also reflected in the Mona Lisa.

The name Mona Lisa, as an anagram, combines Mary Magdalene’s signature M with ona.  The word Yoni has other cognates and John has other names: yona and yones are other forms of the word yoni. The name John appears also as Johanna and Johannes in Renaissance Art.  The second part of her name consists of L and isa.  The Hebrew name for god is El.  L becomes the signature letter for god as Isis, who is also deeply identified with beauty and sacred sexuality.

The provacative use of the singular artical THE  refers to either The Magdalene or TheMona Lisa.

For these reasons, and because of da Vinci’s deeply personal relationship to the painting, I believe that the Mona Lisa is a portrait of the Magdalene of Leonardo’s time.  Clearly he guarded this secret as carefully as the painting itself.  Leonardo called her La Gioconda;  Lady of light.

The Magdalene, also a Lady of light, stands as a Tree of Life in holy trinity;  Great Mother on the left, and Sister on the right.  Below them, at the Tree’s center… the energies of Mother and Sister are received in Beauty, the earthly daughter of heaven.  They form together a vessel of  light within the Tree of Life.  Radiant energy travels through space without light. When it comes into contact with water… it shines.  Such is the nature of the living water associated with The Tree of Life.  These waters live in Ishtar, in Isis, and in Beauty.  These are some of the names of Love as goddess, and tree, and as a fountain of living water.  In Revelation the Tree of life is imaged as a throne.  Beauty, as the Lamb in the midst of the throne, leads us to those living fountains of waters.

For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them,                                                                                                                           and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters:                                                                                                                                                  and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.  ~Revelation 7:17

The Magdalene and the High Priestess, as the same archetype, also share an identity with Isis and with Ishtar .   Ever living waters pour from the jar that Ishtar holds.  Such waters pour forth from the robe of the High Priestess and flow, as vital energy, through the rest of numbers of the Major Arcana.  The  female chevron, on the Tree of Life, is the sacred vessel that holds the waters of life.  This image on the Tree represents the true and Holy Grail of Hermetic Philosophy.  The waters that it contains are living waters.  Through these waters, the light of god shines forth.

From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth. ~ Psalm 50:2

This vessel, in the shape of a V, on the Tree of Life represents the Sacred Feminine as yonic cup.  The word Yoni is ancient.  The Sumerians used this word in their famous Hymn to Inanna (see extended quotes from this hymn in my post Wedding Day)  The word may have traveled from India to Sumeria when the pre-Harapin culture fled from glacerial melt waters that flooded India’s West coast about thirteen thousand years ago.  In any case, the word Yoni, as the sexual and generative aspect of woman, has long represented the sacred source of life.   The sacred yoni as temple of joy and vessel of god had a central place in Jerusalem.

For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water. ~Jeremiah 2:13  ~the number of this verse adds up to 6 (Beauty’s number)

Zion, the place from which god shines forth, is another word for yoni.  In hebrew the word is not Zion, but  Si ‘yon. 

Yet have I set my king on my holy hill of Zion.
Psalms 2:6


From WMR British GCHQ uses Tavistock mass mind control techniques in cyberspace

February 26-27, 2014 — British GCHQ uses Tavistock mass mind control techniques in cyberspace

It was only a matter of time. The National Security Agency’s British FIVE EYES partner, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), has now made common cause with another creation of British intelligence, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London. From the time of its creation in 1921 under the aegis of the British Army’s Bureau of Psychological Warfare to the present time, the Tavistock Institute has been at the forefront of research into and application of targeted and mass mind control techniques. The institute has cooperated with research entities, including the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and Esalen Institute in the United States, that carry out psychological operations on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense.

The latest tranche of PowerPoint slides revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden shows the similarities between the GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG)’s Human Science Operations Cell (HSOC). The very name “Human Science Operations” appears yanked right from the operational charter of the Tavistock Institute, which includes the ability to engage in “full spectrum domination” by U.S. and U.K. intelligence services, in other words, the two core members of the FIVE EYES alliance.

What is most alarming about the most recent disclosure of slides marked SECRET//SI//REL TO USA. FVEY [Special Intelligence, Releasable to USA and FIVE EYES] and UK TOP SECRET STRAP is that the FIVE EYES signals intelligence alliance of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are adding psychological operations (psyops) and Tavistock-developed mind control operations to its traditional signals intelligence (SIGINT) role. The blending of SIGINT and human intelligence (HUMINT) as part of cyber-warfare and computer network exploitation (CNE), with little or no actual oversight from legislative oversight authorities, is the closest proof revealed to date that the NSA and its partners have embarked on a policy of instituting “1984″ Big Brother controls using the Internet as a primary weapon.

The latest tranche of slides points to a number of deception programs being carried out on the web. These include alias development and masquerading (which includes the employment of “sock puppet” personae already in use by the U.S. military to disrupt and influence the Internet), mass messaging (or spamming) and “call bombing,” propaganda, and “pushing stories.”

These tactics have been refined since the CIA and its George Soros-financed non-governmental organization activist allies brought about the “Arab Spring” overthrow of governments in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen, as well as the bloody civil war in Syria. In Ukraine, the democratically-elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych fell more quickly than either Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak or Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi simply because the Western corporate media fully cooperated in FIVE EYES efforts to activate armies of sock puppets with aliases who disseminated anti-Yanukovych propaganda and, with the assistance of the global corporate news media, “pushed stories.” In the case of Ukraine, the “pushed stories” were products of CIA, NSA, GCHQ, British MI-6, and Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) propaganda mills working in close collaboration with such intelligence agency fronts as Soros’s Open Society Institute, Freedom House, Hudson Institute, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Heritage Foundation, and Demos of the UK.

Tavistock and GCHQ/NSA networks of social control meet up.

Western intelligence agencies “pushed stories” through the use of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. These applications are part and parcel of GCHQ and NSA Computer Network Information Operations (CNIO). Outside the realm of technological warfare, JTRIG admits that it employs “credential harvesting” against “foreign news agencies.” In fact, spies and provocateurs masquerading as journalists were not only discovered filing phony news reports from Ukraine but also from Venezuela during simultaneous anti-government rioting in that country. Fake journalists were also exposed in Egypt, Thailand, China, and Russia.

Other areas where JTRIG and Tavistock have commonality are the use of “herding” and “group dynamics” to create “group think” among targeted audiences. The quickness by the general population to accept everything written and broadcast about the situation in Ukraine serves as a case in point. Only alternative media provided unbiased facts about what was occurring in Ukraine without the color of intelligence agency propaganda. However, JTRIG has a rapid response mechanism for alternate news reports: it calls for the use of “conspiracy stories” to influence thoughts and behavior. Either alternative news reports are derided as conspiracy theories by the GCHQ and NSA influence operations organizations or the intelligence agencies, themselves, put forward conspiracy stories to muddy the waters.
Tavistock mass mind control techniques have been adopted by GCHQ and its NSA partner for cyber psy-warfare.

Examples of such websites that promote such conspiracy stories with the goal of disrupting news flow are Veterans Today, which described itself as being linked to an intelligence firm called Adamus Defense Group, reportedly based in Zug, Switzerland, and others that mix stories about UFOs with legitimate news stories, including In light of the most recent NSA disclosures, such websites should be seen through jaundiced eyes.
GCHQ and NSA employ UFO “conspiracy stories” against pre-selected targets.

Add websites to the above matrix.

FIVE EYES employment of Tavistock techniques also have the goal of splltting up families, nations, and religions. Civil wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq, the former Yugoslavia, and a potential civil war in Ukraine are all part of the Tavistock game plan as envisaged by MI-6, the CIA, and their SIGINT counterparts.